Book 1 King Zeus

1246 Words
The moment I shifted, I felt her, I smelled her scent. Does the Moon Goddess seriously believe that I wanted a mate? I laugh at that thought. I never wanted a weak one, love is wicked, it’s just stupid. I know some will not agree about that, but I don’t care. But you know what's funny? After ten seconds of shifting, I also lost her scent. Does she know that we are mates and run away? Does she know that I will not like her? That’s interesting, what a clever girl. It’s a good decision to run away, especially if she does not pass as my mate. Did the Moon Goddess pair me with a weak girl or maybe a brat girl? The hell! Is she making fun of me up there? ‘Moon Goddess, are you watching me now? What is your plan? I have told you many times that I don’t need a mate right now. How can you possibly let me know she exists already? What are you planning up there?’ I said to her in my mind. I hope it reaches her and she changes everything. Having a mate is my last priority in life. This is my time to rule the seven packs that are currently having so many problems and some are against the royal family. Almost every day there is a problem with each pack. I don’t have time for that mate-thing. My dad gives me so much work today and, as the new king, I have to understand and solve it as soon as I can. I have already killed many because they go against my family and the Kingdom. My Father ordered me to kill those who go against the royals and I did it. No question and no mercy. He let me suffer and molded me into a beast that will rule the werewolf world starting today. I'm in those thoughts when my mother shows up in front of me. “Mother, what are you doing here?” She suddenly appears inside the King's place where the throne is seated in front. She curiously looks at me. I know exactly what she’s going to ask. She's been talking to me about it since last week before the coronation. “Zeus, my son, did you find your mate at the ceremony?” Mom asked. ‘I knew it! She wants to know my mate’ I said to myself. I don’t lie, even if I lie to her it will not work. She knows me way too well. “Yes, but she disappeared the moment I shifted back to my human form. Why?” I said, not interested in the subject. “Disappeared? That's new, but somehow it’s great news. I will settle a visitation to all packs for us to find her.” “What for?” I turned around and sat on my throne. “Father already wants the daughter of his right hand to be my Queen,” I said to her. “But you found her. She exists. We just need to find her. I don’t like your father’s idea of marrying Cyrus's daughter. That’s insane.” She said. “You know that he wanted this to happen a long time ago. To have a grandson who is pure royal blood just like us,” I explained. “But the Moon Goddess gave you a chance to find your mate. Don’t be stubborn and agree with that stupid arrangement of your father's,” She said angrily. I know I will not win this battle. Mother is a fan of things. She will not stop until I say yes to her. “Okay, I will find her. But I want you to know that if she’s weaker than Loui then I will reject her.” I said to her emotionally. “You have become your Father, heartless and soulless.” She said angrily and left the room. I can feel her disappointment but I ignore it. Emotion is a weakness. I can’t be weak. I can’t show any emotion. I am the King now and love is just weakness. The king is not only born by blood, we mold by nature and suffer all the pain from the training and fights. ********** “Tyler!!!” I shouted. “Zeus” Tyler is my best friend and now my beta. I let him call me by my first name since I don’t like being called King or Your majesty. “Where are the traitors you captured yesterday?” “They are now in the dungeon waiting for your punishment.” Tyler “Let's go and visit them. I want pieces of information right away,” He leads the way to the dungeon. The only light in this place came from the torch settled on the wall. I don't want to waste my resources on these s**t holes. “I will not bow to your King. He is heartless like his Father!” I heard the rogue shout before I reached his cell. “Really?” He looked in my way and the moment that he acknowledged my presence was the moment I saw the fear in his eyes. “Y-you are the new king,” he said. “And you are the traitor?” “I know you’re going to kill me. Do it now!” He said. “Tyler, what’s the name of this pup?” I asked without leaving eye contact with this stupid wolf. “He is Romeo”, Tyler answered. “Romeo, no one has the right to tell me what to do. I’m the King and I don’t want things like this to be simple. I don’t want to kill you so easily. That's boring. I didn't come here to waste my time.” “What are you going to do?” Romeo “I’m going to skin you alive if you don’t cooperate with us.” “NO! I will not cooperate with you.” “Tyler, give me the knife and tie this creature in the interrogation room. Let me teach him who he messes with.” I ordered. After they tied him, I positioned my knife under his neck. My knife is made of pure silver that will burn his skin if it touches it. In some human-created books, it says that it will kill our kind, but it's not. It can do huge damage, but not enough for us to die. “Now I’m going to ask you again? Who is your boss and what are you planning against my Kingdom?” I pressed the knife into his neck. “I will not tell you anything! Kill me, you stupid King.” “Tyler, cut his fingers one by one,” I said. Tyler moved and did what I said. “Ahhhhhhhhh! You... heartless monster!” He shouted after Tyler cut his pinky finger. “Now tell me?” “No! I will not betray my Alpha.” He said. “Oh...... So, it’s an Alpha. Thank you for that wonderful information.” I looked around and in just one swift I slit his neck and died right away. “Burn this dog and Tyler, you investigate who is the alpha of this dog. I want to know who the person is who has the guts to fight the royals,” I said before leaving the place. I will not let anyone bring down my kingdom!
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