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*The Gold Queen is the prequel to the Ivory Queen This story will take place between the years 1994 and 2002 (approximately 18 years prior to the events in the Ivory Queen) and will occur in the country of Mexico. As such, the characters will technically be speaking Spanish, though of course the dialogue will be written in English with occasional Spanish phrases. In this universe, three main types of werewolves exist: normal werewolves, Silver werewolves, and Gold werewolves. Silver and Gold wolves possess gifts granted to them by Moon Goddess and Sun God. Apart from the typical Alpha> Beta> Gamma > Omega, another hierarchy exist on a larger scale when it comes to gold and silver wolves. Since silver wolves cannot be commanded by Regular Alphas, Silver wolves do not typically live within larger packs but rather in separate family clans and have their own Alpha. Gold wolves on the other hand, are Royals by blood and thus possess a Royal voice that allows them to command both Regular wolves and Silver wolves. They rule over multiple packs and clans. This rulership is then referred to as a Kingdom and all Alphas under this Kingdom answer to the Royal family. The Royal family will consist of an Alpha King, a Luna Queen and their heirs, as well as a Royal Beta and a Royal Gamma. Non-immediate heirs typically establish their own kingdom or marry into other royal family’s. As for bonds, two types exist: mate bonds and gamma bonds. A mate bond is felt between any two wolves and is equivalent to the idea of soul mates. In this story, werewolves find their mates at the age of 18. Gamma bonds, however, exist only between the Luna of the pack and the Gamma. Since a Gamma is charged with protecting the Luna, I decided to create a non-sexual bond between them. The Luna feels inexplicably safe when near the Gamma while the Gamma feels the urge to protect her. This bond manifests when the Luna is identified/accepted by the Alpha and the Gamma takes his title at the Alpha ceremony. It becomes unbreakable after the Luna completes her Luna ceremony at which time the Gamma swears to protect her with his life. For those of you who have read the Ivory Queen, I sincerely urge you not to give away the ending to new readers. Thanks for reading in advance and I hope this story gives you some answers to the questions you might have had in the Ivory Queen. Don’t forget to Join the F*acebook Group: StephanieLight’s Book Beans!
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