Private Mason's POV

368 Words
Present Day year 2235 “ FALL BACK! FALL BACK!” Second Lieutenant Riggs shouts. “Everyone to the rally poi…” His orders are cut short with a gurgling scream as his throat is ripped out. My feet refuse to move and I feel my bladder swell as the savage Feral holding him turns toward me, a wicked smile stretches across his face, blood dripping from his slightly elongated canines. He stands over seven feet tall, his frame covered in chiseled muscle. Large black eyes lock onto mine, and I swear my blood turns to ice in my veins. “Move it Mason!” someone screams as they yank me by the back of my coat. My feet start moving and I stumble into a run. Captain Hale releases my coat and we race across the barren landscape, jumping large rocks and tearing through brush. I dare to glance over my shoulder, “OH s**t!” I pant, “He’s right behind us!” As the words leave my mouth a small stone zips by me and strikes the Captain in the back of the head, he drops to the ground clutching his wound and groaning. I trip over his prone body, going down hard. Before I can scramble to my feet, I am lifted off the ground by the collar. The Feral glares at me as another one comes up and pulls the Captain up to his feet. “Erewhay areway eythay?!” “Erewhay areway ethay ildrenchay?!” the Feral screams in the Captains face. “I..I don’t know what you are saying!” the Captain moans. “Elltay emay ownay!” he roars as he shakes the Captain roughly. “I told you I don’t know what you’re saying!” the Captain yells back in the Ferals face. An animalistic growl erupts from the Ferals chest. He reaches back and faster than I can blink, he rips the Captains heart from his chest with his bare hands. The Feral holding me looks down with a vicious smile, “Erewhay areway eythay?” he calmly asks, slowly enunciating each word. I feel my bladder release as hot tears roll down my face and I loose consciousness.
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