Chapter 1:* Hectic Afternoon*

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Intro Hello, my lovely readers, welcome to my third story on Dreame. I hope you have a sneak peek at my latest book award books "ALPHAS Rejected LUNA" and Alpha Prince Imperfect Luna. You will love it I promise. This is a werewolf Romance-Suspense/Thriller book series. I am beginning with part one of the book series, then we move on to new parts of the series. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has given my story a chance in their library and reading it. I am grateful for the support and I pray for God's protection of you. I hope your all will join me as we go through this book series. I will be needing your thoughts too, it will help me produce more quality work. Thanks a bunch. I WON THE AWARD, THANK YOU LOVELIES I have a f******k Fan Page, and I want to grow it with my lovelies, reading my book. To join kindly search for @Rory Lovelies on f******k. There we can discuss the characters and you can tell me want you to expect to happen in the future with my characters. And we can get to know each other better. ********************************************************************************************************************************** NB: I HAVE MADE THE FIRST OF THE SERIES A SHORT BOOK. ENJOY. *Alison's POV* I heard a loud cry and rushed out of my room, it seemed the sound came from downstairs so I headed for the balcony to catch a quick glimpse at the moment. I couldn't believe what I saw from the balcony so I had to sprint downstairs. In a moment, I stared at the beacon of my life lying lifeless in front of me on a very hectic afternoon outside my home in Oklahoma, this was just after the new moon. The neighborhood dwellers and my Mom were trying all they could to resuscitate him for over the past 30 minutes, but his pulse had failed to tick even after everyone took turns to lean their ears against his heavy muscular chest. The only one who pet my back before I slept off all night. The only one that saw me as an angel. Never yelled at me. The only one who would interpret my words and feelings to everyone. Never took advantage of me. Never humiliated me. Or made a mockery of me for once. The beacon of my life. My the only true friend I would ever have. Who will fix in like this into my life now? If I could ever have just one wish. It is to still have my beacon of life to be with me. Could the star or moon hear my weeping now? Which is coming to my remedy. My hope of going on with life is crashing gradually as every second tick. "Alison! Alison! Alison!, how many times did I call you? I hope you are not planning to live me here too, don't take your eyes down anymore. honey just keep looking at me" Mom walks towards me where I stood analyzing everything, I have just witnessed. "Honey look at me," Mom said It is not going to get worst than this, we will live above today's calamity. Mom, I am terrified. I just don't know what to think of or how to feel, my heart hurts so bad. "No honey, don't talk like this now, you are going to break me down," Mom said squinting tears. I heard everyone around me saying my pride has been caught short. They said whatever that has happened to me and my family is well deserved as they left the front of my parent's home one after the other. I felt like this should be the last time I should be seeing every single one of them, who spoke hatefully against me. I have always thought I had loving neighbors around me. I was wrong, I was so wrong. None of them ever cared of me, for one single day. Not even a damn single day. My beacon of life was my only saving hope. I knew humans don't live forever but this was happening earlier than the universe would allow, someone, just someone must have been behind this. He was my beacon of hope in this wicked world. He took me to college, the best I ever wish to attend, bought me my favorite meals as often as I wanted, he gave me the greatest pep talk. I have always wondered if everyone was loving as he…but I know better. I know much better now, that those who smiled at me now and then, when they saw me on my way back from school never cared about me all the expressions were fake and short-lived. It was going to expire soon and I will see their motives behind their expressions which they hid behind the fake smiles. I sure have now. I have come to realize that those who yelled my name and waved at me every day, never meant to do it. I guess they only feared the one who protected me, not because he is bad but he is my Dad. The only thing they cared about was the day they will render false help to me and my Mom. That. And that alone. But...I have witnessed their evil intentions, I will never have anything to do with any of them. Not even a wave at them, street gist, or causal greeting. I will keep it all to myself. It is sad to know that this is happening to me as they always have wanted. This will be the only question on my mind till I die, who took his life and why did they have to kill my Dad. I don't have the powers and energy I require to fight back but I believe I will find justice. I will spill my blood one day to find out...yeah! one day not so far. I will. Alexa my wolf quakes in fury as she responded to my promise. Author's Note kindly read and add my new book "Alpha Prince Imperfect Mate" to your library. it is enlisted for the Royal Romance Contest. I will be glad to get your supports. Thanks in advance.
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