The Chase

573 Words
Lexi's P.O.V " Lexi ! " mum yells as I ran down the stairs almost missing a step to meet Jace . Giggling as his arms wrap around me for a bear hug. "Hey sis" he said as he squeezes and spins me around .  "Get off!,  your squeezing to much it hurts! and your making me dizzy "I whimpered  and he immediately dropped me and I struggled to catch myself . "Aw why did you do that ?" I said standing up straight. He looked at me and shrugged then turned back around and walked back out the door. I looked up at mum with a confused glance and then followed her gaze back to the door. "Everyone. This is Selene, my mate." he said with a look of admiration as he looked back at her. Mum looks at me in shock, then goes over  to them with tears in her eyes "congrats Jace" she says as she pulls him in for a quick hug then turns to Selene and with a large smile of her face introduces herself. " I am Alease, Jace's mum and the luna to this pack."  I smile as I step forward "Hey Selene i'm Alexis but people normally call me Lexi" i said cheerfully. I look at her, she's beautiful. Long blond hair that reached her bottom even though it was in a pony tail. She was really tall and towered over my 5.3 foot  frame. Golden eyes which made me sigh out of jealousy as she was something i could never be. A wolf.  Selene didnt say much. I presume shes shy. Hmm.. i though to myself not sure if that's good as Jace was ment to be taking over as Alpha when father retired. Will she be strong enough to be our luna? Even though i wasn't a wolf, i was still apart of this pack and still had to follow the rules set out by the Alpha as i was his daughter. Jace disrupted my thoughts as he asked if we wanted to go for a run. Usually i would have said no as i wouldn't have been able to catch up. But today felt different. "Sure" i said shocking Jace and Mum but the both smiled and nodded. I playfully smile back and run as fast as i can out the door and towards the woods. I could feel them behind me as i past the boundaries . The wind on my face made me laugh as lept over a few trees that had fallen. "Watch out!!! "  Jasmine bellowed to the side of me. It was to late, I bumped straight into her and bounced back off of her body. She bares her teeth then shifts and in her place a huge grey wolf. My heart jumped miles out of my chest. I was terrified, i knew this was going to end badly as she made her way over to me growling. From behind me i heard bones crack and i look to see whats happening and Jace is suddenly in front of me knocking the she wolf into a tree, it shattered leaving her whimpering before running and catching Jace with her claws along the side of his muzzle. Making him yelp in surprise.  "Enough!" mum yells behing me " Shift" she demanded. Jasmine growled but shifted back looking down at the floor not wanting to hold the luna gaze.     

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