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He kicked me again at my lower abdomen. I fall onto the cold icy floor with unbearable pain. He has already hit me countless times. My whole body was aching. But I was so scared to worry about my physical pain. I have to get out of here. I crawled away from him with all the strength I had. But my luck ended with a big dusty wall. Boxes, barrels, unused machinery, and all sort of junk were piled up on both sides. I had no way out from the back, right, or left. The only way out was from the front, where he and four of his friends were blocking my way. So how am I going to escape? "Please let me go... I will do anything you ask... Please let me go..." I cried. I screamed while trying to foolishly hide myself leaning to the back wall. "Why... you want to go... this is so much fun... isn't it?" he laughed like insane. All five of them started to laugh at me. The more I beg them, the more they laugh at me. I don't care they laugh at me, I don't care they hit me, I don't mind they humiliate me... Because all the instincts I had as a girl were telling something far worse is going to happen. He kneeled in front of me and pulled me to him. He smelled like sweat and alcohol. He was drunk. All of them were drunk and on weeds. They were all out of their minds. "Please, I beg you to let me go... I promise... I ..." He grabbed my face from his right hand and forced me to a kiss. His lips were crashing on mine, and his tongue was forcing me to open me for him to explore more. His saliva mixed with alcohol, nicotine, and all the other disgusting things made me feel vomit. I tried to hold my breath. I couldn't stand the sickening smell coming out of him. I wiggled my body, trying to escape from him. But he was much stronger than me. I started punching him with all the strength I had. But he didn't seem to care. Maybe he didn't feel any of them. He was so obsessed with lust. He was tracing my tongue with his sticky, gross one. I bit his tongue. It must be painful. "This b***h!" he cursed me and pulled away from the kiss. I saw some blood coming out of his mouth. He stared at me, shockingly. His eyes were burning with anger. I knew I am in much more danger now. "I am sorry... please forgive me... I am sorry... Let me go..." "Tie her up and plaster her f***ing mouth," he yelled. I don't know where the hell they found all the ropes. They tied me from my hands to a nearby metal column. Then they plastered my mouth. "You little bitch... how dare you to bite me... Get ready to pay the consequences," he smirked. He came to me and started kissing, licking, and biting my neck. I tried to turn my neck. He started slapping me so hard. I couldn't keep counting how many times he slapped me. My face was burning, and my head was almost exploding. He pulled my baggy sweater to the sides. It got torn up, showing the t-shirt I was wearing under that. It was a tight t-shirt that clung to my body, showing all my curves. He stared at my chest for a few seconds lustfully. "She got big boobs, ah?? I love girls with big boobs!" he started cupping my breasts over my t-shirt. His hands-on me felt rough and disgusting. "Why the hell you hide all these treasures under these damn baggy sweaters all the time." he pulls up my t-shirt above my breast. Now it was just my bra covering my poor breasts. "We are going to have so much fun... I can't wait to see your p***y..." he started unbuttoning my jeans, and his friends were cheering. I didn't want to lose only things I had to these crazy drunken monsters. I prefer to die than losing myself to them. I wiggled... I tried everything to protest. But I was just a small doe captured by a pack of wolves He started pulling my jeans down, exposing my underwear. I closed my eyes. I couldn't stand my poor body getting exposed in front of their lustful eyes. "Stop now!" a strong masculine voice echoed all over the storeroom. "Who the hell you think..." he turned around to see the person to whom the voice belongs. "You!!!" he said surprisingly. He sounds utterly shocked. I opened my eyes to see who the stranger is. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the least expected person here. "This is none of your business," he said to the person who disturbs his lascivious operation. "It was none of my business... But now it is... Now gets the hell out of here. Or I will kill every single one of you and put your shameful bodies for dogs to eat." "But..." he started to complain... "I think I should make my self more clear to you." The next moment, one of the drunkard fellows was flying in the air. "Okay... okay, we are outta here. Forgive us." they all ran out. All of them were frightened and drunk. So they couldn't even run... They were crawling out. I was amazed by how the whole situation turns upside down. But now I have to face the biggest trouble. The least expected person to appear in this kind of a situation was walking towards me, his eyes focussing on my mine. I felt embarrassed as I remember I was half-naked. I was literally in my underwear. He first unplastered my mouth. Then he started to pull up my jeans. I wanted to tell him to untie me first. Then I can do this embarrassing stuff by my self. He is the last person on the Earth I want to be embarrassed in front of. "First, please..." he covered my mouth from his palm and made me silent. His touch made me shivered. I was disgusted by how they touched me minutes ago. But his touch, I craved for it. He then continued pulling my jeans up gently and buttoning them. Then he pulled down my t-shirt. My sweater was anyway torn so couldn't do anything about that. Finally, he untied me from the column. He removed his jersey and wrapped it over me. "Let's go," he said, putting his hand around my waist and making me leaning on to him. And from that moment my entire life changed...
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