The wedding

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Third person's POV Valerie walks to the altar knowing that she signed her life away for two years, but she is determined not to let Charles Stevens win in the end. She will get the money to start her own business, and after a few years, she will pay him back, although she knows she will have to pay a dear price for this money she is just borrowing. When they signed the contract, Charlie let her know that this marriage was not going to be just a contract marriage, he said he had needs and for him not to humiliate her in public and her not to do the same, they need to take care of each other's needs in the bedroom. She knows it is because he thinks she is no longer a virgin. He thinks she is like her mother used to be. She knows it is not true, and she is actually looking forward to giving him the sock of his life tonight when he claims her in the bedroom as his bride. He thinks she is just a woman who sold herself for money, the truth is she does want the money, but she will pay him back every cent of the money she takes from him. She only needs the money to get a start in life. She does not want his money for free, even if she has to give her body to him for two years. She will win in the end because she will pay him back every cent, and she will not feel like a prostitute that sold her body for money. She is also scared because she knows her virginity is coming at a high price, but she also knows she is doing it for the money, but she wants to prove Charlie wrong and makes him pay for what he has and is still putting her through. He treats her like a cheap woman, and she is not the kind of woman Charlie thinks she is.  Her mother got a law degree, but she used her talent to help people for free and only helped her father after getting her degree for a few years. When they had children, her mother stopped practicing law and only helped the poor that could not afford a lawyer. Her mother always said it was to make up for all the wrongs she did in her life. Her parents have money but not enough to help her to start a hotel. They are well off but not rich like the Stevens family. Valerie holds on to her father's arm. She is so scared of what the future holds for her, but she will not show it to anyone, especially Charlie Stevens, who is standing at the altar waiting for her. He is looking handsome in his suit like always. Today she is giving everything to him for two million dollars. She feels like turning around and running away, but she has already signed the contract, and he has already transferred half of the money to her account. So there is no backing out now, and she is not a bloody whooshy. She will show Charles Stevens who has messed with. She needs to show him that Valerie Green is not his playmate. She needs to destroy every single lousy thought he ever had about her and her mother. Charlie's eyes are cold as he looks at the woman walking down the aisle toward him. She reminds him of a beautiful angel in white, but he knows better. She is not an angel. She is selling herself to him today for a lousy two million dollars. He looks at her father, and Charlie feels sad for the man who got married to Sandy Moore. He can not understand why this man looks so happy and contemptuous, as if he has hit the jackpot in life. He is married to the biggest w***e Charlie knows. He looks at Valerie again, and his face hardens even more. She is just like her mother everything to them is about money. He will show her that life is not just about money but respect as well. He looks at where Lea is sitting next to her husband. Even she disappointed him. He and Lea were together for years when she gave herself to him at the age of eighteen he was surprised to find out she is not a virgin, she just laughed and said that she had needs and he was the one that wanted to wait until they were eighteen, not her. It hurt him when he realized she cheated on him, but he forgave her, and they stayed a couple until she, at last, left him for her husband that day at the airport. He doesn't trust women except for his mother and sister, they are the only pure woman he knows, and he will never soften his heart to a woman ever again. This should have been his and Lea's wedding. Now he is marrying a woman he doesn't even trust. He knows she is nothing better than her mother, and everything in her life revolves around money. She depends on her beautiful face and body to get ahead in life. He will take from her whatever he wants, and he will not be ashamed for doing it. He is paying for it, after all. Charlie feels a bit guilty though, he will kill a man if he does to his sister what he is doing to Valerie right now, but Elaine is not like Valerie. She is a lady, unlike Valerie. Billy is his best man, and Elaine is Valerie's maid of honor. He knows Billy likes Valerie a lot and has pleaded with him not to hurt Valerie, but Charlie's heart is cold, and he is hurt where he is standing. He wishes he could have felt anything for a woman, but he just can't. He has been hurt too much. He knows deep down he wished Valerie would have turned him down. Maybe just maybe, then he could have developed feelings for her. However, he does respect her as an employee. She is hardworking, hardly talks, and is always respectful. The people in the office respect her and even love being around her as she is always laughing and joking with them. Valerie reaches the altar, and Charlie walks forward. Valerie's father lifts her vale and kisses her, then hands her to Charlie. "Look after my baby girl, Charlie. I trust you with her." Clark says. "I will do my best, Sir," Charlie answers and feels a bit guilty when he sees Clark Green smiling happily. He looks at Valerie, and her face is a bit pale. "Smile, it is your bloody wedding, not a funeral,"  Charlie whispers to her. "Oh, f**k off Charles Stevens, I am doing you a favor as much as you are doing me a favor, you think I am selling my body to you for money, but you are selling yourself to me for revenge, now ask yourself, Charles Stevens, which one is worse? At least I am getting something from you for my future, but you get nothing but hatred and pain." She whispers back. "Shut up and smile!" Charlie snaps in her ear. To others, they look like a happy couple in love whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears before exchanging vows.  Valerie smiles, knowing she just won her first battle against Charlie. But unfortunately, he is not so innocent as he wants to think he is. The ceremony is over before she even realizes it. She looks at Charlie. He does not look happy at all, although he pretends to be happy she knows her now-husband and boss better than anyone else. "You may kiss the bride." The priest says. Charlie takes Valerie into his arms and kisses her passionately. They must keep up the pretense. He is surprised that he enjoys kissing her. Valerie is caught off guard and kisses him back. She did not expect him to kiss her like this. They walk out of the church to the car. He holds her hand as they walk out. The photographers and reporters surround them. Valerie is not used to it like Charlie is and starts to panic. He sees the panic on her face, and for the first time, Charlie feels sorry for her. He pulls her close to him, holding her. "Get these bloody vultures out of here." He orders his guards coldly, and they clear a path for the newlywed couple. The reception is at Charlie's place, like his mother and father's second wedding. Charlie did not want to do it as to him it was a farce, but he could not disappoint his parents. He needed them to think he was happy and he was in love with Valerie. The car drives off to Charlie's place, and Charlie notices Valerie moved away from him and is sitting as far away from him as possible. He does not care. He wants this day over with. He wants this pretense between them to be over with, and he wants to see Lea regret leaving him for another man. He looks at his new wife. She is beautiful. Just it is such a shame she is just as shameless as her mother. Valerie stares out of the window as the car drives to Charlie's Place. "What have you done, Valarie Green?" She thinks to herself, for two years she has to say married to this man. "Well, that is done, and over with, we just have to survive the rest of this night with fake smiles and fake love." She says to Charlie. The driver can not hear or see them as there is a window between them and the driver. "Yeah, well, you did great so far, Mrs. Stevens," Charlie says with a sarcastic smile on his face. "I am trying my best. Pretending to love you, Mr. Stevens is harder than I thought it would be." Valerie is not going to allow him to get the best of her. "Well, for two million dollars, I expect you to be a good actress, Mrs. Stevens," Chalie says "It is nothing for Hollywood, Mr. Stevens, so be glad I am doing it for so cheap," Valerie answers him. "Well, second-hand actresses get second-hand money, don't they?" Charlie hits back "We will see who is second-hand, Mr. Stevens, you or me?" Valerie says with a little smile. Valerie is busy losing her temper, so she looks out the window and counts to ten, he will see tonight, and he will have to swallow those words. She is not going to upset herself about what he has to say right now. She is a bit nervous about tonight. It will be her first time to make love to a man. Will it hurt? She doesn't know. She can hope that he will be gentle.  They reach Charlie's place, and again Charlie feels like he lost the battle against Valerie. She is hiding something from him, and he does not know what it is, but he will find out sometime or another. He steps out of the car and holds his hand out to hers. He helps her out of the limo, and again he looks at his wife. She is gorgeous, such a shame her beauty is lost to her lust for money. He knows he wants her in his bed. Any man will want her in his bed. They walk into the restaurant and are led to the main table where his parents and her parents are waiting for them. He looks at Sandy, and his eyes turn cold. He can still not understand how his mother could ever forgive her. She almost destroyed his family. He looks at Valerie, and he smiles coldly. "I will avenge my mother's hurt by making you pay Valerie Green. So your mother will feel what I felt back them through you, she hurt my mother by getting to me, I will hurt her by getting to you!"
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