Chapter 11: The Temple of the Assassins-1

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Chapter 11: The Temple of the Assassins In the long ago days when the world was new, when Oromasd was just beginning his plan to defeat the evil of Rimahn and rescue all of creation from darkness, Goush, the Bull, and Gayomar, the Man, were set upon the earth to appreciate the loveliness of Oromasd’s creation. Rimahn, seeking to end his rival’s perfection, sent his daevas to murder the Bull, which they did—but from the blood of Goush came the seeds for all the plants, flowers, and trees on Parsina, and from the flesh of his dying body did emerge all the good and clean animals that populate the world. In a further attempt to corrupt creation, Rimahn sent the Great Harlot, Jahi, to seduce and murder Gayomar. Jahi fulfilled her purpose, but again Rimahn’s will was to be thwarted—for from Ga

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