Chapter 12: The King of Khmeria-1

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Chapter 12: The King of Khmeria While Prince Ahmad stayed in Estanash’s cave to guard the unconscious Murrah against any other hazards lurking there, Selima raced back to the entrance to tell Cari of their triumph. The Jann had already sensed the dissolution of the spells protecting the cave, and was flying toward her. They met in the cramped, dusty passageway and Selima told Cari of the victory. The Jann then sped off to tell Jafar al-Sharif and the waiting Badawi warriors to come ahead and share in the loot of the deceased Jinn. Jafar and the Badawi descended into the wadi, crept through the narrow cave opening, and followed Selima to the late Jinn’s cave. Nusair ibn Samman’s eyes widened at the sight that greeted them. There was no sign of the evil Estanash who’d so plagued the Badawi

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