Chapter 3: The Wizard’s Wrath

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Chapter 3: The Wizard’s Wrath At the northeast rim of the world stretch the Himali Mountains, considered by knowledgeable geographers to be the most forbidding peaks in all Parsina. Unscalable cliffs tower over the clouds that float between them, and few are the human eyes that have seen more than a fraction of this inhospitable range. This is one of the places where Rimahn’s handiwork is most apparent, ripping apart the peaceful fabric of Oromasd’s perfect creation and replacing it with jagged, naked rocks. It is not uncommon for the highest summits to have snow on them for ten or eleven months out of the year, and no animals, not even birds, live naturally in the harsh climate except in the summer when the warmth of the sun softens even this monument to the chaos of Rimahn. Perched ato

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