Chapter 5: The Mission-2

2007 Words

And, I hope, less ambiguous, the prince thought, but kept that piece of doubt to himself. As Prince Ahmad stood on the minbar, gazing down at the confused and tearful faces, a man on the left side stood up. In the gloom the prince at first had difficulty recognizing him, but as the man spoke Ahmad knew it was Nurredin al-Damasci, captain of his guard. The soldier spoke loudly, with force and fire in his voice. “No,” he said aloud. “I will not accept this decision. As you said, the world is wide, and I have traveled widely through it. I’ve served many masters through my years, but never have I served one as fair, as just, and as righteous as Prince Ahmad Khaled bin Shunnar el-Ravani. The prince needs my help now more than ever. The journey he contemplates will be long and dangerous, and t

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