Chapter 9: The Sand Jinn-1

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Chapter 9: The Sand Jinn It has been said that the Badawi came into being at the same moment as the deserts themselves, and that the two have coexisted throughout all of history. Certainly it is true that the Badawi tribes have one of the oldest lineages in all Parsina—as well as one of the most paradoxical. For the Badawi have always been a study in contrasts, and no outsider has ever been able to fully comprehend the strange twists and turns of their unique culture. To the casual observer they appear to be simple nomads, leading their caravans across the deserts of the world from oasis to oasis, border town to border town. They dress in a style that hasn’t changed in thousands of years and use but the crudest of implements—except for their weapons, which are as well made as any modern

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