Chapter 12: Alexander, Part 1

1024 Words

(You can find Alexander in the Amaranthine saga and also in Brothers of Darkness. His story takes place in 1831 on the Cotterill plantation in Virginia. The rebellion mentioned is Nat Turner's rebellion.) *** "Who goes there?" the potted fern demanded and shook its leaves threateningly. "Friend or foe?" The dark haired, pale woman stopped in her tracks and glared at the foliage. "Alexander! I have told you to stay out of the plants. They are not here for your amusement!" The fern rustled again, and a smaller voice pleaded, "But, Mother, it's not me! It's one of the talking plants in the magical forest of Brisbinay! You can be the queen, if you want." "Alexander." There was a note of warning in her tone. "I do not wish to repeat myself. Get out of the plants this moment and find some o

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