The Plan

1056 Words
I wait till the ceremony is over by myself in the limo. No way could I trust getting my wolf that excited again. I would completely lose control. I hear everyone cheering, and I know it shouldn’t be much longer. I can’t wait to finally have my mate. I hope she isn’t going to be scared of me. I look like I should be in the mafia, and not every chick is into that. I also hope what happened with Vivian doesn’t make her reject me. Just thinking of rejection makes my wolf howl in pain. I wouldn’t reject her if she had any s****l past. As someone who is often judged, I know none of that affects someone’s worth. I can’t say jealousy doesn’t still fill me up. I have never even met her, and she already makes me feel things I have never felt. *slam* I look up, and Mindy, Sam, and Tyler are in the car. “hey, what is going on, Goliath? They said you needed me.” I look him in the eyes. “I found my mate.” “That’s great man where is she?” I left out a huff and leaned back. “She is human, I believe her name is Clara, and she graduated with your class today.” He looked at me a bit shocked. “Oh, Clara Smith?” Tyler looked at me like I was going to hurt him when Mindy grabbed his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Tyler, I told him about Drake.” Tyler released the breath he was holding. “Well Goliath what do you need me to do?” “I need you and Sam to follow her for a couple of days so I can find a way to meet her.” “I know this will get in the way of your graduation party plans…” Tyler puts his hand up to stop me. “Don’t even worry about it. You are the future Alpha, and she is the future Luna, and as the future gamma, I will take this challenge on.” “Besides I can party anytime. People love me, you know that.” I am not the hugging type, so I grabbed his hand and gave it a good shake. “Great, Jack dropped off the jeep so you two can blend in. I will be going to the pack house with everyone else, so Jack and I can run a background check on her.” I look out the window and see people about to come in the limo. “You two mind link me at least once an hour I want to know everything. Take my credit card to get whatever you need. Now go!” With that, they get out of the car. Everyone comes pouring in with excitement, and I congratulate them all. Thank the goddess Mindy is sitting next to me so Viv won’t dare try anything. She knows my sister is protective of me, and no one wants to be on Mindy’s bad side. I get out my phone and send a text to my parents letting them know I must meet with them to tell them some good news. I decided to look over emails and do my best to ignore everyone around me. They have gotten into the champagne and are getting more loud and annoying. The pack house is hidden in a magic portal that some witches made long before my time. The portal makes it easy for us to travel and expand. Also, in a worst-case scenario, it would work well as an escape route. The car drives down a dirt road and turns down what people would see as a cliff. We don’t go crashing down but instead appear safely on the other side. As soon as the car stops in front of the pack house, I get out fast. I need to get to my office and start setting everything up, including telling my parents about my mate. I want to keep this between a few people until she accepts me as her mate or rejects me. I feel a ping in my heart, but I have to keep moving. Someone is tugging on my sleeve enough that I have to look down. “Viv what the hell get off.” I give her a good shove, and she stumbles away. I don’t give it a second thought or even pay attention to what she is saying. I mind linking mom and dad, and they get to the office door just as I do. “come on in mom and dad, I have good news.” “well son that is great.” My father says as he puts his hand on my shoulder, and we all walk in. I shut and lock the door. I get my first mind link from Tyler saying (Clara and one of her friends stopped at a diner). I tell my parents to take a seat. “I found my mate!” I can’t believe I blurted it out just like that. I really don’t feel like myself. This mate bond is like nothing else. They both look at me with big eyes and bigger smiles. “Well where is she, son? I want to meet her.” Mom says excitedly. “About that, we’ll she is human so I will have to take this slow. We haven’t even met yet.” They just looked at each other, then me. “Well Goliath the moon goddess must have known that you love a challenge.” I let out the breath I was holding and smiled at them. “Look at our boy Atlas he is smiling” My mom says with her hands on her cheeks. “He sure is Farah.” “OK, that’s all I wanted to tell you two, now I have lots of work to do.” “Alright son we will get out of your hair.” “we love you.” Mom says while she shuts the door behind her. I’m getting a mind link from Tyler ( Goliath, we are listening to your mates conversation with her friend, and it sounds like they could be in some kind of trouble). My heart stops. Whatever it is, I need to help her.
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