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(Clara’s point of view) I don’t know what to say or do. I get off of the floor and take a breath before hitting the button. (I need a little time alone to think. Sorry.) I wait a minute, but I don’t get a response back. I hope he understands. I just need to sort out my thoughts so I don’t say the wrong thing or make a crazy mistake. Taking a deep breath, I kick off my shoes and try to relax my body. Hitting the light switch, I looked around the room, and I saw some of my boxed up stuff stacked in a corner. My clothes must be sitting in the closet. It's Weird to think how much has happened in the last 24 hours. Walking up to my bed, I notice there are a few things on there. My stuffed wolf! I pick him up and squeeze him. Goliath must have been amused when I picked it over the other ones. Oh! My box with my earrings in it. Opening up the box, I can’t help but admire how beautiful they are. I must be a jerk for just now, realizing I didn’t still have them on. He must have taken them off sometime after I passed out. Awwe Goliath’s leather jacket that he gave me. Dropping everything else, I grab his jacket and smell it. I must look like a crazy stalker or something, but his scent is still on it. I even feel a bit calmer. I think I am going to clean myself up and go over to Goliath’s room. I know the night is ruined, but I just need him to know that I am not mad. I can’t believe how stupid I was to believe Vivian. What man would put together an entire fair for a date or give a girl his favorite jacket just to reject her. I have insecurities to work on, and we will have to talk about what happened, but I think this is where I am supposed to be. Crap where is the bathroom door again? Sliding my hands across the wall, I finally feel the gap, and I pull the door open. Sitting down at the vanity, I can see how awful I look. I smeared all my makeup while crying, and my hair was all frizzy. I open the drawers on the vanity and see all my makeup and products are all put away. Taking makeup wipes from the first drawer, I get off as much makeup as I can. I am kind of mad I didn’t take any pictures while I was all dressed up. After pulling all the pins out of my hair, I decided a shower is needed. How in the hell do I work this thing? Hitting random buttons, I see the top shower head come on. I turn the knob from blue to the red, hoping it will be super hot. Sticking my hand in, I can tell it is perfect. Ohhhh yeah, that is nice. I will always appreciate a hot shower for the rest of my life. Wow, I forgot how many soaps and scrubs I got. Grabbing random things, I get all nice and clean, and my hair feels healthy. I need to dry myself fast. The longer I take, the more I am feeling lonely and anxious. I wish I could talk to Wendy, but she is probably getting plowed right now. I walk out and go into my closet. I hang up my dress and look for some type of pajamas. I can see that they washed and put away everything we bought. My face got hot when I realized they had seen all of that kinky lingerie. There is no time to stress about this. I need to make things right with Goliath and hear his side of the story. Looking around, I decide on a silk night gown. It is form fitting and is a little revealing on the top, but it is very comfortable. It’s getting late better get going. As I am about to turn the door knob I get a bad thought. What if Vivian is still in his room with him? So what! I can’t let her get in my way for any longer. Goliath didn’t defend her he was on my side. If she is going to try and wedge between us, I will fight back. It’s not like we are in school anymore. I am becoming the person I was meant to be. I will end her bullying ways. I am feeling a new confidence as I open the door, maybe a bit over dramatically. “Goliath what are you doing here?” He looks surprised standing there with a dinner cart about to hit the intercom button. “Clara… I didn’t want you to go hungry. I also was sort of hoping to talk. Only if you are up to it, no pressure.” “I actually was just about to come and see you. I just needed you to know that I am not mad at you. Vivian just has a lot of practice pointing out my insecurities, and she got to me.” “How about we sit down in your room and talk this over some food?” My stomach is growling, and my mouth is watering. “Umm yeah come on in.” He rolls the cart over to the sitting area and gets a fire going in the fireplace. “It can get cold at night.” He says, taking a seat. I sit down right next to him. “I got some fried chicken and some sides for you.” He lifts the lids, and the smell gets to me. I forgot how hungry I was. “Go ahead and dig in. Eat as much as you want.” “Thank you. Will you eat with me?” “Of course I will.” We start to eat in silence for a while. I just need to be honest and open, right? “Soo what’s up with you and Vivian?” “What’s up with you, Drake and Vivian?” He asks back but more in a cocky way rather than a mean way. “I asked you first!” I say, crossing my arms over my chest. He stops and takes a breath before speaking. “I will tell you my story, but you have to let me in on yours.” It feels hard to tell him things that I was hoping to just forget after graduation. I guess it’s better to get it out since it’s not going away. “OK it’s a deal.” I go to shake his hand when I realized it looks completely busted up. “Goliath what happened to your hand?”
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