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( Goliath’s point of view) Last night was so scary. I managed to catch Clara before she hit her head when she passed out. After that incredible date, I am sure that my love for her is true. I just hope she feels the same way about me. When I left her and Wendy to rest in the clinic a moment ago, she seemed to be doing well. I still feel I need to do something big for her since things got a bit out of control. I want to kick myself for pushing those questions. I still don’t even know the answer to most of them. I have every omega taking shift cleaning up the pack house. I have informed my parents about what we need to talk about after breakfast, and now I am on my way out to set up a surprise for Clara and Wendy. I don’t know if I can get them to move to the pack house immediately, but I have to try. (Clara’s point of view. ) I wake up to the delicious smell of caramel coffee. I open my eyes and realize it is Goliath. “Hey breakfast will be done in about 20 minutes. Do you two want to come down and get some?” “The day I say no to food does not exist in my mind.” I sit up in bed and get up. “I am just going to throw some clothes on. Will you wait for us? I don’t know where anything is?” I turn around, and he is standing there practically drooling on himself. “What’s wrong?” “I… I will be right outside the door.” He goes to run nearly tripping over his own feet, and he gets out the door fast. I turn and look at Wendy. “What was that all about?” “Do you remember what you are wearing? “ She points down. I look down and realize I was just wearing my underwear and long shirt that barely covers half of my butt. “OH NO!!! WENDY! I run back to the bed and jump under the covers, hiding myself. Wendy is laughing so hard that she is shaking the bed. “Why are you acting so embarrassed? He was ready to devour you.” “I don’t know! Do you really think he likes my body? Everyone in school used to say I was a bag of bones.” “You might be a little extra skinny, but you are still drop-dead gorgeous Clara. Go ahead and try and tell me he didn’t want to do anything s****l with you during your date.” “Well…. We may have been somewhat physical. “ “See he wants you, Clara. Now hurry up and get ready. I have to pee.” I get out of bed and run to the bathroom. I brush my teeth real quick. Thankfully, they left us some toothbrushes and toothpaste here for us, along with soap and hair products. I look through the bag and find a makeup bag and a brush. I grab those and a sundress and run out so Wendy doesn’t kill me. I put on the dress and ended up putting the wedges I wore last night. I brush my hair and smooth it down. I put some mascara on and some chapstick. I don’t have time for anything else. Wendy walks out, looking effortlessly beautiful as always. “Let’s go, we will be late!” I say. I walk over and open the door, and walk out into the hall. Goliath is leaning on the wall, looking at his phone and then up at us. “Ready to eat girls?” We shake our heads, and my stomach growls, making me feel more embarrassed. “Come on, sweetheart, let me get you something to eat. “ He puts his arm around me and walks us to the dining room. It felt like a really long walk, but I honestly couldn’t concentrate. “Here is the dining room we use for the higher ranked wolves and for some get-togethers.” There were a few people already there, and I felt shy. I saw my mom at least. “How about you sit here? Wendy and Clara can sit between us.” We all sat down “Once everyone is here, I will introduce you to them.” I sat down at the table, and it was the most beautiful dinner table I have ever seen. It had to be at least 10 feet long, and it looked like it was hand carved carefully. It must have taken over a year to make. The ceiling was high, and there was a huge chandelier hanging above the table. I think the only downside to the room was there are no windows. I turn my head towards Wendy to see how she likes the room, but she looks like she isn’t even on this planet anymore. “Does anyone else smell that?” Wendy asks, sniffing the air. I smelled the air, and I could smell pancakes. “It smells like pancakes to me.” “No, It is like peppermint but sweet like a candy.” Everyone around the table shook their head no. “Seriously no one can smell that? It smells delicious and like it’s getting stronger.” All of a sudden, this large Blonde man comes running through the door. Mate! he yells. Wendy shoots out of her seat. “Mate?”
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