The Dream

485 Words
I am jogging along the park when I slow down to catch my breath. I take a look around me, and that’s when I see him. There’s a man across the path looking at me. He has jet black hair that is shaved on the sides and piercing blue eyes. He smiles at me with pearly white teeth and the most heartbreaking dimples. He has a strong jaw, a built body, and is very tall. I think he is trying to say something to me, but I can’t quite hear him. I try to listen closer, and I hear my name being called. “Clara!” "Clara!” my eyes begin to flutter open, and I realize that it was all a dream. My mom is at the end of my bed trying to wake me up. "Clara, about time you woke up I’ve been calling you for a couple of minutes now." "Sorry, mom, guess I stayed up too late." "Well get up. Your graduation is today, and you need to get your stuff ready so you’re not running out the door last minute." I look at the time and realize it’s already 10 AM, and the graduation ceremony starts at 2:00 PM. I get up, and I put a tea kettle on the stove and start it up. Since we have no hot water, it will have to do for my bath. I use the rest of the time to lay out my gown and my shoes on my bed. I texted my best friend Wendy on my old beat-up flip phone to let her know I am getting ready. The water is finally heated up enough to have somewhat of a warm bath. I fill up the bathtub up with the cold water and dump in the hot water, hoping that it will make it a little bit better. Sadly, it usually doesn’t help very much. I hurry, and I wash my face and my hair first. Then I hurry up and shave my legs since I’ll be wearing a dress under my gown. When I’m all done with that, I dry my long, wavy golden hair. I put on some light makeup that I had bought for work. Just some mascara and little eyeliner. Since this was a special occasion, I also put on ruby red lipstick . I can’t wait for graduation to be over, and then I can finally be free of all the people that bully me. Especially Vivian and her posse of jocks and cheerleaders that harass me all of the time. The thought of getting away from them makes me smile. I looked up at the mirror and stared into my emerald green eyes. I feel satisfied knowing that I am finally going to be able to take control of my life and get myself and my mother out of debt. This is just the beginning.
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