Chapter Nineteen: Alchemy

1462 Words

Pita had a way of rolling with things that Ellie would have admired if it didn’t so often lead to Pita disappearing and leaving everyone else to deal with the aftermath of his hijinks. Which was undoubtedly what would end up happening tonight if things went sideways. Well, at least if Moltar was there Tre wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a passed out Ichigo home on his own. Ichigo levered himself up to his feet, stretched his long legs out a bit. He leaned over to kiss Ellie on the forehead before patting Astredian’s shoulders and following Pita on out the front door. “Did he just...he touched you. Kissed you. Am I losing my mind?” Tre stared after the cleric, flabbergasted. “And Pita was petting him earlier, right? He didn’t even flinch.” “I think he’s a lonely, Tre. Desperate for

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