Chapter Thirteen: Oddly Satisfying

1420 Words

Everything between them had been laid bare on those pale pieces of parchment, the dark ink inscribing the love Lydia held in her heart for a boy who had always been there - from the first time her powers revealed themselves on that beach in Heavensweep Bay to the day he held her hand as they lowered her grandmother’s casket. It was Killian’s goofy smile that she saw first on days when she didn’t want to go to school because the kids were picking on her. He would wrangle her from bed when even her mother couldn’t get her untangled from the bedsheets. It was Killian who had held her, even when she shouted for no one to touch her - because no matter how afraid she was of her powers, nothing Lydia could do or say would make him turn away from her. Not even when she bit or scratched. It was

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