Chapter Sixteen: Starting Over

1495 Words

Hope that he was finally determined to crush. “But everyone wants you, Fifi. Isn’t that how you like it? Everyone wants you...except Elise of course.” “You knew...I had a thing for Elise?” the color drained from Fifi’s face, and she backed toward the door of his office. Ichigo shook his head a little, amazed that she was surprised. Just how blind did she think he was? “Just as I’m sure you were aware that I loved her once.” Ichigo replied, feeling as if he was rehashing the obvious. “I was fairly certain that’s why you started speaking to me in the first wanted to be close to someone who was close to her. Isn’t that right?” Fifi looked down at her feet, as if ashamed, despite the years that spanned then and now. It was true. He knew it was, of course, but he’d never said an

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