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We were sipping on Dad's traditional coffee. He made the best ones but it felt different today. "This is my daughter, Anna" He introduced me briefly. I bowed softly and sat down on a stool. "We extend our helplessness at the moment, and are very sorry for your loss" Yes, my mom had worked there. Her big dream job. It had been four months, and thirteen days since she had started it, and ever since then, my life had lit in a light I had never known was there. Now, it died, again and nothing could bring that back. "We want to help at this moment of mourn and would like to do anything for you if you would ask" My hanging head remained. You can do nothing... "Please feel free to ask" Mr. Mathews extended his help in a soft gentle tone. "It was too sudden, we agree. When we lose our loved ones, there is nothing much we can do. Health matters at all costs" I shook my head. My eyes were burning. "We did talk to the main doctors and they referred to the cardiac arrests as a reference to her medications" "But she didn't take any!" My dad looked stunned at the mention. "She was known to take sleeping pills as an overdose for the last one week" My head flew up in shock. "Sleeping-" 'Yes, they were found on her study desk too. Its known to have side effects." The woman slowly sighed, "Definietly not a heart attack. But it should have contributed to that. Did she have cholesterol as such?" I shook my head.  "Are you sure?" My eyes went down. I crossed my fingers. It was just last week when I had forced her to get a medical report done. But she cared less. She cared for nothing but others. Her work; her dream job. She had gone insnae todo a good job, I guess. "No.." I didn't say a word. Dad sighed, "She never told me! I never saw .....her..." "She was having a lot of work, maybe. It had been pending from the last week" I gritted,  "Who gave you so much work?" Mr Mathews raised his eyebrows. The woman growled. "YOU KILLED HER!" "Anna!" I threw myself up from the chair, and screeched. Mr Mathews and the woman (most probably his wife) stood up and stared at me, "We understand", he calmly spoke but I screamed, cutting off his gentle tone. "I LOST EVERYTHING! NOT YOU!" "Anna! I'm so sorry" Suddenly the door went open. My dad stood up and sighed, when he saw Rayan walk up and rush to my side. I didn'ty even look at him except kept glaring at the stunned postures of the billionaires who sat before me. Their son, didn't even move an inch and kept looking down like he cared less. Maybe that was what put me off guard. Rayan pulled me by the wrist and dragged my silly head off to the small bedroom. Then shutting the door, turned to me, his face an ice cold stare. "Anna, listen to me" "Don" "Anna!" I smirked, "You too? Your also welcoming those fools?!" I was angry. Pointing my finger to him, I spoke. He pinched my elbow. "You loser, listen to me" My breathing had turned rapid and rugged. My throat turned dry, sucking all the power from it. "Listen to me" He took my shoulders in his palms. He seemed to be facing a dilemma. "Your mom's reports came in" He was whispering. "What?" "There was no sign of a murder" I turned numb. It had been a suspicion for a while.  "But the medical reports from our local physician showed otherwise" My eyes flew up to him. He nodded, "Your mom was poisoned." "Poisoned-d-d?!" "The poison would mingle as a plasma constituent just seconds after it was injected. Its very difficult to find but a little trace of it was indicated" My breathing turned rugged again. "Which mean, the main reports didn't show them?" He looked down, "Something is amiss, Anna" I shook my head, and swirled around to open the door. But he stopped me, "No, wait Anna!" I had become a rabid dog. "They might have something to do with it. Dad feels so too" My chest heaved in agony and affliction.  "But they have two things to cover this: money and power" I gritted, "Then what should we do? Let them win?!" He held my shoulders tightly and shook his head. "Make them suffer"
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