Episode 1

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/Tracy's POV/ I still couldn't get that night out of my memory, it was etched permanently into my mind and every night the scream of my parents tormented me. "Stacy!! Tracy time for dinner doves" my mom had announced. "Just one last round mom" I had told my mom as I run around the house looking for Stacy. We were playing hide and seek as I remembered. I found her in the cellar. "Found you" I screamed as I draw her out, she had giggled and shrieked at my outburst. I took her hand and was leading her to the sitting room when I heard gunshots, we ran towards the sitting room but Stacy pulled me back and we watched from afar the lifeless body of my little brother Travis. My mom was wailing and my dad was tremendously trembling as the man wearing a hat pointed the gun at my mom. "Where is the file Theo?" the man had barked his question at my dad, but he only trembled. My dad realizing he was about to shoot my mom voiced. "Please...I'll go get it, please don't Kill her Alexander please" My dad pleaded and a man followed him upstairs. He came down with a brown paper envelope in his hands. The man my dad had called Alexander collected the file and briefly glance through it. "Thanks, Theo" Alexander smiled. The smile that tormented me every night. The smile that killed me over and over again. He shot both my parents in front of my sister and me. Then he set the house on fire. My sister and I took to the back door. We didn't know where we were running to but, we ran for our lives. Then we heard an explosion. That woke me up. "Morning" Stacy smiled at me waking me up with her normal smile. Well, Stacy is my twin sister. We are the daughters of Theodore Williams an inventor who died 15years ago. We look just like each other and we have similar tastes in everything not exactly everything, something some people called too identical. For example we didn't colour in common. She is a pink lover but I'm blue biggest fan. She seemed to have cleaned the room, great. We both just couldn't get used to living in a separate room. So we stay in a room. Since we were young we had always been together. Eat the same food, and wear identical clothes, we were basically each other's everything. We love and protect each other, we were each other's best buddy, though she could be quite clingy and stubborn sometimes but I love her more than anything in this world. "You haven't even had breakfast yet and you're exercising, Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Stacy asked slumping onto the cushion right in front of the TV while I race on the treadmill in our workout area facing the dining room but whatever going on could be seen from the sitting room. "If three silver bullets didn't kill me, I doubt working out on an empty stomach would" I boasted and she scoffed. "I'm getting fat" I announced and she gulped in a chuckle. "We both weighed 58kilo the last time I checked" Stacy pointed out for me. "I weighed 60 this morning " I confessed and she abruptly turned to me. "You're kidding?" She huffed standing and walking over to me. "I'm serious" I replied my voice brittle as I was too tired to talk and train. I stopped the treadmill and slowed down until it finally stopped, grabbing a towel on the weight lifter I moved over to the kitchen in my black Adidas sports bra, leggings, and Nike sneakers but my sister trailed behind me in an oversized jersey shirt and jeans shorts. "You know I can gain 2kilo faster than you can lose it," she said giving a sly smile. "No way... You know the nature of our Job Stacy" I told her before raising the bottle of water I had retrieved from the kitchen. Slowly I gulped down the water ignoring her petulant stares. "I'm going to have a shower" I told her heading upstairs to our room. "Whatever" I heard her say behind me as she moved back to the sitting room to continue her movie. /Stacy's POV/ I watched as my sometimes annoying sister made her way upstairs to wash off her sweats. a result of her work out but just then my mobile blinked and I knew, it was work. I grabbed my phone and headed to our tech department which was divided into three sections. The surveillance, the weapon gallery, and the investigation center. I'm not a cop don't get confused. I'm an assassin, and so is my sister. Come on, don't judge me without knowing my story. We didn't want this, we didn't want any of this. We were just like any normal girls. Probably like you, your sisters, or your daughters. Girls who wake up late only to be rushed to school early in the morning by their parents, girls who wait for their mother to pack them lunch before heading into their dad's car to drop them off. We were just like that but someone took that away from us. Alexander Alejandro. I wasn't going to forgive that man. Never. He had murdered our parents. I sighed and shook my head to rid myself of the image that seems to torment me every day. "Hey, Chris what's up?" I picked up our office cell. Well, Chris is our only best friend. We met him in the assassin academy in China. You probably didn't know that existed. They buy trafficked children and trained them to be serial killers. They wipe us of any emotions and filled us with rage and hatred. I recalled one of the tests I had gone through. It was the test to kill my sister. That was the only test I failed in the academy. Well, that's because I freed my sister and face hundreds of other kids ready to kill them if possible but our master stopped us. He believed we were strong enough and didn't need the test. "Tracy or Stacy, you still there?" Chris' voice from the other line brought me out of my reverie. "It's Stacy and I'm listening," I corrected him and I heard him sigh. "Just wanted to inform you that, there's is a job and the pay is huge- "I thought Tracy told you we are taking a break, we are going back to Los Angeles"I queried, brows furrowed in question. "Yeah, she did tell me but this is different, seriously, they are ready to pay any amount. I charged them 5,000,000, 000$- "Okay that's huge but Chris I don't know yet...I'll ask Tracy, whatever her opinion is- "Tell him we are going for it" Tracy's voice made me flinch, I glared at her for startling me as she made her way to the weapon section of the room. "Okay, Tracy just said we'll go for it... You better get your ass over here and give us details on the job and also, no more job after this one" I insisted and I had him cackle at the other end of the call. "Yes sergeant" he laughed and I pictured him saluting. The line went dead and I dropped the phone to face the pile of computers and a few other gadgets on the table. I wheeled the office chair around to face my sister who I could see from the net that petitioned the surveillance center and the gallery. "Why the change of mind? I thought you wanted to take some time off and prepare to leave for Los Angeles, for mom and dad" I questioned my sister who was busy setting up guns and cleaning her blades. "Thought we could take this last one after all the pay is huge- "What if another pops with a bigger amount, would you delay our plans?" I queried and she sighed. "Okay just this last one, I promise. After this one we can leave right for Los Angeles, you know I wanted this as much as you do. Just figured we need the cash" my sister said appearing at the entrance of the weapon section. I sighed and threw my hands up in the air. "It's your call sis" I gave up turning to the computer which was now blinking in an alert. "It's Chris. He got here faster than usual" I thought out loud and my sister cackled at that. I let him in and I watch him pass through a different part of the house before appearing in front of the tech room. He sauntered in with a dramatic entrance and I couldn't hold back my laugh. "What's up ladies" Chris snickered walking over to me. I was tempted to roll my eyes at his drama. "We should be asking you that" my sister pointed with a sneer while she folded her hands and Chris chuckled. "So about the job- "Relax ladies, let me get something to eat first, I'm starving" Chris requested heading out, I heaved a heavy sigh. Chris was like that, dramatic, jovial, social. He was a tech guy, who studied information technology in India after he escaped the academy. No one in the academy except us knew he was alive. We haven't exactly cut ties with the league of assassins the academy had raised but we were looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, we've tried escaping multiple times, our master kept sparing us every time. The penalty for escaping was death and we've seen students who escaped the academy and ended up dying but for some kind of reason. Our master pardoned us. And they always know where we are, no matter how far. I followed my sister to the sitting room and moved to the dining table where Chris was munching cereals like a child, his funny attitude never ceased to amaze me, he wasn't just funny, he was cute and handsome. He had silver-blue eyes with styled raven black hair with a slight parting at the front. He was handsome in his way but he wasn't my type of guy. I couldn't vouch for my sister on that though, because every time she looked at Chris, she had this unfamiliar gleam in her eyes, and asking her about it again would be the millionth time asking because she literally denies it every time. My sister having realized how I was watching her expression closely with her eyes fixated on Chris threw me a glare. "What's with the staring contest?" Chris questioned with a mouthfull of cereal. "You know it's clearly disgusting when you do that" Tracy pointed at Chris's annoying act of talking with food in his mouth. "I can't help it," Chris said swallowing the content in his mouth. "So what's this deal about?, let's get it done with" I cut in with a question because I was certain Chris and my sister could start their daily argument that way. They practically argue all the time. I never get to imagine them being a couple. My imagination always ended with my sister putting a knife to his throat. "Well, it's about a freaking rich politician going to...hat's the place again?" He paused asking himself the question. "Oh," He pouted as he had suddenly recalled. "Seattle" he breathed in relief but Tracy and I gave him a bewildered look. "Seattle!?" I exclaimed like I was given the impossible. Actually, no job is ever impossible for Tracy and me but Seattle is way far from Denver, which was exactly where we were at. Oh Goodness. I thought and sighed. "You want us, to fly to Seattle?" Tracy asked as if still finding it hard to believe. "Come on guys, you've done a job in Israel, Europe, and England before. What's stopping you now?" Chris asked surprised at our shocked faces. "We said we needed a break and we thought it was gonna be a job that'll be quick and swift and Seattle isn't quick and Swift" I pointed out for him. "Trust me, it's gonna be real quick. Everything about the men is in this chip" Chris said removing a small chip in the front pocket of his fitted brown shirt. "How guarded is he?" My sister asked and I nodded turning to Chris as I had briefly turned to her. "Good question," I remarked waiting for Chris's response. "Everything you need to know is in that chip, it might seem a little hard but I'm certain you guys deal with hard cores right?" Chris asked and I arched a brow at him. I suddenly didn't have a good feeling about it. I mean if the target was such a good one to take down. Chris wouldn't have a hard time explaining. Leaving the work in a chip made me feel very uneasy. And I felt a whole new feeling of uneasiness race over me when I opened the file about our next contract. "So, this man sometimes let someone wear his disguise to attend meetings for him so he could be saved?" I asked Tracy who seems concentrated on the computer screen studying the man's biography. "I don't feel too good about this Tracy" I revealed to Tracy who got distracted from the computer screen with that. "We've done a job scarier than this, this isn't a big deal Stacy and you know it" Tracy replied but I wasn't convinced. My expression was completely blank till we were leaving for the job. "Hey sis" Tracy called as I arranged my luggage for the journey. "I don't like that look Stacy, we'll be fine, trust me" Tracy assured and I forced a smile. I really hope we'll be. We didn't take public transport, it was something we've been used to since we started making millions from the job. We had our private jet because our privacy mattered more than anything. Secrecy was one of the crucial things we were taught and held in high esteem, well except for Chris that seems to be our handbag in every mission and every job, he always has 20percent of the deal while my sister and I get the 80. I stared blankly at the window as our jet moved right straight into the sky. I slumped my head back and fastened my sleeping mask and u-shaped inflated pillow. Compared to my sister. I like to sleep through a journey but mind you, I can be quite sensitive to sounds. I wake up every second to a change in sound, not my fault. We were trained to be sensitive. I was dozing when Chris hummed to my side, my ears caught up a sound of a falling object and I caught the tumbler glass which slipped from Chris's hand as he tried pouring himself a drink. "Thanks, Stacy" He said taking the cup from me. "You're disturbing my pretty sleep" I sleepily muttered, my mask still on. "Sorry" Chris apologized and everything went silent again. I sighed and rested my head back waiting for the jet to land anytime soon. Slowly the time passed by and I slowly lifted up my sleeping mask immediately after the pilot announced our arrival. "Hola Seattle" Chris excitedly announced strolling down the stairs in his complete suite dressing and perfectly gelled hair. I scoffed and followed him putting on my black shade to match with my fluffy black knee-length princess jacket covering my body-hug strapless gown. Since we got to Seattle and moved to the hotel Chris booked for us we've been busy studying our next target. We were basically stalking him and after a lot of research we found out he was going to be at two places at a time. "How the hell is he gonna do that?" I questioned Chris whose hands moved swiftly over the keyboard as he continued his research on the man. "I thought you guys knew he had people wearing his disguise and we aren't possibly sure which Is which" Chris revealed and I turned to my sister who wasn't taken aback by the revelation. She was busy setting up her rifle. "Are we certain that one of both men is him?" I asked Chris and he hesitantly nodded. "So let's go after him each" Tracy suggested and I abruptly turned her. "You know we don't do a job separately" I reminded my sister and she nodded. "Yeah, but we can't waste our time on this. We take the men down at the same time. Then get our ass out of here" I stated firmly. "The other man is innocent and wasn't paid for" I pointed out but she merely shrugged. "It's not our first time" she simply replied. Our mission was to happen the second day so we visit the location the man was supposed to be at which was a meeting area in the club. Only God knows what type of shady business the man was into. They set up a meeting area a spacious room in a club to distract whoever was after them. Really strategic but no matter how smart a target can be. We always seem to outsmart them. I had fun pretending to hit the club with my sister and Chris. It had been really long fun and the men's sweats mixed with liquor was quite distracting. I need to get laid. I thought to myself. ~~~~~~ My head weighed a zillion when I woke up in the morning. I don't remember having so much to drink. "And here comes the drunkard" Chris announced my presence as I made my way into the spacious sitting room of the suite we had booked. "Why did you drink so much last night?" my sister queried passing me a bottle of water which I gulped down in no second. "I can't remember" I confessed and she sighed. "you know you're a bad drunk, why get drunk, are you sure you're fit to- She was instantly cut off by my glare. Was she questioning my capabilities? "Sorry, I was just saying " she apologized moving into the room. After 5 hrs we were ready, clad in a leather body hug short black gown with our gears underneath. Chris passed to us our earbuds and we slumped our guns to our back. You wouldn't know if you didn't see the inside. It looked perfectly like a guitar case. The secret behind our mission is, that my sister and I are identical. And with make-up, we look more identical. We always managed to confuse our target. They never know who to aim out. If we were really two or one. That was our secret. After walking a mile, my sister and I parted. I set my sniper's rifle on a building several yards away from the location. We've been trained to get a target from 600 yards away so, a 500 yards away wasn't a big deal. I waited for the arrival of the target which was said to be 9.30 am. "The target's closing in" Chris informed. "Thanks, Chris, but what suit color is the man wearing again?" I taunted and I heard Chris cursed under his breath. I always know my target but sometimes, I love getting on Chris's nerves. "Sending you targets dressing code now" Chris informed and I saw my iPhone phone watch blinked. "Thanks for the info but I already know Chris" I teased and Chris let out another cuss. "f**k you Tracy" He cursed and I laughed. "That wasn't me" my sister quickly put up for herself. "Sorry, Stacy for goodness sake don't mess up, I beg you with my ma- "You always beg with your ma" I snickered eyes on the magnifier as I noticed movement. I scoffed after counting the number of bodyguards following maybe the man, or his disguise. No idea. "Take the shot and stop counting" Chris almost scream in my ears. I was tempted to cut him off but that would be a bad idea since he had the escape plans. "And here it goes" I announced after getting a perfect shot. The shot took off a bodyguard's ear but I smiled to realize I hadn't wasted my bullet, it went straight into the target's head. "All done guys" I announced packing my stuff. "Stacy you need to get out from there, the police helicopter is closing in" Chris informed and I gave a heavy sigh jumping and sliding down, I broke a window into the building and move into the elevator. "Holy s**t" I muttered as the elevator door dinged to see police swarming in. I hoped not to kill anyone before leaving. I thought as I immediately closed the door, unfortunately for me, I had locked eyes with one of the officers and I was certain they were swarming the exit. "Chris, any other exit," I asked after getting to the last floor of the building. "Yeah the second building we made arrangements for an emergency, but- "I don't have any f*****g time left" I spat, attaching my emergency rope, then shooting it to the nearest building, In no second I was sliding down the rope to the second building but the cops were already up. Those stupid idiots were shooting from across. I almost got hit but I merely slipped down the stairs injuring my arm in the process. I groaned loudly as the wave of pain hit me, I quickly move my way down and headed to the lady's room, and in the 3rd cubicle was my disguise. Good, I thought as I quickly changed into casual wear of a red top and faded blue jeans. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and reapply my makeup. Setting my lipstick right I made my way out of the cubicle. Pretending to wash my hands I waited until the restroom was empty before shoving my weapon into the ceiling. Perfect I thought. I wasn't bothered about being caught by the CCTV because I was certain Chris would have deleted the essentials. I waved at the CCTV and made my way to the ground floor but the stupid police were all over the place and were stopping everyone from leaving. I sighed and waited patiently. "Hey, you okay? You're bleeding?" I turned to face a handsome face that made goosebumps rise all over me. "You okay?" his extremely appealing voice came again and I felt my toes curl in reaction. Why was I reacting to him? Who was this stranger? Or could it be my eagerness to get laid getting at me? ..........
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