Chapter 1: Nikki

766 Words
My feet hit the pavement with fury as I clutched the large white bag with all my might. I can feel him catching up to me, but I don't give in. I know he won't catch me. I'm fast, faster than him, and have no intention of slowing down. Spotting a parking garage ten yards in front of me, I head right for the darkened area and duck inside, hiding behind a pillar. “Where did, she go?" I turn my head and look around the large cemented pillar. Security guard number one looks around where the pay station is. “I don't know. Did you see what she grabbed?" States security guard number two. He was the one that initially saw me looting, something I normally pride myself on being more discreet about. I've been doing this for over five years, and I could honestly say that I have made it my mission to remain the person no one notices; however, I wasn't counting on The Grove Mall having two security guards in one store. Mick, my boss, has made it his mission to hit this location often and it looks like we are finally getting some unwanted attention. Shaking his head, guard number one runs his hands through his already balding hair, then turns to head towards the elevator, his minion directly behind him. I smirk, knowing that I have lost them, but I remain rooted in my spot for thirty minutes more, just in case. Mick has taught us all well and I'm not foolish in thinking I can get away every time, so keeping myself hidden and safe works both ways. Protect the merchandise, protect yourself. There are many mottos we live by; this one has always been a good to me. I stand straight up, cursing my legs for feeling tired and numb. Walking quickly out of the lot, I dash through the outside of the mall, making sure I don't get under any of the surveillance cameras. It takes me almost an hour to walk around the city, making sure I am not being followed, and only when I am one hundred percent sure nothing and no one has had the balls, to approach me, I head home. Walking into the doors of Serendin Atlas, the hotel that house over ten of us. Brody and I have been here just over a year. It's isn't ideal to be in a criminal organization, but after the deaths of our parents thirteen years ago, I don't see any other option. I can still remember the day we learned of our parent's death like it was yesterday. “Brody, Nikki, we need to speak." Aunt Margot called over to us just as Brody was taking his turn at hopscotch. We had been at Aunt Margot's house for the last couple of days, although we never minded, being around our older cousin Amanda was always fun. “What's up Aunt Margot." I asked wondering why there was a creased line on her forehead. “It's your parents' sweetheart, there was an accident and.... they're gone Nikki. Your parents didn't make it." Just like that our lives were turned upside down. Just like that we were pulled from our home, our school, our lives, and placed into foster care where we spent the last ten years running away from one after another. Snapping out of my past, I make my way up the three flights of stairs that lead to the rooms. When I reach the top floor, I am struck with dread as I spot Charles standing outside of Mick's door. Mick is the top dog of the group. What he calls the leader of the Bandits. I first met Mick when Brody and I came here nearly a year ago. We had run away from our latest despicable foster family, that one, the absolute worst, when we tried out the streets of New York for a living. “You got something for me?" Charles growled when I approached him. His massive body was blocking the door and his arms were crossed at his chest. Charles hates me and that is me putting it mildly. When Brody and I were first introduced into the Bandit's, Charles was the one that would snuff out any problems we could potentially bring to Mick. Charles isn't a runner, he simply held power for being Mick's right-hand man, his wall of muscle. I don't know his story, we all tend to stick to ourselves, but Charles doesn't trust anyone that he can't break. I happen to be unbreakable.
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