Chapter 4: Bronson

771 Words
My fingers tap anxiously against the table with frustration and annoyance. We have been here in this meeting room for over an hour and yet, it feels like we have not made a dent in our work. “Sir, I suggest we speak with Mr. Jorimo once more. He was hesitant about allowing our company to buy it out, but I believe pride played a major role in that decision." Rubbing my temples, I shut my eyes and push down the urge to scream out in anger at this fool. Does he honestly believe I don't know that? “And if he tells us no again?" Jonathan, my newest hire and so far, biggest asset to me states with arrogance. “Look kid, I know you're new and want to get all fired up for these kinds of meetings, but the truth is, we do our best merging by settling. If we sit down and speak with David Jorimo– “ “Then it still won't be enough. We need to go over his head. I know you think I'm young Mr. Edwards, but I know enough about Mr. Fortworth and this business to do my homework. Mr. Jorimo was recently put in charge of Blackwell corporation and if we threaten to gather all of his employees and hire them right from underneath him then we can show him that we have an ace up our sleeves." “That's not going to– “ “Enough." I slam my hands down on the table and stand angry with the pointless way this meeting is going. “Jonathan has the right idea. I don't want to settle these things out when the CEO of the company simply waves me away like I am some kind of insect. I want his surrender, and I will accept nothing less." Locking eyes with Jonathan, I nod my head. “Jonathan, I am putting you in charge of this deal. Get it done and get back to me with the details of the operations. I'll have my assistant send over everything that you will need." I leave the room, storming past the large group of men and women that make up my board. Walking over to my office, I spot Bethany, my assistant at her desk on the phone. She eyes me warily then stands, ending the call quickly and meets me at my officer door. “Mr. Forthworth, I have your calls sir." She shakes nervously as she pushes a lose strand of hair back behind her ear, then hands me a few pieces of small paper littered with notes and numbers. “Thank you, Bethany." I state then walk into my office with her trailing behind me. Sitting down at my desk, I eye her with caution as she twiddles her thumbs around each other. “Is there anything else you need?" “Actually, there is. I was wondering if today I could leave a little early." “What?" “You see it's my engagement party and we have already booked the restaurant which is nonrefundable and– “ I pause her with my palm out. “Miss Mitchel, I'm going to stop you there. This is an important merger our company is trying to obtain, and we cannot have people simply leaving the building whenever they please. Everyone here works with one hundred and twenty percent, and although you are only an assistant, I expect the same effort from you." Bethany looks as if she wishes to say something, then lowers her gaze to the floor and nods her head. “Yes Sir." I hired Bethany shortly after my grandfather handed Fortworth Inc over to me. Bethany was exactly what I needed, she was efficient and organized, top for her class, but one thing she ha going for her that I often saw as a problem was her heart of gold. I needed a shark; I barely had a goldfish. “Good. Now I need the paperwork for the merger with Blackwell corp. sent over to Jonathan immediately. After that I'll have you send over my emails that I had held while I was in the meeting." Bethany heads out to leave the office, but I stop her before she can grasp the doorknob. “Oh, and Bethany?" “Sir?" She asks turning around. “I don't expect you to leave this building, until all of your work is done." I look down and begin separating the calls I received while in the meeting. It takes a few seconds, but Bethany eventually leaves my office nearly slamming my door on her way out.
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