1: Avery

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His touch was alluring and seductive as he traced lines down my back. Braden had a way of making me fall to my knees with just a look. I'd heard what they said about him. The cruel Alpha heir who took where it wasn't wanted. Well screw them, I wanted this. I'd been a virgin for far too long and all I could think about was him. My 18th birthday was today and he was my mate. The thought filled me with anticipation and excitement. He hadn't rejected me, in fact, he had been sneaking glances and touches all day while he poured me glass after glass of pinot grigio. I could feel the heat rising between us as he leaned in closer, his breath hot against my neck. My heart was pounding in my chest as I closed my eyes, savoring the sensation of his fingers dancing over my skin. The noise of our pack milling around was a dull thud compared to the feeling of electricity rising between us. "Braden," I gasped as he pressed his lips to mine, his tongue slipping into my mouth with ease. I was lost in the moment, drowning in a sea of desire and passion. As he lifted me up onto the kitchen counter, I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him in closer. Our bodies were pressed together, his hardness pressing against me, driving me wild with need. "Take me," I whispered, my voice barely audible as he continued to kiss me, his hands roaming over my body. "Please, Braden. I need you." With a growl, he lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom, where he laid me down on the soft sheets. He took his time undressing me, his touch gentle yet firm as he explored every inch of my body. I moaned as he kissed and nipped at my skin, leaving a trail of heat in his wake. Braden's eyes were dark with desire as he shed his own clothes, revealing a toned and chiseled body that made my mouth water. He crawled over me, positioning himself between my legs, and I could feel his arousal pressing against me. I whimpered at the feeling. "Shouldn't we...go slower? I haven't done this before." Tears strained at my eyes as the sensation of him pushing against my tightness caused my core to ache. "Just trust me, Avery, I have and this is how it's done." The confidence in his voice silenced me as I pushed onto him. With one swift motion, he entered me, filling me in a way I had never experienced before. I gasped as he started to move, his thrusts deep and insistent. I clung to him, my nails digging into his back as we moved together, there was nothing soft or gentle about the way he used me for his pleasure. "Say my name," he growled, his voice deep and primal. "Braden," I panted, my body shaking as the pain subsided and the pleasure came. "Oh, yes, Braden!" He quickened his pace, his thrusts becoming more urgent as he brought us both close to the edge. I arched my back, meeting him with equal need and desperation. "I'm coming, I'm coming," I cried out as I shattered around him, my body tightening and releasing in sweet waves of pleasure. I could hear Braden moaning as my core tightened around him in release. He drove into me once more before his body tensed, his voice rough as he growled, his eyes black with lust. I felt the heat of his release as he filled me, his face a mask of pure pleasure. * * * I woke up in bed alone, the scent of Braden still lingering on the rumpled sheets. A smile played on my lips as I stretched, feeling the ache of our night. It was a delicious reminder that I had had s*x for the first time and Braden had been my partner. I snickered at the thought that my mom and dad were going to be so pissed that I hadn't waited until the mating ceremony, but why bother waiting? He hadn't rejected me, so obviously he was perfectly fine accepting a wolfless wolf as his luna. Yes, unfortunately, I had no wolf. Nothing happened when the clock struck midnight on my day of birth, as was expected. My mother was human, so there was always a chance that I too, would be human. But that's okay because Braden accepted me how I was. I decided I was going to run home and grab a shower. I was covered in Braden's scent and as much as I wanted to bask in it all day, I doubt my dad would have a good reaction to that. Not to mention I felt like a sticky mess after all the extracurriculars I engaged in. Slipping on a sundress I made my way back to my parents' house. It was weird, driving my own car. I kept trying to get used to the feel of the stick shift, but for some reason, I just couldn't get it. I never took to driving well, I had to navigate using maps because I had no sense of direction. Obviously, driving from the pack house to mine wasn't an issue, but it always made me feel car-sick. I finally made it back to the house and had to park across the street because our driveway was still being repaved. The house was empty, my parents were at work and the older ones were running pack business. I whistled as I skipped up the stairs, only to stop dead as I saw Braden standing there. His shirt was tight against his muscles as he grinned down at me. "How we feeling today?" "Oh, uh," I blushed, "a little sore, but happy that you accepted me as your mate." "Accepted you? I did no such thing," he laughed. "You...you slept with me...I thought..." "You thought wrong, little girl. I slept with you because my wolf wouldn't shut up about you. We knew you were our mate for the last two years, but obviously couldn't reject you until you knew as well. Amarin wouldn't shut up about accepting you, so I slept with you, dosed him with wolfsbane and now I'm rejecting you." "What? How could you do this? Fated mates are sacred!" I cried out as he sneered in my face. "I, Alpha Braden Cooper reject you wolfless nobody Avery White, do you accept?" When I stayed silent, his leaned in closer. Shutting my eyes to drown out sensory overload, I heard him grit his teeth, "accept Avery, or I will make your life hell. You don't want that do you?" In a small voice, I relented, "I accept, Alpha." "Good girl. I don't want to see your pathetic face again." "You're in my house, Alpha, with all due respect..." "I own everything and everyone. Don't show your face around me Avery, or I swear to Selena, I will destroy you and everyone you've ever loved." "Yes, Alpha." He pushed past me as I sunk to the floor, allowing the pain of the rejection to hit me like a ton of bricks. I held my knees to my chest, rocking back and forth as I cried my heart out for the loss of what could have been. I didn't know how long I lay there, sobbing until I heard a voice. "Avery? What's going on in here? Are you okay?" I stood up slowly as I wiped my face with the back of my hand. I turned around to see my dad standing in the doorway, looking at me with concern in his eyes. "I'm fine, daddy," my voice quivered. "Just got a little emotional over something I saw on TV." "Avery, honey, I just want you to know that I love you no matter what and you can tell me anything, you know that right?" He gave me a sad smile. "I know," I sniffed. "So, again, are you okay? Do I need to crack a bottle over some boys head?" He chuckled as he wrapped me in his arms. "No, I'm alright. I will be alright, I promise. Can you make me some tea?" "Of course, sweetheart." As my dad went to the kitchen to make me tea, I ran upstairs and shut the door, immediately taking the shower I had come home for. I stood under the hot water for what felt like an eternity, allowing it to wash away my tears and my pain. I let my mind wander as I watched the water cascade off of me and swirl down the drain. After a while, however, my thoughts were interrupted by a sudden wave of dizziness that came over me. I placed both hands on the wall in front of me, but before I could steady myself the room started spinning faster and faster. Suddenly, I felt myself slipping and before I knew it was falling forward. My head connected with something hard as everything went black around me. The last thing I heard was a loud thud echo through the bathroom as I hit the ground, not knowing if or when I would wake up again. The darkness brought me peace.
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