Chapter 2: A bond

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-Octavia- I wasn’t fast enough. Despite my incredible speed and the fact that I had been able to sneak up on him, it still wasn’t enough. He was faster than me. He even left his men behind as he stepped out onto the big area in front of the mansion where a big fountain was shooting water in the air. His behavior was odd as he walked away from his men and sniffed the air. I felt a cool breeze brush past me and leaving some of the hair I hadn’t been able to get into the braid, dangling in the air. Again the king acted weird as he looked around himself. Could he smell me? I wondered for a second but he didn’t seem alert in a threatening way, as if he was ready for a fight. He then looked at his men as if they were idiots, as if they didn’t understand what was going on, but they just stood there looking at him confused. I saw my only opportunity unfold in front of me. This was my chance. I ran as fast as I could, digging my heels far into the ground as I pushed myself forward. Right before I was close to him, I took a knife out and jumped towards him with the knife in the air. With such a fast movement I had never seen before, the king turned around as if he knew I was coming and clutched his hand around my throat, leaving little air to pass through. His arm was long. Too long for me to even be able to get the knife near him. I felt myself growl angrily but it quickly disappeared into a whimper as I looked into his golden eyes that were shining brighter than anything in the night. Mate As soon as I heard my wolf utter the word and, jumping in excitement as she saw her chosen one in front of her, I dropped the knife and my body almost went limp. I couldn’t even hear the knife as it landed against the cool bricks on the ground. I couldn’t hear anything but his strong heart beating and the air he drew in and out of his lungs, and the only thing my eyes could see was his. They were so golden. I could only describe them as beautiful, but as I stared at the yellow in his eyes I came to a realization. Yellow. The eye color of the royals. A title he stole from my father. A male that I loved so dearly and who was my protector. It shouldn’t have been possible to have yellow eyes unless you were a descendent of a royal. Not even killing one would give you eyes like that, but in that moment I didn’t think it over. All I could see was the gold that belonged to my father. My dead father, who he had murdered in cold blood as the king, turned my father’s pack, the people I had considered family, against him. I hated this man in front of me, I thought, as my blood started boiling. I knew there was no possible way that he could be my mate. I refused it. I refused him. My wolf whimpered and turned angrily inside of me as she heard my thoughts. She apparently thought differently, but she had no power over me. I was in control, so her opinion mattered so little to me as it always did. Maybe that was why she was always so quiet inside of me. I could hear leather giving in as a powerful body was expanding, leaving little room in the jacket. The king’s body was suddenly so close to me as he leaned in and took a deep breath. I could hear him growling satisfied, as he smelled me. When he pulled away, his eyes had a dark glow to it and I could feel my body shake for some unknown reason. What was happening to me? “Now little one, can you tell me why my own mate is trying to have me killed?” he asked in a husky and deep voice. He licked his lips as he looked at me. Suddenly, I was very self-conscious as he was eyeing me. Something about the way he looked at me gave me goosebumps, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad feeling. I took a quick glance down at me, suddenly doubting if I was actually wearing clothes. I was dressed in complete black clothes with short shorts that sat tightly around my strong body, combat boots and a tight sleeveless crop top that only covered my breasts, oh and no bra. My hair was braided in a long braid that went all the way down to my ass. I looked back at the king after reassuring myself I was actually wearing clothes, but he still had a hungry look in his eyes and I couldn’t understand why. “Are you not going to answer me?” he asked, almost threatening, as he tightened the grip around my throat. I gasped as I felt no air was able to pass through. Goddess he was strong. I had fought other rogues, strong male rogues and other boys at my old pack. I was always the winner, but now with the male in front of me, I was suddenly left so powerless. I couldn’t even loosen his grip. It was as if I was nothing but a weak female in front of a hungry wolf. “L-…” I tried speaking but nothing would come out. The grip was too tight and I was getting weaker by the minute. The king looked curiously at me as he slowly leaned forward again to try and hear what I was saying, but his confused eyes were soon replaced with shock and realization because, as he leaned towards me, I saw an opening. I pulled the silver knife from my back pocket and plunged it with all the force I had left in me right into his chest. He gasped as he looked down at the knife in shock. His eyes then turned to me, looking almost horrified at me as I smiled my evil smile. “Long live my father,” I whispered, almost without a sound. He loosened his grip and fell to his knees. I gasped for air as I finally felt my airway cleared. I coughed and coughed so violently I could do nothing but concentrate on getting air down my lungs. People were yelling loudly but I paid them no mind as I was so focused on trying to breathe. When I settled down, I looked over at the king, whose eyes were suddenly losing their light. People were gathering around him shouting and yelling as they looked at him and each other, but the king was only looking at me. I smiled so satisfied at him right before he let himself fall over, closing his eyes on the way down. His men caught him before he hit the ground, but it only made them even more panicked as he stopped being conscious. As I had my eyes only on the king’s limp body, a dark shadow suddenly appeared over me. A person I had known all my life was towering over me. “Hello brother,” I said as I stared up into my brother's two colored eyes. One yellow. One green. He had a furious look in his eyes as he grabbed the collar of my top and threw one hard punch against my face, knocking me out.
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