Adonis Was Trouble

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Adonis What are you doing tonight, handsome? A small smirk appeared on my face as I read the flirty text on the screen of my phone, followed by a picture of a naked woman curled in a position that pushed her n*****s out and spread her ass cheeks on the bed. Tina. I guess that’s what she said she’s called in her previous texts. I’m not sure. The lengths women go to get my phone number are beyond me. With a flick of my thumb, I sent the picture away from the screen to stay with the other countless nudes in some goddamn part of the phone. I looked through the tinted glass of my car to scan the area as I drove past. Neil must have good enough taste to get a house in a residential area as pretty as this. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this is surprisingly better. Not like I really give a f**k. I only plan on spending a few weeks, helping his dumb-ass work on his s**t and I’m out of there. I need my f*****g privacy. After a couple of turns, I pulled up at the address Neil had sent me. It was a big house with modern designs and a small part of the building jutting out from the second floor had glass walls from top to bottom. I glanced over the neatly trimmed plants arranged in some unknown shapes and the blue swimming pool at the side, with some white lounge chairs beside it. I raised an eyebrow. Not bad. After parking the Jeep, I stepped down, hurling my suitcase out, and walked up to the porch. My phone pinged again. I glanced at it and scoffed. Another picture. Maybe Tina. Natasha. Or Rosa. Or Angele-whatever-the-f**k she’s called. I pressed the doorbell, shoving my phone into my pocket, waiting. My gaze drifted to the blue swimming pool again. It looked nice, I must admit. The color pink caught my eye from one of the lounge chairs and I moved to get a better look but the door suddenly opened. I looked back at it. And saw her. Neil’s fiancée. Damn! The first thing I noticed was how hot she was. Her breasts were squished in some type of sports bra that pushed them up and her flat belly smoothly curved into wide hips that were covered in some kind of tiny grey shorts that looked like a second skin. Damn! I dragged my eyes off her hips and breasts to look at her face. She was staring at me with wide brown eyes, with that expression women always had on their faces meeting me for the first time. f**k, Neil got lucky with this one. “You must be Leilani,” I spoke first since it seemed she lost her voice staring at me. She blinked, snapping out of it. Then blinked again, staring at me with an expression that I could not read. And trust me, I’m an expert at reading women. “Oh. Yeah, I’m Leilani. You must be Neil’s brother-” “Step-brother,” I corrected. “We haven’t met before. I’m Adonis.” “Nice to meet you, Adonis.” She gave a pretty smile but I was too distracted thinking about the way her sensual voice said my name. She said my name like I had her pinned to one of the lounge chairs, with her clothes hitched up and legs spread wide for my c**k. Like I was f*****g her out in the open, plundering her hard. I briefly wondered what her moans would sound like. “I had no idea you’d be coming today. Neil said you’d arrive tomorrow,” She said softly, opening the door and ushering me in. I followed her, my eyes magnetized by her shapely ass cheeks bouncing as she moved. I felt my body start to heat up. Bro, easy. “I was making lunch. You can leave your suitcase there for now.” She said again, then suddenly turned to face me, and my eyes instinctively dropped as her breasts jiggled from the movement. “I’ll get you a drink.” My c**k twitched. “Sure,” I said coolly, pushing my suitcase out of the way. My gaze roamed the living room casually but paused when I realized she was still standing there. I looked, my eyes locking with her pretty ones. As if she just realized that she was staring, her eyes widened and she abruptly broke her gaze, lashes fluttering. Without a word, she turned and walked towards what I assumed was the kitchen and disappeared through the doorway, her long ponytail flowing behind her. I stood there, watching the doorway intensely for a moment. Leilani obviously found me attractive, like all other women. Apparently, I could f**k any other woman I want but not her because she is my step-brother's fiancée. Who f*****g made that rule? I like a challenge. Fuck rules. * Leilani I let out a big breath as I leaned on the kitchen island, mouth open in awe. Adonis. Adonis. Adonis. Jesus, how is Neil's step-brother so f*****g attractive? And to think I was staring stupidly at him! Oh god, he must think I’m stupid or something. Chase rubbed his huge body against my legs, wagging his tail and looking up at me expectantly. I turned away and moved further into the kitchen, picking two glass cups with my thoughts running astray. He and Neil looked like polar opposites. Well, they haven’t been related by blood anyway. Neil was blond with blue eyes and a handsome smile. But this man… This Adonis… Adonis is the dark, dangerous opposite. Only more attractive with magnetic dark eyes that seemed to strip a woman naked in seconds. Adonis was trouble. I could see it in the way he moved, talked. The way he looked at me. I heard Chase growl menacingly and I turned, nearly spilling the juice I was serving. Adonis was standing near the doorway, sinfully broad and masculine, staring straight at me. Chase growled deeper this time, slowly moving in Adonis' direction. Adonis leveled a dead stare at it and looked back at me questioningly. “Chase! Stay!” I called. Chase growled. “Chase.” I shook my head in disapproval. “Be a good boy, now.” The dog stopped growling but kept watching Adonis threateningly. “Sorry about that.” I gave a nervous smile. “That’s Neil's dog.” Adonis gave a little grin. “His dog’s a d**k like he is.” I barely registered the words; my face was frozen at how beautiful his smile was. I mean, I thought Neil was the most handsome man ever, but this man right here…. This man is a walking s*x. He moved forward, muscles flexing beneath his flimsy shirt as he slid out a phone from his pocket and placed it on the island, looking at something on its screen. Swallowing the ball of flutters in my throat, I picked up the two glasses of juice and walked towards him. He looked at me. I gave a smile, starting to move one of the glasses forward. “Here-” The word had barely come out of my mouth before I stumbled over Chase's huge body and the contents of the glasses spilled out…and landed all over Adonis' shirt. I gasped in horror. s**t! “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” My face drained as I hurriedly placed the glasses on the island. “So sorry…” “It’s fine. It’s fine.” He said, peeling the wet, stained shirt away from his skin. Oh god! I whirled around to grab a towel, muttering apologies as I passed it to him. Chase watched the scene with his body tense, as if ready to attack, totally oblivious of the mess he caused. “Relax, it’s just a f*****g shirt,” Adonis gave me a look, his sensual lips slightly curled like he was amused. His deep voice seemed to vibrate through me. That was when I realized I was standing so close to him. That was when I truly took a good look at him. The wet shirt was plastered over his chest and abs and I could see the contours of his ripped, muscular body perfectly. His sexy arm muscles flexed as he clutched the towel in a large, veined fist. That large fist grabbing and groping my ass cheeks as I run my tongue over that manly chest… He towered way above my frame and I felt so small and vulnerable next to him. His dark hair fell over his forehead and his hypnotizing dark eyes gazed down at me. “This won’t do,” He suddenly said, and I broke his gaze, trying to gather my senses. Before I could ask him what he meant, he chucked the towel away, and in well-practiced moves, he yanked his shirt up and over his head, leaving him shirtless. Something absolutely carnal stirred in my abdomen as my eyes drank in the perfection laid out in front of me. Lord save me from temptation! Ladders of well-developed muscles led down to his black pants which hung low on his hips, teasing. Seducing. His biceps flexed smoothly as he bunched up his wet shirt and the towel in his hand, picking up his phone with the other. “Can you show me where I can keep my suitcase?” Heat rushed to my cheeks as I dragged my eyes off his abs to his devastatingly handsome face. There was something in his eyes as he watched me. Something intense. “Um. Yeah...” I managed to say. “Come with me.” Determined to not stare at him, I kept my eyes straight and walked out of the kitchen with Chase following and Adonis right behind. * I gasped as he bent me over the arm of Neil's favorite couch, dragging the hem of my dress up my thighs slowly. So slowly. I bit down on my lips, quivering and waiting for him to completely raise the dress and see that I had no panties on. “You want this so badly, don’t you?” His deep, magnetic voice asked. I moaned as his hands dragged the dress over my ass cheeks that were up in the air. I parted my legs, feeling my wet v****a clench in anticipation. “Hm.” I felt his thumb flick between my ass cheeks. “You’ve been running around the house without panties.” I tried to push my ass against him desperately but he placed a hand on my back and pushed me back onto the couch with a dark chuckle. I wriggled, desperate with desire and womanly need. “What do you want, Leilani?” He pushed my dress up my back some more, leaving my ass and legs parted and hanging off the couch. My p***y lay swollen and sopping, begging for his c**k. Just the seductive way he said my name nearly sent me to orgasm. “Adonis, please touch me.” I cried. He moved closer and I nearly cried with ecstasy when I heard the sound of his pants unzipping. His large hands moved across my body to cup my breasts pressed against the couch through the soft fabric of my dress. My n*****s beaded in his hands. “Oh…” I moaned long and loud when I felt his throbbing c**k tease my entrance. “Don’t stop...” He curved his warm body over mine on the couch, strong arms encasing me and leaving me helpless, horny, and at his sinful mercy. I closed my eyes, feeling his hard length stroke the outside of my p***y and- Chase whined loudly, breaking me out of my thoughts. My dirty, dirty thoughts of Adonis. I hit a hand on my head. “What the f**k are you doing, Leilani?! That’s your fiancé's step-brother for goodness sakes!” I scolded myself. “I’m engaged to a man I love and cherish so what the hell am I thinking?” I sighed and hit my head again. Chase whined again, placing his huge head on my thighs, licking his lips in a way that showed he wanted something to eat. I scratched his ear, frowning as my engagement ring glistened as my hand moved. It was a beautiful diamond ring. And it proves I’m Neil’s. And Neil’s mine. So, I shouldn’t be thinking about s*x with someone I just f*****g met moments ago! I had shown Adonis to one of the rooms in the house, far away from the bedroom I shared with Neil because I didn’t want to bump into him each time I stepped out of the bedroom. I had also told him to come down for lunch so I had to go back downstairs now. Right from the moment Neil picked that call, I had always known inviting his brother over was a bad idea. A really bad idea.
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