Chapter 2-Forsaken

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Selene Cresentus always looks prettier at night. Since I was a child, one sight that I usually looked forward to, was that of the Crimson Moon, which only occured twice a year, and was said to be sign of blessing to lovers. I had grown up hearing stories of how mate bonds that were completed underneath a Crimson Moon waxed strong and never faded, and so, looked forward to having such a bond like that. Even though my life as an Omega breeder means that finding true love might be a difficult, and almost impossible task, I hadn't given up on hope. Luckily for me, Darius came into my life shortly after my eighteenth birthday, after the mistress had sent me on the dreadful errand of picking fruits from the pack farm. At first, I'd been startled at the sight of him already up in the tree, snatching some apples, but once he turned around I was smitten. He had hopped down from the tree with such agility that I knew for sure that he was a strong wolf. Casually, he'd handed me an apple with a wink, flashing me a set of pretty white teeth. I'd never met one so brazen before, especially since I was certain that he wasn't from the pack. After that day, I would find excuses to return to the farm, hoping to somehow cross paths with him again, and he would usually be there, waiting. Soon, the little conversations turned into something more, and while I knew that it was wrong for me to be hiding the fact that a stranger frequently visited out pack without the Alpha's knowledge, I enjoyed the company. But it wasn't enough. I needed more freedom. I wanted to finally be able to live life on my own, and not as a disposable asset. If I stayed in the pack for another year, I wouldn't be able to keep avoiding getting sold off to some rich but childless wolf couple that needed young blood to help them pump out pups. The mistress had already promised me that at the next auctioning, I would definitely be the first to get sold off. So I told this to Darius, and surprisingly, he agreed to help me leave the pack. He even promised to mark me as his, and then take me to his home. Even though I have no idea where 'home' is, I believe that anywhere else but here will be far better. Today is that day. We will finally consummate our love, and become true mates, and then, we will leave together. Night has come, and the Crimson Moon is already teasing me from the little window of the tiny quarters I share with the other breeders. The other girls are asleep, filling the small space with the sounds of their peaceful breathing and the occasional snore. I take a glance around the room, mentally bidding it farewell. I don't want to think about the young girls that will probably have to take my place at the next auctioning, but a pebble of guilt clatters in my chest anyway. The youngest of us here is only nine, and she's been through so much to the extent that within just a month of being with us, she stopped talking entirely. I don't know what the Mistress did to her, but there are whispers that she got fed up with the little girl's constant tears and whimpering, and whipped her until she no longer made a sound. I look at her little form curled up on the floor, shivering from the cold air. I tiptoe over to her, deftly dodging the sea of similarly curled up bodies and place my tattered blanket over her. Her shaking reduces, and her breaths go from forced to relaxed. It's not much, but it's the least I can do. There's no time to waste anymore, so I wrap a layer of steel around my heart, and leave the room, making sure to be as silent as possible. Distantly, it occurs to me that I should have at least told Sheila about my plans, but maybe it's for the best that I said nothing at all. She may feel betrayed when morning comes and she realises that I am no longer with them, or maybe she simply won't care at all. Girls run away all the time, after all. I just feel bad that I can't take her with me. Indeed, the air outside is even colder. I wrap my arms around myself and nimbly walk the little path leading to the meeting spot Darius told me. The trees take odd shapes against the shadows cast by the reddish orb in the sky, but I pay them little mind. With every little inch that separates me from the territory, and moves me closer to my destination, my steps get lighter—freer. I leave behind all my initial guilt and worries, and focus on what is to come. On reaching our designated apple tree, I take a seat on the only tree stump that seems to have been fashioned for such a purpose, and slowly start to count down the time that I have left in this place. The cold is unforgiving, but I'm brave enough to bear it. After all, Darius will come soon and take me in his arms. There'll surely be enough heat to chase away the cold. Time passes, and a cold finger of worry runs down my flesh. Where can he be? Did he get delayed? The longer I spend here, the greater my chances of being discovered if someone just happens to walk into this place. I rise from the tree stump, and scan the area for any sign of Darius' approach. A fog slowly starts to steal the night away. It curls around my ankles, and drops a hazy blanket over my vision. I take two steps forward, and shiver as the hairs on my skin rise. A howl cuts through the night, followed by a blood curdling scream that's sharper than a freshly crafted knife. I'm gasping, and reflexively crouch, as though whatever wave of terror currently passing through the land will simply fly over my head. The sound of my heartbeat deafens me, and I once again desperately hope for Darius to appear now. More screams rise into the air, and they're coming from the housing area of the pack. What's happening? Are we under an attack? Since only more shouts and wild, fearful cries answer my question, I find myself at a loss for where to go next. I don't have a wolf, or else I would have simply transformed and scurried away into the night, hoping to see Darius along the way. So all I can do is reply on my weak senses, which aren't of much help until the danger is so close that I can feel it in my bones. A branch snaps behind me, and just like that, the decision is made for me when my whole body bursts into a wild sprint. I don't dare look back. It takes me seconds to realise that I'm running right in the direction of the pack houses, but there's no time for me to change my direction. Whatever is chasing me is relentless, and ready to seize me as its prey. Seconds later, I'm roughly shoved to the ground from behind by a powerful force my limbs can't fight against. I struggle and scream, but it's of no use. Then I'm flipped around, and my whole world shatters and resets a at once. "Darius . . ." his name falls from my lips. Relief floods my system when I see his lanky frame hunched over me. His eyebrows are scrunched together, and his lips are pressed into a harsh straight line that I've never witnessed. He looks mean and angry. He looks like he wants to hurt me. With uncertainty shaking in my chest, I try to move, but he's got me in his powerful grasp, and I'm nothing but a powerless fly. "Darius . . . please. What's going on?" He says nothing. "I heard screaming and howling. I can smell smoke. What's happening?" Again. Nothing. "Darius—" My neck snaps to the side, as pain explodes at the side of my face. I've been slapped. By Darius. Tears well in my eyes. "W-Why? Why are you doing this to me? Did I do something wrong?" I swallow down a sob. "Please I'm sorry if I did anything wrong, just take me away from here, I'm scared." "Take you where, hmm?" he asks, and nothing in his voice is warm. He's now freezing ice. "You said we'd go away today. That we'd leave and be together—" Another slap. "Shut your mouth. I don't to hear that rubbish from you. There is nothing between us, and there never will be." Tight pain squeezes my heart. Breathing becomes difficult. "But Darius—" "You've been rejected, disgusting breeder," he spat.
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