Princess Kaya

1981 Words
"Looks like I beat you again Jay!" Kaya said to her best friend and born protector laying on the ground. Kaya offered him a hand to get up off of the mat. "No fair, you cheated" Jay said playfully as he got up. "Ouch!" He yelled as he fell back to the ground. The whistle blew and Joe, their trainer came running over to check on Jay. "Someone get Doc Anderson over here please" Joe yelled looking at Jay's leg. He looked up at Kaya grinning and shaking his head. "Kaya, when will you start acting like a Princess instead of destroying all of my warriors and your protectors. How can they protect you when they get injured by you?" Kaya looked at Joe and said, "I guess when you start training better warriors that can actually defend something besides a stick." He had hot a nerve with Kaya quickly. She picked Jay up onto her back and looked at Joe. "I'll take him to the Doc" she said before she left with Jay. Jay started laughing as they got out of the training center. "You really cannot stand Joe can you Kaya?" He asked her. "He always has a smart comment to make about me being a princess,as if I don't know that already. Why does he think that I train for ten hours everyday. He knows as well as the rest of us what I will face when I claim my throne, but yet I guess he expects me to be running around with dresses on and worrying about my fingernails instead." Kaya explained as they entered the Royal hospital. "Hi Princess Kaya, you can bring Jay this way" Dr. Anderson said to her. "Let's see what the damage is this time" he said laughing at the two. It was nothing for him to see Kaya and at least one of her protectors in here on a routine basis for stitches or to have bones reset. Kaya was definitely not one you wanted to spar with willingly except for the case of her protectors, Jay, Kaden, and Ryker. "Well it's definitely broken Jay. Hold still and let's get an x-ray to see how bad" Dr Anderson announced. He left out to get a tech to come in and do the x-ray. Jay's parents came through the door along with Kaya's uncle and Aunt. They had adopted Kaya as a baby after her parents were murdered by her cousin, Elana. "How bad? Jocelyn,Jay's mother asked him. "Waiting on the x-ray" Jay answered. Kaya excused herself from the room. She needed to get some air. Kaya stepped into the waiting area and took a seat. She sat there thinking about everything Joe had said to her, the names he has called her and his ideas for training for her. She toughed it out but it was getting to the point where she could not stand him. Kaya didn't want to complain to her uncle, King Joseph because she didn't want him to feel like she was just a cry baby. Kaya knew her destiny. She knew that she had to go win a war against her cousin in a territory she knows nothing about. Kaya worked hard every day training to strengthen herself so hopefully she could take her rightful spot as Queen like it was meant to be. Kaya knew why Joe didn't like her. He let it slip one day and Ryker, her mate about ripped his head off. Joe did not like the fact that Kaya was a primordial Vamp were hybrid. The one and only as far as she knew. But Joe hated all vampires for whatever reason. This meant that he hated her too. "Kaya, Joe linked us..." King Joseph started but what cut off by Kaya. "I know Uncle Joseph, but he always has a smart comment to make every time something like this happens. But do you ever see him getting in the ring with me?" "And I'm sorry for being rude and cutting you off, but that man is really getting to me" Kaya added. Queen Victoria spoke up "Kaya, I don't blame you for reacting that way. I have told your uncle of the rude comments Joe is always making. It's about time someone put him in his place if you ask me." She said hugging Kaya. "I have the perfect idea, Kaya. You want your time in the ring with him, you will have it. You will enter a challenge for his title of head warrior and trainer for the Royal army. If you win, you get his position and you will train the warriors the way you see fit. After all, they will be the ones that go to war with you when you go to take your place as the rightful Queen in the States. " King Joseph announced. Kaya became excited "Really, thank you Uncle Joseph and Aunt Victoria. I love you guys" she said hugging both of them. "Aren't you going to ask what happens if you lose?" Her uncle asked. "Nope, I'm not worried about that one bit" She answered honestly. The three of them laughed. They were not worried either. Kaya chose to wait for Jay. Ryker and Kayden were on their way over to the hospital. The King and Queen left to go tell Joe of the challenge. Kaya sat in the chair outside in the waiting room thinking. She was lucky that she didn't remember anything that happened the night her parents were killed. She heard the stories and that was bad enough. She grew up knowing that her Uncle had adopted her after her Nanny and Guard fled with her during the attack. His and her mother's niece was the one responsible for the death of her parents. Elana. She was the one Kaya had to be ready to fight to regain the throne. She is the reason that Kaya trained so hard every day. Kaya wanted revenge for her parents death. "Hey, where is Jay?" Kayden asked interupting Kaya's thinking. Ryker walked in behind Kayden and gave Kaya a hug. "Ok you two can cut that out" Jay said laughing as he and his parents come out." Ryker released Kaya and looked at Jay. "So what's the damage this time?" Ryker asked. "Two weeks in a cast and no sparring with 'The Princess' for a month" Jay said mocking Joe. Jocelyn smacked Jay on the back of the head laughing. "That's not nice" she scolded him. "But mom neither is the way he treats Kaya either." Jeffrey defended Jay on this. "Yeah, honey the King and I have spoke on this on quite a few occasions. I just brought it to his attention again yesterday evening after training." Jocelyn looked at Kaya. "Is what these guys saying really true Kaya?" Jocelyn asked her. Kaya shook her head. "Yes mam. It is. But that is ok now. Thank you Jeffrey because I believe that you speaking to my uncle is what led to his announcement a few minutes ago" She said smiling. Everyone looked at her questionably. "Well what was the announcement" Kayden asked her not wanting to wait "I will be challenging Joe for his title and position. I finally get the man in the ring" Kaya announced excited. Kayden, Jay and Ryker let out a growl. "Hush boys" Jocelyn said to them stopping the growling at once. Jeffrey laughed at them all. "Well Kaya my dear, I can't wait to watch this challenge. Let's go get front row seats now. I don't think we will be the only ones that cannot wait for this." Jeffrey said chuckling. "You all sit with my Aunt and Uncle. You already have the best seats" Kaya said laughing as Jeffrey put his arm around her shoulder. "I guess you are right about that." He said. Kaya met up with her Aunt and Uncle outside of the training center. "Well it's all set Kaya. The challenge will begin in thirty minutes, so go get warmed up. But don't send anyone else to the hospital. Dr. Anderson wants to come and watch this too. " King Joseph said smiling at her. Jeffrey looked at the King and gave him a high five. Jocelyn and Victoria both looked at their husbands. "What? The man will only get what he deserves. Messing with my Kaya." King Joseph said taking Kaya wrapping her in a big bear hug. "You are using that as an excuse to watch a grown man get his butt handed to him by a girl" Queen Victoria scolded the men. "Well... yeah. But think about how happy Kaya will be Victoria" Joseph said buttering her up. They all laughed. ""Show him what a real Princess is made of, my dear. But if he puts one bruise on her he will fight me as well" Victoria announced. That got them all quiet. Queen Victoria may look like a proper, well dressed prissy Queen but even Kaya wouldn't get in the ring with her. She was one very powerful and frightening Primordial wolf when on the battlefield. Kaya, Ryker, and Kayden went to get her warmed up. Jay had to sit on the sidelines this go round. The training center started to fill up rather quickly. News had spread fast. Bets were being made in between the warriors left and right. Ryker looked at Kaya and told her "If you let him touch one hair on you, I will be coming into that ring myself to rip his head off" Ryker said growling. "Calm down man before you get us thrown out of here" Kayden said. "You know Joe will use us against her anyway possible" He reminded Ryker. This was true. He once made the guys stay locked in the cages while he made Kaya spar everyone back to back then made ten of the warriors attack her after hours of sparring the others. The guys ended up ripping those cages apart and if it were not for the King stopping them they would have ripped Joe's head off that day. It was time for the challenge. King Joseph came to the center of the ring. "Princess Kaya has challenged Joe, our head trainer and Head of our warriors for his title and position. If he loses he will willingly step down after publicly apologizing to Kaya for his questionable comments and his special trainings the Princess has endured that have recently come to my attention. If Kaya loses then nothing more will be said or done about the way Joe chooses to train the Princess. He will be free to make her train as he sees fit." The King announced. Ryker looked at Kaya. "Did you know about that?" Kaya shook her head no. "Furthermore, Kayden and Ryker you are being ordered by me not to interfere or enter the ring at anytime, is that understood?" The King asked her protectors. "Yes Sir" both of them said. Joe spoke up."What about the other King Joseph" he said pointing towards Jay. "Well Joe, if you are really worried about a boy with multiple breaks in his foot and in a cast, then maybe we should just hand Kaya your title now. Or I could publicly charge you with disrespecting the Princess and deliberately placing her in danger. What shall it be?" King Joseph asked. He had clearly heard enough after investigating the rumors of how his niece was being treated by him. Joe did not say anything else. "Fighters come in the ring" The King announced. Ryker kissed Kaya's head as she went in ready. Everyone cleared the ring and backed away. The guys went to sit with Jay and cheer their Princess on. "Ok at the sound of the bell you may begin." King Joseph announced and rang the bell. . . . . .
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