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Dixie's pov finally i finished the tour and i was starting to leave when someone called my name so i turned around and was surprised that it was the green eyed guy who called me. "what" i said with a little squeak in my voice which made my face turn red from embarrassment he smirked and said "don't you want to know our names" "no it's not like your gonna want to be friends with me or my friends now is there anything else that you want to ask" i said and gave him a cold emotionless glare His eyes flashed with hurt but then he covered it up when i looked at the other two people in the group they kinda looked shocked and hurt and i don't know why but seeing them like that hurt me and it confused the hell out of me"yeah we need to know where our next class is" he said and i nodded in acknowledgement. "ok let me see them" i said and kept the emotions off my face the green eyed girl which i assume to be the green eyed guys sister handed me hers first and we walked in silence to her class which was ELA with Mr.Anderson which i envied being in his class because he was the best teacher in the school he acts like a teenager himself so we can do whatever we feel like in his class. and i missed his class because of this group and having to show them around. when she finally got into class the boy with blue eyes gave me his schedule and we walked to Mrs.Browns class a smirk made its way to my lips because as you know Mrs.Brown has a shrill voice and gives out detentions for fun. and since he is new he will most definitely get a detention. i muttered a good luck to him as he made his way inside and he gave me a questioning look. when he was gone i turned around and the green eyed guy gave me his schedule. and when i looked at his class he had the same as me which i didn't think was abnormal until i noticed that we had all the same classes and i don't know why but it made me panic and fear kicked in. "is everything alright Dixie" he said and when i looked in his eyes i saw they showed worry ....... for me which was weird because nobody ever worried for me. "yeah its just that we have the same schedule" i said with suspicion lacing my voice and my face. He looked at me and gave me a surprised look and when he did i know he didn't do it on purpose and then thought it was probably the principle she was always trying to get me to date someone she thought that it will make me go make better friends. "well anyways we need to get to Mrs.Cohen's class or you will be in trouble"i said with a glint of amusement in my eyes at the thought of him getting detention. "and why wouldn't you" he questioned and i gave him a smirk instead of saying something. we finally got to Mrs.Cohen's class and walked in she never gave me a look but she gave the green eyed guy one that screamed you better have a good explanation for coming into class late. "hes new Mrs." i said and i mentally scolded myself because i didn't like this kid why am i defending him. she nodded at me and told us to take a seat which the only two seats were in the back back near the spiders. i grimaced at the thought of spiders with their eight legs and their hairy which makes it 10 times worse. i took a seat and tried to ignore the thought that there were spiders here. so i put my headphones in and laid my head on the desk slowly drifting off to sleep. until i felt something poking my back so i jolted grabbed the person's hand and twisted but i couldn't and it confused me. so i let the hand go and looked up to the person who had touched me. it was the green eyed guy and he showed some concern in his eyes but i brushed it off and walked by him to leave. for some reason it hurt me to leave him i tried to ignore it but then my conscious came to me and reminded me he is new and he won't know where to go. he caught up to me and smiled at me i don't know why but i was mesmerized by his smile and couldn't help smile back. which is weird because the only person i can genuinely smile at is my sister. i quickly took the smile off my face and replaced it by an indifferent one. we headed to Mr.Johnson's class nothing really happened in that class and by the time it was over i was starving. and thanking everything that next was lunch. i felt my phone buzz and looked at the text i got which was from max and he told me to bring the new kids to our lunch table. which wasn't really hard because they followed me everywhere which was kinda getting on my nerves. but we made it to the lunch room before i lost my marbles and blew up on them for following me everywhere. "hi Dixie are you going to give Roxy a party because she is finally the legal age to drink" max said and had a glint in his eyes that gave away that he was lying and i nodded a yes and felt 3 pairs of eyes on me the moment i nodded my head. i just gave them a cold stare and the girl and boy looked away but the green eyed guy kept staring at me. so i looked away and max asked for their names i acted as though i didn't care for their names but i genuinely wanted to know it. "my name is lulu" said the girl with black hair and green eyes. she had a genuine smile and the blonde haired guy and blue eyed guy hugged her possessively glaring at max. "my name is Zane and lulu is my girlfriend" the guy with blonde hair said but i think that the girlfriend comment was directed at max. me and max looked at each other and busted out laughing. the new kids gave us a questioning glare. "i'm sorry for laughing but max is gay" i said and Zane apologized to him for being rude and max said it was fine. and then max looked at the green eyed guy and gave him a questioning look probably because he wants to know his name "my name is Axel" he said and i looked at him he just smirked at me which made me involuntarily shiver.
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