Chapter 34 : Alan, Balbal, Bungisngis, Busaw, Amalanhig V

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Chapter 34 : Alan, Balbal, Bungisngis, Busaw, Amalanhig V   -Scarlett-             Darxi, Vic, and I ran towards the Amalanhig before it can get to us. Oh my gosh, this village really is so full of monsters, I wonder how they live every single day of their lives having the fear of encountering not just one monster, but more than five… eight to be specific…             I mean, the other village we went was just as peaceful as it is. They have kind duwendes with them, then the other literally had none, not until Dita died but she was just in rage because of all the oppression she experienced from her own husband. And I know how hurtful it is to lose your child who isn’t born yet.             Oh no… it was not eight, there was nine in total. Including the Nuno sa punso that caused Raizen’s foot to swell. Gosh, if I’m a villager from her, I’d move to another village and leave this haunted one. I wonder why they didn’t decide to leave, or are they waiting for the developers permission? Ahahahaha just kidding.             “Look, it’s body is stiff…” Vic said as he pointed to it. I kept attacking it with my enhanced psychic attacks, I learned it at level sixteen. Now, I cause more damage to it than the ones I cause last time. If I’m gonna use the crystal ball right now, then I’d be more powerful.             “They say that…” we heard Avery talking as he was busy fighting with the Busaw “…when Amalanhigs chase you… you have to…” he continued yet he kept on stopping since he’s also busy so we kept attacking it to keep it away from us. I don’t like those sharp teeth to get anywhere near me. I heard he’s a vampire.             “We have to what?” Vic asked as he kept waving his sword to damage it. but it seems like the damage we’re causing it was too little and it would take us ages before we defeat it             “Run in zigzag!” Avery finally finished what he was saying             “What? You want us to run to defeat it?” Darxi stopped attacking the amalanhig as he unbelievingly asked Avery             “No! dummy… I want you to attack it behind and beside it… since it’s stiff it won’t stand a chance on you if you attack it in places it can’t see you!” Avery stopped for a while and shouted at Darxi             “Oh… easy, you did not say it immediately ahahaha” Darxi said between his laughter then we ran to position ourselves. I teleported to get behind it while Darxi ran towards its left, and Vic ran to the opposite direction. It stayed facing forward as it can hardly turn itself to where we are.             “What if it turns here and face me?” Darxi asked again as he kept attacking it with his gun             “Gosh… common sense Darxi! You also have to move again where it can’t see you…” Avery paused for a while and shouted at Darxi once more hissing as he rolled his eyes in disgust             “Ok… ok ahahahaha” Darxi laughed as if he’s just teasing Avery. Gosh, this guy… he’s really fond teasing people. He doesn’t even care if they get annoyed or whatever. His favorite victim is none other than Lucy ahahahaha and the funny thing is that Lucy is easy to annoy.             I noticed that our attacks are now causing it larger damage than we are causing it a while ago. I started creating golems to help us defeat it. I learned this skill at level ten along with teleportation. I generated at least five of them and they all started attacking it and causing such damages.             Unexpectedly, it turned to its left where Darxi positioned himself. It quickly ran towards him and started attacking him. Darxi fell on the ground while the amalanhig is on top of him continuously attacking him and causing him such damages too. Vic quickly jumped towards them and pulled the amalanhig out of him.             “See? That’s what I’m talking about…” Avery said shaking his head off while he was busy dealing with the busaw in front of him             “Gosh… it bit me!” Darxi shouted as he stood up and showed us his arm that started to bleed. I ran towards him to help while Vic continued attacking the amalanhig with my golems.             “Oh no… you’ll turn into something just like him…” both of us turned to Avery as he said and his face looked so serious as if he’s telling the truth             “Really?” Darxi asked and his voice trembled as if he’s afraid             “Wahahahaha I’m just kidding… dummy!” Avery burst out laughing as he placed his hand on his stomach. The busaw they’re fighting shoved its hand towards him hitting which drove him quite far             “Wahahahaha suits you, liar!” Darxi laughed as Avery stood up shrugging his shoulders off and ran back to the busaw and attacked it again             “Whatever… silly” Avery said making face at Darxi. I started creating medicine to cure Darxi’s wound with my hands to help him up             “This would take a while” I said as I focused myself on creating the medicine for Darxi. I was about to finish it when I noticed that my golems are dying yet the amalanhig is still alive leaving Vic fighting it alone. I paused making the medicine for a while and started making five more golems to help Vic.             I went back doing the medicine. After a few seconds, I finally finished it and placed on his wound. I immediately proceeded on making him a healing potion since he received much damage from that attack. His health bar is already orange and it’s almost gone. He’ll faint soon after more damages he’ll receive if he won’t take healing potion.             “Thank you” he said after he drank the healing potion I gave him and his health rose until it became green though it’s not full “I have my healing potion in my pocket though, but thanks again ahahaha” he said then stood up to attack the amalanhig once more             Vic kept on attacking it as he jumped from one point to another to attack the amalanhig from behind it. I also started helping them. The others suddenly ran towards us and helped defeating our enemy.             After continuously attacking the amalanhig, it suddenly fell on the ground and vanished into thin air indicating that we defeated it already. We stopped for a while to take a deep breath.             *You received 1778 EXPs*             *You received x500 golds*             *You received x500 silvers*             *You received x500 coppers*             “Where’s the child?” Avery asked and saw that Elliot is carrying it             “Here…” Elliot answered showing it to us             “Does that man live in your village?” he asked that child politely as he went near him             “Yes… I often see him in the farm…” the child answered him nodding his head             “Gosh… now I know why this village is full of monsters” Avery said also nodding his head as if he just came up with something             “Why? What’s the reason?” Reiven asked him as his eyebrows almost met each other due to curiosity             “Busaw turns the corpse it just stole into a pig, then it will feast on it and even try to feed it to their human neighbors during the day in order to turn them into a ghoul like itself” he explained as he looked at us then the direction of the village             “So are you saying that there are also others like him that lives there?” Enzo asked after Avery spoke             “Well… just let them be, let’s just continue with the storyline” Darxi said as he started walking out of the forest             “We can’t… look what he did to this helpless child” I said as I went to the child and placed my hand on his head and tapped it lightly             “And this is part of the story line dummy… we have to do it” Avery said as we all followed Darxi heading back to the village “Lazy gamer” Avery added             “Shut up…” Darxi said shutting Avery as he chuckled             After walking a few seconds, we finally came back to the village. Everyone is still enjoying the party, they must haven’t notice that we disappeared. Elliot let the child run back to his mother then we walked towards the food table to eat once more.             “Ahh… there you are, where have you been?” the man who spoke to us a while ago said as he went near us smiling widely. Everyone suddenly stopped and looked at us             “Uhmm… just at the forest” Darxi answered him pointing towards the trees             “The forest? Why did you go there?” he asked as he kept approaching us             “We fought a busaw…” Avery answered him that made him gasp             “Really?” the man asked in disbelief             “It came from this village, they say that busaw make their neighbors just like them by feeding these people with the meat they give” Avery said answering the man’s question             “So what exactly are you saying?” he said asking Avery to clarify himself as he continued walking towards us with other people as they wanted to listen             “That there are more monsters in your village disguised as people but they actually wanted to feast on you” Avery answered him             “No that’s not true…” the man said and suddenly his appearance changed same as the man we just fought in the forest along with all those people coming towards us… including Nunong Banoy’s daughter… I knew there’s something wrong with her since list night when she talked with us.             “W-what’s happening?” Darxi asked as we all stepped backwards watching these people becoming monsters. I guess I was wrong, there are not only nine monsters, but half the village is monster. Some people started screaming and running as they saw what’s happening.             These people might be human who happened not to eat those foods that the busaw give. Other monsters went to them attacking them.             “Look, those people are not monsters, we have to help them…” Elliot said pointing at those people. Vic, Darxi, Avery, and I ran towards them to help. I started shooting psy beams towards them to keep them from getting those innocent people while running.             Darxi used some strings to pull the monsters and shove them away while Avery is casting spells on them. I just continued fighting against them while keeping these people safe. I gathered them in one place and created a psy shield to keep them safe from any of these monsters.             “Are you sure none of you is a monster here?” I asked before covering them with the shield             “Yes, I’m sure…” someone said as they all nodded at me… aww these poor people. Even their village leader is a monster. I started creating the psy shield to protect them while the whole place is filled with monsters that we are yet do defeat.             I created dozens of golems to help us defeat these monsters. There are a lot of them since almost half of the villagers are monsters, so it would take us time before clearing this village. I continued attacking them with psy beams as I used everything I can use to defeat them.             I started hitting them with these wooden tables and chairs. Some of them are falling on the ground and disappearing indicating that we are defeating them. My eyes suddenly laid upon the table where there is still food in it. I noticed this bowls filled with salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and so on.             I saw on television that these things are good at repelling monsters. Especially the salt, onions, and garlics. I grabbed it using my power and threw it on the monsters causing them to burn to death. I bet it’s an effective way huh? Lucy saw what I did, so she started copying it.             After all she’s the nature magic user, she can create lots and lots of salt, garlic, and onion ahahaha. It’s an effective way thought as it burns them and kills them quickly.             We fought the monsters for quite a long time now. After the last one died, we dropped ourselves on the ground gasping for our breath. It’s so tiring ahahahaha. I removed the psy shield that I made to protect the people letting them out             “Thank you so much for your help” they all went near us             “Though half of the village is wiped out, but at least we’re safe” another one said             “We will not forget what happened here and what you did to save us” someone said once again.             They all walked towards the tress going back to their houses. We saw Nunong Banoy looking at us across the woods, he signaled us to come with him, so we all stood up and walked towards him.             *You received 20156 EXPs*             *You leveled up to Level 26*             *You leveled up to Level 27*             *You leveled up to Level 28*             *You learned the skill: Alchemy*             *You learned the skill: Curse Manipulation*             *You received x5000 golds*             *You received x5000 silvers*             *You received x5000 coppers*             *You received x3000 crystals*
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