Chapter 57 : Sirena II (incomplete)

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Chapter 56 : Sirena II   -Lucy-             Now we’re up for this challenge, I don’t know if this is part of the story line but we needed to do this. I think we have to do this first before saving the village from captivity. Besides, the mermaid is also capsized so we have to save her. It’s just that we don’t know where those men brought her.             We already searched all over the boat, yet no sign of a mermaid around. We haven’t even saw them bringing a mermaid with them as they escaped from us. They must have hidden her somewhere already, but not in this boat. Gosh, there aren’t any clues either as to where we could find her.             “Any leads yet?” Elliot asked us as we all met each other in the upper deck of their boat. This boat is quite big, so we split up to be able to cover all the areas, I prefer calling it fishing vessel ahahaha it sounded cool though I don’t know the difference and similarities, all I care is that they’re both used for fishing.             “I haven’t found any…” Vic answered as he walked towards us, I just took a quick glance at him then faced Elliot as he also does. I shook my head as a response saying that I haven’t found one too. I already went to an area where there are many compartments, yet none of those contained a mermaid or at least had been used to contain her.             “Maybe she’s not here already, maybe she escaped, or something… let’s try talking to the mermaids about it” Avery said giving up finding it here. I agree with him, none of us seem to find something here, so we better talk to them or try looking in another place.             “I think so too, we’re hopeless here” Reiven said agreeing with him, Elliot just nodded his head and walked towards the edge of the boat where we could talk to the mermaids if they can give us clues or something. Darxi stepped forward with Avery as they both can talk to them clearly.             “Uhmmm… excuse me, we can’t find her here… do you think she had gone somewhere? Or at least tell us something so that we could find something that will us to her” Darxi asked directly, the mermaids look at us as if they’re still waiting for whatever news we had.             “She went gone a day ago, no one knows where she is. Her best fish friend told us that some men caught her…please help us find her. Without her, this sea might get destroyed as she is the guardian that---” blah blah blah, that’s what he kept saying since a while ago.             He said that she is his daughter, the princess of the sea. They needed her to sustain the life of the sea and to protect everything in it. no wonder those men just went dynamite fishing without being interrupted is because they already got that one who’ll stop them. And if she doesn’t go back to the sea as soon as possible, everything might get destroyed.             “The sea scales react to where she is located but the only way to find that sea scale is to---”             “Wait what!?” Raizen exclaimed as the merman, who seemed to be the king, continued speaking something that he didn’t tell us a while ago, that sea scale he’s talking can lead us to the mermaid that we’re looking for             “Gosh shut up! What he said might be important, stop interrupting” Avery said as he told Raizen to silence himself as he just interrupted the merman as he was about to tell us something that could help us             “What was that again?” Darxi asked once more to make him repeat what he said             “The sea scales react to where she is located but the only way to find that sea scale is to defeat sea eels, they have been hoarding that. The only problem is that sea eels are rare to be found in this area sea scales are a hundred percent drop. That might help you find her” the merman said completing what he was saying a while ago             “Thanks for telling us…” Avery said as he was about to go             “Those sea scales can be made into sea bell if you get at least ten… all you have to do is to drop the sea scales into the heart of the sea, then a sea bell would float on the water. Ring it to summon the sea star, and that sea star would lead you to her… good luck” he added that made him stop             “What!? I thought it would be easy… I didn’t know that it’s that hard… gosh” Enzo said complaining about it… me too, I feel like I wanted to complain ahahaha think of it, finding see eels in this area might be hard, plus making it into a sea bell, and then look for the mermaid             “And where is that heart of the sea?” Scarlett asked as she rolled her eyes as if she’s also complaining with us ahahaha I just made myself thinking that at least it would be easier for us to find her with the help of the sea star.             “By the light of the night, the purest is the heart. Just within the reach of the sight, the sea falls apart…” the merman said as he started to pause just like how he paused a while ago as if saying that it’s the end of the conversation             “By the light of the night, the purest is the heart. Just within the reach of the sight, the sea falls apart… what the heck, I don’t even know what that means…” Darxi repeated what the merman said exactly             “Neither do I, I’m the worst at poetry” Elliot said shaking his head off             “That’s why we have Avery and Scarlett ahahaha” I said laughing as I looked at the other two who I know is very good at it. Thought we weren’t classmates this school year, but we’ve been in the same classes before, so I know them somehow. I know we can trust them at times like this, especially Avery. 
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