Chapter 56 : Sirena I (incomplete)

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Chapter 55 : Sirena I   -Raizen-             “Gosh! This world is really infiltrated by these men… I mean, did Lucio just took half of the population and made them his army?” as we rested ourselves on the shore after we drove them all away. There were many of them and they were armed with so much equipment yet we still managed to defeat them.             I guess we grown so much now ahahaha that’s a good thing. I feel like I become so many things in this game. I’m starting to love it despite being trapped in her in the first place. I just looked at the others as they talked about something while laughing with each other. I just smiled though I wasn’t listening at all.             It’s just so relaxing in this beach, I feel so comfortable. Just a perfect place to rest after a tiring battle against a ton of Lucio’s armies. Well, I deserve this after all. I just kept on smiling so that as if I was listening to them and that my face would look accurate about what they’re talking about.             I just don’t feel like talking right now. I just wanted to feel this moment where I am very relaxed. I don’t care about them right now, I just don’t want them to think that I don’t like that they’re talking ahahaha. Gosh, I feel like I’m falling asleep any minute by now. It just feels so complacent, all my weariness is going away.             “Yea, isn’t it weird… I know there should be a water guardian, just like those I have watched in movies…” Enzo said that caught my attention. I didn’t want to listen to them at all, but what he said made my ears become attentive and made sure to hear what they are going to talk about             “I thought about that too… look, if the forest have a diwata to guard it, the sea should have at least someone to guard it from those men right? Isn’t it the siyokoy that we just defeated a while ago?” Avery said suggesting something about what he just thought about all of it             “No, it shouldn’t be the siyokoy, if it was… it shouldn’t have gone attacking us, right?” Elliot said disagreeing with Avery about what he thought about the siyokoy                   “You have a point… or maybe there isn’t, we’re just thinking things too much” Avery said agreeing with Elliot             “I don’t even understand why they left their boat there… maybe we could us that to transport ourselves if we need it, right?” Scarlett said bringing up the topic about the boat that was left on the sea with no one in it. Those man jumped off the water and swam to the shore as they escaped us…             “Let’s go check it out…” Reiven said as he stood up inviting everyone to go after him             “Shouldn’t we get to the village first?” Lucy asked telling us about our mission before checking the boat             “Let’s check it quick and then proceed with our quest…” Reiven insisted then we all followed him towards it. the boat is kinda far from us so we needed our boat to get to it.   
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