Chapter 27 : Nuno sa Punso II

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Chapter 27 : Nuno sa Punso II   -Reiven-             We entered the village further to look for NPCs that we can talk to or that will talk to us. There were kids playing around and I felt happy as I watch them. They seemed to be enjoying what they’re doing, I wish I had the chance to play like them. It’s something that most of us missed during our childhood.             “Children, you better get home now, you might disturb the Nuno sa Punso” someone called them stopping them from enjoying their time outside. They all stopped all together and dropped their shoulders.             Aww, they’re so cute. It seems like they’re afraid of that Nuno that the woman said. They didn’t complain and they just followed that woman. They all went to their homes. The ground went silent and dull after the kids were gone. We just continued walking towards wherever we can go further.             “Oh my gosh look! There’s a shop out there, maybe we can sell our items for currencies. Or buy something… let’s go” Vic pointed at something so we all went there to check             I pressed my chest to see how much currency I have. Oh I already have 3000 golds, 6000 coppers, 4000 silvers, and 500 crystals. I wonder what can we can purchase in there.             As we got there, I immediately saw what items are sold in that store. There were varieties of healing potions and other potions, amulets, then water and food. Oh really? Ahahaha there are water and food sold here ahahahaha. They were kinda cheap here, I don’t know ahahaha. I know nothing about the value of their currency here.             But the potions prices ranged from x10 golds/silvers/coppers to x50 golds/silvers/coppers. Like this medium healing potion, it’s just x15 silvers. Gosh, I wanted to buy some so that I won’t die in this game if ever we encounter strong creatures like the tikbalang and the sigbin.             *You purchased x5 medium healing potions*             *x75 silvers are deducted from your pocket*             *You purchased x3 medium invisibility potion*             *x75 coppers are deducted from your pocket*             ~Medium Invisibility potion makes you invisible for five minutes~             *You purchased x3 medium super strength potion*             *x51 coppers are deducted from your pocket*             ~Medium super strength potion makes your attack and defense increase by 80% for five minutes*             *You purchased x3 medium speed potion*             *x48 coppers are deducted from your pocket*             ~Medium speed potion makes your speed increase your speed increase by 80% for five minutes during battle*             *You purchased x1 crystal ball*             *x25 crystals are deducted from your pocket*             ~Crystal ball makes your attack increase by 50% yet decrease your speed by 30% during battle~             *You purchased x5 Turons*             *x25 silvers are deducted from your pocket*             “Gosh, turon! I love turon! I exclaimed as I purchased five of them, it’s good to have snacks like this here! This is amazing! I wonder how it tastes…             “Stop hoarding Reiven… do it quick we’re waiting for you” Raizen said as he pointed all of them done buying while I’m here purchasing snacks ahahahaha. I don’t know, is this normal for a non-gamer who plays video games to hoard anything they like whether they know or not its purpose? Ahahahaha             I mean, I don’t care, I have money anyway.             “Just wait ahahahaha” I said as I looked at the shop again             By the way, turon a native, sweet saba banana and slices of jackfruit tucked inside a flour wrapper then drizzled with brown sugar and deep fried to perfection.             *You purchased x5 kakanin*             *x35 silvers are deducted from your pocket*             *You purchased x10 water*             *x100 coppers are deducted from your pocket*             Gosh x10 water, how is that? Ahahhaha they counted the water? Just kidding ahahahaha it’s packed through bamboos as their water bottle. The developer must have thought about this carefully.             Kakanin or rice cakes are some of the most iconic Filipino delicacies you should try at least once. Traditionally, it's made with rice, coconut milk, or a variety of root vegetables.             Some of the most popular ones are suman (lightly seasoned rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves), sapin-sapin (made with glutinous rice, flour, and coconut milk), and the mildly sweet puto, which is a perfect match for rich dishes like dinuguan and pancit.             “Not done yet?” Raizen asked impatiently rolling his eyes with his arms folded, wow ahahahaha mean girl?             “I’m done, thanks for waiting” I said as I smiled at him sweetly teasing him more             He just shrugged his shoulder and continued walking along with the others. We moved forward towards the direction that we were taking a while ago.             “Ouch! Wait…” we heard Raizen suddenly groaning in pain causing us all to stop and to check him             “What happened?” Elliot asked as he came closer to him, he’s already sitting on the ground as he was taking off his left shoe. It seems like there’s something in it that makes it hard for him to stand.             “I don’t know, it just hurts” he answered as finally took of the shoe. It must be so painful that he looked so pitiful as his face is indescribable             “Gosh, what happened to that?” Lucy asked as he saw Rai’s foot which seemed to be in red             “I don’t know but it hurts…” he said             “Help him get up…” Vic said as he and Darxi picked him and assisted him to stand, I picked up his shoe and brought it along with us             “Excuse me, what happened?” someone suddenly asked as they saw us having commotion             “There’s something happened to his foot” I answered the lady and then she looked at Raizen’s foot which is already swelling right now             “Oh no… what caused that?” she asked             “We don’t know…” I answered as I looked at her then back to Raizen who doesn’t have an idea either. Gosh, is he bitten by the sigbin?             “Come with me” the lady said and lead us towards somewhere “I’m going to bring you to Nunong Banoy, he’s an albularyo… he can help you” she added             “What’s an albularyo?” Elliot asked repeating what the lady said             “Oh my gosh, you don’t know?” Enzo asked him back in shock, Elliot just shook his head as his answer “It’s what we call a practitioner of traditional medicine” Enzo answered             “Is it?” Elliot asked again while Enzo just nodded as his confirmation. We stopped in a specific Nipa hut that is filled with so many herbs and plants around. So he really is a traditional medicine practitioner             “There he is” the lady pointed at an old man doing something in a pot “Nunong Banoy! Magandang araw ho” the lady greeted him calling his attention /Magandang araw ho – Good day [in a formal and respectful way].             We came closer to him and they placed Raizen on a chair and placed him comfortably as he kept on groaning in pain. I feel sorry for my brother.             “What happened?” Nunong Banoy asked as he stopped with what he’s doing and checked Raizen’s foot “Let me do the ceremony…” Nunong Banoy said as if he had something inside him that knows what it is             “What ceremony?” I asked in curiosity             “Pagtatawas” the lady answered… so that’s it. I just nodded as my response. Nunong Banoy started picking up everything that he need to perform the ceremony.             He placed a basin made out of wood on the table, a lit candle and another one that isn’t lit. He melted the unused candle in a disc through heating it with the other lit candle. He then poured the molten wax into the wooden basin with water in it. There was an image slowly being formed on the water that the albularyo is looking at carefully.             “It’s the Nuno sa Punso…” Nunong Banoy said             “Nuno sa punso?” I repeated what he said             “Nuno sa punso, is a goblin easily angered and will do harm to those who damage or disturb his mound. If an invader destroys the nuno's home by kicking it, the offender's foot will become swollen” Avery said as he turned to Raizen’s foot pertaining to it             “Nuno sa punso are also believed to inhabit places such as underneath large rocks, trees, riverbanks, caves, or a backyard.” Avery added             “Oh my gosh, that thing he accidentally stepped on as we got here in this village!” Lucy cut herself in as she remembered             “Yea right! That’s it” Avery said agreeing with Lucy “Remember what the lady said to those children?” he added             “He angered it as he destroyed its home… it’s the Nuno in front of this village” Nunong Banoy said confirming it             “What are we going to do?” Darxi asked Nunong Banoy             “In order to be cured, the victim's family may be asked to provide an offering to the nuno such as fruits or other food, drinks, or a material object.” Nunong Banoy answered Darxi’s question             “If the victim is still not healed after the offering, it may be necessary to personally ask the nuno's forgiveness, which is believed to be a wise measure, in order to prevent the permanent possession of the victim by an evil spirit, which could later cause the victim to become insane.” He continued             “That’s it… let’s go” I said calling all of them             “Wait… what are we going to give him?” Elliot asked me as he stood up following me. Gosh, I’m so worried, my brother looked so ugly in pain right now!             “Wait until it gets dark, then you can do the ritual” Nunong Banoy said             “Good, then at least we can think of what we will give to the Nuno” Scarlett said as she stood up next to Elliot “Let’s go to the store!” she added as she remembered, right the store…                            We all went outside to check on the store but unfortunately for us, it’s closed already. It’s getting dark and every hut seemed to be closed. It looks like this village sleeps so early.             “What are we gonna do?” I worriedly asked as I kept looking around to see if there is light of hope somewhere “We can still do this tomorrow though…” I continued as I failed to find something             “Wait… what about your turon?” Avery asked as he remembered how I hoarded a lot of items earlier             “Yea right…” Enzo agreed with him “Can we use that?” he asked             “Anything works… if it doesn’t, Raizen can ask for forgiveness… right? There’s no harm in trying” Elliot answered             “Let’s try it…” I said as I grabbed those five turons, five kakanin, and five out of ten that I bought “This should do it” I said having those items in my hand             “Let’s go” Elliot said going towards the hill. It’s already dark, so we can do the ritual already.             “I haven’t even tasted this already…” I said before I carefully placed these things upon the hill.
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