Chapter 36 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam II

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Chapter 36 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam II   -Darxi-             “But be careful for whatever tree you will have to cut down, ok?” we were forced to stop as we heard what Nunong Banoys is warning us about it. What does he mean with that?             “Yes, nuno… thank you for reminding us” Scarlett said waving her hand to the old man sitting on a chair outside his nipa hut. We entered into the forest and started to choose which tree we would cut and use for the chair. We looked around trying to find a nice tree around.             “Who knows how to choose a nice tree here?” Elliot asked the others so that we can quickly know which one we have to cut down.             “Not me, but let me use my power to know which one” Lucy volunteered herself as she started touching each tree we passed through to know what tree we are going to cut down.             “Here… this one!” she said finally pointing at a tree after passing through a lot of it. How did she know if that’s a good one or not.             “Are you sure?” Vic asked as he stepped forward holding one of his swords ready to cut it down “Because I’ll knock it off right now…” he added and looked at Lucy for a while before doing it             “Yea, I prefer that one than the others, I think that would do a perfect job for the chair” Lucy confirmed nodding her head towards Vic. Vic just turned his head facing the tree and started cutting the tree off. His sword was so sharp that it only took him a few strike from his sword and the tree just fell on the ground.              “Geronimo!” Raizen shouted along the falling tree. As it meets the ground we quickly went near it as we all stared at it for a while.             “Ouch!” Vic exclaimed as he paused for a while and looked at his hand.             “What happened?” Enzo asked as to why Vic suddenly grunted in pain             “Nothing… just a small wound. I must have accidentally cut myself” he said as he looked at him as if he’s saying that he doesn’t have to worry. We all looked at his hand which had blood stains in it as he really wounded his hand. He quickly snatched a healing potion from his pocket and drank it.               He immediately regained his health then his wound disappeared from his hand as if it didn’t exist at all. Not even a scar can be seen on his hand at all. Vic then, went on the side where there were leaves and started cutting it off so that we can bring it to Nunong Banoy already.             “Let’s get to Nunong Banoy quick” I said inviting them to come back to him already             “Wait… are we all going to carry that? I really think it’s so heavy” Enzo said before we could get it. Everyone looked at him weirdly for a while             “Then how are we supposed to bring that to Nunong Banoy then? Do you have any idea?” Reiven said asking him for another idea he could think so that we don’t have to carry that large and heavy log.             “Well… I don’t know, let’s just go” he said as he tried to press his pockets. His pocket just snatched the log into it as if it was just a stick that fits his pocket perfectly “That’s unexpected…” he said as he looked at us surprised             “I bet you do have a nice one… now let’s go ahahaha” I said as I started walking again             “Let’s get there quick…” Scarlett said as she divided the group into two. She held those people with her and vanished into thin air             “Let’s go…” Reiven said as we all held unto him, after a few seconds, we found ourselves in front of Nunong Banoy’s nipa hut. So they both used teleportation to get here quick. We walked further and saw Nunong Banoy still sitting on his chair where we left him a while ago to get the wood.             “Nuno! Where back…” Reiven said as he entered the shade that’s covering the chairs outside Nunong Banoy’s nipa hut             “You’re so quick… I guess you immediately found a nice tree to make into a long chair…” Nunong Banoy answered as he looked at us. We just nodded as a response. Enzo opened his pocket showing Nunong Banoy the log that we just got from the forest.             “Does that do, Nuno?” Enzo asked as he showed it to the old man. Nunong Banoy just started at if for a while and nodded at him             “If you can make that into a long chair, then that is perfect… if you can do it right now, I’ll let you do it right here” Nunong Banoy gestured his hand towards a space where he would let us do it             “Oh… we really are the ones who’ll make it…” Avery commented as he understood what Nunong Banoy is saying             “So… anyone here knows basic carpentry?” Elliot asked us as a silly smiled formed on my lips since I know that none of us know how to do it. none of us learned how to do it. I looked at t hem one by one as they all shook their heads as their answers saying that none of them know can do it.             “So how are we going to make that? Ahahahaha” Scarlett said between her laughter as we all looked at each other awkwardly then stared at the log in front of us             “Gosh, that log won’t make itself a chair…” I said hissing as he placed his hand under his chin “What are we going to do?” he continued             “Does alchemy help making it? can I do it using my skill alchemy?” Scarlett asked volunteering herself to do the task of making the long chair. Gosh, I don’t understand why Nunong Banoy is asking us to do this. He didn’t even think if we can make this or not. He should have suggested someone who’s a carpenter to help us.             “I don’t think so… alchemy focuses of elemental transmutation, it’s just about making changes with the state of matter but not really crafting things” Avery answered her shaking his head as a disagreement while Scarlett nodded her head saying she understood             “Right… crafting thigs ahahahaha” Reiven suddenly burst out as if he realized something “I learned enhanced crafting at level ten, then construction and engineering at level twenty-two ahahahaha” he continued informing us about his skill             “Then why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Raizen said looking at him narrowing his eyes             “Ok… I’m sorry, I forgot. I just remembered when I heard the word from Avery” he answered Raizen as his defense for not telling us immediately. Gosh, if he just knew it sooner, we could have saved time but it’s ok at least now I know we can do it.             Reiven just laughed due to embarrassment then walked towards the wood in front of us that we cut down to be made into a chair. His hands started to glow as he shoved it like he’s making it with magic. Though I can see how the wood is cut and shaped to be made into a long chair.             We just watched Reiven as he does his task of making the long chair that Nunong Banoy requested. It took him several minutes to do it through since making a chair really takes a lot of time to do. Good thing Reiven has this kind of skill because if not, then we have to do it by hand.             And I’m so sure that it would take us so much time to finish it, and it would be a failure since none of us knows how to do it. we just watched Reiven doing his thing with the wood. I am now seeing his progress as he is almost finish doing it, just a few more time and the chair is perfect.             I saw how he cuts the woods to do it, I thought that if we do that by hand, none of us knows how to cut it. I mean, can we use our swords as saw to cut it? none of us even knows how to use a saw. None of knows how to use a hammer to pound the nail either. Gosh, we should learn how to do that.             The problem in our society these days is that, things like this are almost going out of existence. All we have now are some metal chairs that had a lot of features in it. everything has science in it. People keep on inventing things even chairs and so on. That’s why we’re missing things like this already.             All we have in our house is those metal thingies. You can rarely see things that are not mixed with technology. People nowadays started to rely on machines to do their tasks and started forgetting to make things by their own hands, and we are the best example, we can’t even make a simple long chair.             “And we’re done…” Reiven said as he already stopped while looking at the chair he made. We all stood up and went near it. Wow, it looked great. He’s the best ahahahaha good thing we have him in our team.             “It’s perfect!” Scarlett said as he touched the long chair “Now we can bring this to Nunong Banoy’s daughter” she added looking at Reiven. It literally is a long chair, like the one we put in our living room, we can even lie down there and sleep on it.             He made it perfectly, and he already varnished it that’s why it looked smooth. Unlike from how a wood would look like after cutting.             “You could start doing a furniture business ahahahaha” Lucy said laughing as she looked at what Reiven had made “That’s if you still have your power” she added as she turned to Reiven             “I know you can do it…” we heard Nunong Banoy spoke. We all looked at him as he walked towards us from his nipa hut. He’s smiling happily and excited as he walked straight to the chair Reiven made “And it looked perfect, just as my daughter would love it” he added while trailing the chair with his hand             “Gosh that’s a lot of praises ahahaha” Reiven said laughing awkwardly as he scratched his head             “Well. It really is amazing. I’m not gonna lie” Raizen said giving up and finally praised his brother “But still, I won’t forget how you let us space out for a moment and not telling that you can do it… you’re awful” he added then chuckled silently
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