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Lola POV As we walk past and as if he read my mind somehow, I hear a mocking voice saying “look at our little fat ass heading to class in time to be the perfect little teacher’s pet. I wonder what she has to do to get all those straight A’s”. “If she wasn’t that ugly I’m sure Mr. Douglas would have let her suck his c*ck to get those A’s, but now I am just as confused as you are” I hear Ashton, his closest friend pipe up with a smug smirk on his face. Oh how I sometimes wish this world would be any different and I would be stronger than them, I would love to punch that smug smirk off his face. Ashton is just as obnoxious as Chris, the two of them are just right for each other. As always I am just determined on walking past and heading to class, ignoring them before I get myself into trouble. Even though it is killing me to not comment, I know these guys are huge. And although I might have a shot 1:1 with some of them as I have been secretly training various forms of combat sports (MMA, Krav Maga, kickboxing mostly) every day after school in the human world, I am no match against the group of them. Not to mention all the guys are above 18 and have their wolves already, giving them inhumane strength, and I do not at my 17 years of age. And with his Alpha blood and features I would surely never in my life time be a match against Chris, wolf or no wolf. But as I am walking past I feel a strong presence stepping in front of me, and some others approaching me from the side and back, caging me in. “I asked you a question, dumbass! Don’t you know it’s dangerous to disobey your future Alpha by now?!”. Even though I wasn’t dumb at all, maybe a bit too rebellious for my own good, I knew I needed to grit my teeth and put on my mask. “I’m sorry Chr… Alpha! I don’t get special treatment from the teacher, I work hard to get my A's, Sir” I sighed. I swear I almost vomit in my own mouth every time I have to call this piece of s**t Alpha or Sir. His father Culio was a true Alpha, a really good man and I had the utmost respect for him and wouldn’t mind for a second calling him Alpha or Sir. His son though is a different story, I don’t know where he got his demeanor from but definitely not from his father. “That’s more like it little brat. However I still feel a bit offended you ignored me in the first place, I guess you need to be reminded of your place in this pack. Bow down to me.” I heard him speak while other students started filling out the hallway, bringing out their phones from their pockets to start filming the occasion. Just f*cking great, another one of these days and it’s only the first day back. I heard the chuckles and whispers calling me pathetic, weak, ugly and every other name in the book while I reluctantly bowed down to avoid further issues. Hurting my ego tremendously. F*cker. Right then I was literally saved by the bell, as the bell rang signaling for everyone to get to class. If it hadn’t, I am positive their bullying would have went on as I always seemed to be Chris’ favorite target. As Nadia and I finally got to class, we were met with a beaming Jason waving for us to come sit with him, as we always did. Nadia and Jason really are something else, both such enthusiastic and kind people. I would really miss them next year if our paths went our separate ways. Which was bound to happen, unless the Moon Goddess would have found empathy for me and mated me to Jason and we would be able to tag along with Nadia to whichever pack she would find her mate in. Although I’m not attracted to Jason in that way, he is one of the kindest souls I have ever met and being mated to him would not be that bad. And as I detest all other males, I would reject anyone other than him in a heartbeat anyway. I have a feeling Jason really does like me that way already though and somehow I hope I will be able to return the favor once we have both turned eighteen and are able to point out our mates. As Mr. Douglas is starting class I can still feel burning eyes, whispers and laughs circulating the classroom about the events in the hallways earlier. But I am nothing if not determined, and so I block out everything except Mr. Douglas and the book in front of me. It is only then I notice Mr. Douglas was actually presenting a new student to the classroom. Maybe the whispers weren’t for me after all? That thought quickly faded however as the new guy – named Sebastian apparently – sits down on the table next to me and I hear Melissa, the cheerleading captain, yell “careful when sitting next to that walking disease case, she might be contagious!”. Even though she is a total b*tch, I wish I would look more like her to blend into the crowd. In a world of werewolves where the hair color is predominantly black, eye color predominantly dark toned and all the females have a slender build, I look like a freak of nature with my ash blonde hair, green eyes and curvy body. Which I always hide in obnoxiously large clothes and my hair tucked in a bun, in hopes of standing out less. Although Nadia and Jason always call me pretty, I know it is just out of love and their kind hearts, bless them for trying though. The general concept of pretty for werewolves is black hair and slender build and I am neither. Gritting my teeth to not say anything to the hag’s attempt to get into good graces with Chris by insulting me, I suddenly hear the new guy pipe up from the table beside me “I prefer sitting here actually and oh by the way – my parents actually cared enough for me to get my vaccinations when I was a pup so I’ll be just fine sitting here, thanks”. As Nadia, Jason and I all looked at each other we had to really work hard to stifle a laughter as Melissa’s eyes were widened in shock and she sat down without uttering another word. I gave a small smile to the new guy, although I wasn’t sure why I did as I generally don’t like other people. Something about him seemed different though. He did have the characteristic black werewolf hair, but his eyes were a vibrant green, similar to mine. But what mostly seemed different than the others in school was his attitude. As I was taking in his appearance I noticed Chris from the back of the room watching us like a hawk, so I quickly diverted my gaze and went back to class.
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