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Author; MUST READ: Before reading this story you must have read the story of YOU'RE MINE, THE ARRANGED MARRIAGE OF THE TWO GENIUS (Completed) because you won't know what is happening in this story if you haven't read that yet. The old tradition has finally been revoked after the tenth generation between the family Yamashita and Francisco, however, the first time they saw each other in a gathering seems like a fairytale. It was like 'Love at First Sight' but the truth is they have met before when they were children. Yamashita Ryota is a 26 years old medical physicist that has a body figure like a hunk, and he’s also a handsome, charming, gentlemanly, smart, and tall man whom all girls have been wishing for and who also used to disobey the old tradition of the family that's why he had been disregarded for many years. But after his younger sister got into an arranged marriage, he showed himself and bravely stood out to fight for what he believed in. Nonetheless, he met the outgoing, cheerful, intelligent, beautiful, and kind type of girl named Veni Lorainne L. Francisco who is 6 years younger than him and the younger sister of his younger sister's husband. “I like you,” she shyly confessed. He laughed. "You like me? But you are just a kid." And he put his hand above her head to emphasize the difference between them. “No, I'm not. I'm already 16." She looked up at him seriously. He lowered his head to get into her eye level. "And I'm 22. What you are having is just an impulse." “No, it wasn't." She frowned. “Yes, it is." He smiled at her. "Wait for four years and for sure your feelings that you are having for me will be gone. And it is because it's just puppy love,” he told. She put on a serious face. "And if not? Will you acknowledge me?" “Maybe. Or maybe not. Go home and it's cold. You might get sick." He smiled charmingly and straightened his back ready to close the door when she pushed it back that stops him which he didn't expect she will do. She looks at him fiercely. “Wait for me 'til I become 20. I'll be a lady for you." Starring: FAMILY YAMASHITA Yamashita Yuta Yamashita Rina Yamashita Ryota Yamashita Kyoko FAMILY FRANCISCO Jero Mitchelle D. Francisco Jeniffer Kate L. Francisco Yuki Venn L. Francisco Veni Lorainne L. Francisco With special participations Kevin M. Francisco Akari Yamashita-Francisco Ima and Ankol President Tatsuya Yamashita Mrs. Saki Yamashita Richpaul M. Sanchez Maricar Tan F. Lopez PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME
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