Week 1 - pt 2

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6th   September    Connor met Autumn on the bridge.  ‘We ready to go?’ ‘Yeah.’ He dropped his arm over her shoulders and they walked away. ‘Where were you two last night?’   ‘Got in s**t again Con?’ ‘Yeah I was waiting for Autumn. b***h nearly had my balls then cracked down on Autumn for being late.’ The bell rang. ‘Come on guys I don’t need to be in anymore s**t this week.’   They all walked into the school saying their goodbyes before registration.   ‘So what lesson have you got babe?’ ‘Biology.’ ‘I’ll teach you biology.’ She frowned at Connor. ‘I have wood work. I’ll wait for you.’ ‘Okay,’   He walked down the corridor and she went into her lesson.  She sat down he looked at her about to get up to join her. ‘Hi Autumn do you mind if I sit by you?’ ‘Not at all.’ He smiled sitting down. Stenton cut his eyes angered he’d get to talk to this girl one way or another if looks could’ve killed him they would.   Connor met Autumn. ‘So how’s it go?’ ‘Okay.’ ‘I take it Jarrad’s in your class.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Watch him Autumn.’ ‘I will.’   They walked together for their next lesson sitting down. They met their friends met their friends for lunch  sitting down.   ‘So Autumn have you met Stenton yet?’ ‘No why?’ ‘Just he has science the same as you.’ ‘I haven’t seen him.’ ‘Strange I swore he had Collins for biology.’ ‘Unlike Stenton not to make himself known.’ ‘Well he aint.’   They had a cigarette before they went into registration. ‘I’ll see you last lesson babe.’ ‘Okay.’ They went their separate was. Connor looked at Stenton.  ‘I thought you weren’t in again.’ ‘I’m always in Con.’ ‘Strange Autumn said she hadn’t seen you.’ ‘The new chick.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘f*****g Jarrod prick .  I tried Con, but he’s always there.’ ‘Try and sit by her before he gets in next time you have a lesson with her.’ ‘I’ll try.’ ‘You’ll do. You know what he is.’ ‘Yeah a leech.’   Autumn met Connor for last lesson which they shared together before walking home. 7th     September   Connor walked over to Autumn. His baggie attire wasn’t her style, she was more goth.  She looked at him. ‘Any lower they’ll hit the ground.’   ‘Not like?’ She stared unimpressed at him. ‘Not really no.  It’s gross who wants to see last weeks washing?!’ He laughed. ‘I like that Morticia.’ She looked dead at him. ‘Well you have to admit you look like someone out of the Adams family with all that slap and those clothes.’ ‘What’s wrong with my clothes? I like them.’ ‘Each to their own Autumn. We’re all different.’ ‘I guess.’   He placed his arm around her.  ‘We can talk awhile if you like before we go into town.’ ‘If we must.’ ‘I’d just like to get to know you a little better.’ ‘Sure.’   They sat down by the lake. ‘So why’d you mom decide to set up home here by the lake?’ ‘She got a good deal.’ ‘And you did you get a good deal?! ‘I guess.’ ‘So.. you smoke long? Never seen you without one. If you could do it in class you would.’ ‘A few years. Mom is dead against it. It helps me relax its more therapeutic than music sometimes.’ ‘So the music?’ ‘Anything that sounds good.’ ‘So no hip hop or rap?’ She stared at him. ‘I thought not.’ ‘I take it you do.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘This is going to be good.’ ‘I ain’t against anything Autumn.’ ‘So I could turn you?’ ‘Maybe.’ ‘So what about you Con why do you hate school so much?’ ‘Just do.’ ‘Like mom said “it will get you nowhere if you bunk.”’ ‘So did you bunk off?’ ‘A few times.  Mom found out she weren’t too pleased.  I was in so much shit.’ ‘M olds don’t care as long as I pass.’ ‘No one looks at a school drop out twice.’ ‘My family is complicated.’ ‘Ain’t everyone’s.’ ‘Mom and dad ain’t never pushed me.  I find it hard to stay on one place too long after.’   She looked at him for answers. He looked at her his eyes were glazed like hers often were. ‘My best friend got blundered to death then a few others.  I was close to death. I hated that f*****g place Lakeside was my last stop of three schools. I’ve seen too many friends die.  I must admit I aint no saint Autumn I was never out of shit.  It was like my parents daint care. I got sent to Lakeside because no one could deal with me the way I was.  Grayson was the best I ever had, he made time for me and to listen to me none of the others did.  I soon made friends pity no one understands me but my friends.’   She looked at him with tears in her eyes she knew how that felt.  Why didn’t people understand how she felt ? She just wanted to be left alone to get on with it.   ‘You okay Autumn?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I’m sorry you wanted to know about me guess you do now. Guess you hate me.’ ‘No.’ ‘Good.  Let’s get rid of those tears before they ruin your look.’ She tried to laugh but found it hard to. He wiped her eyes.  ‘Next time you want to cry on me no make up aye.’  He wiped his fingers on his jeans. ‘Come on let’s go into town.’ He took her hand pulling them both up walking away from the lake heading into town for a pizza. Connor walked Autumn back home to a large three bedroom house by the river. ‘Nice digs.’ ‘Yeah. The third room is moms office.’ ‘Nice,’ ‘Yeah she’s in there most of the time.’ ‘Bet it’s hard when you want to talk.’ ‘I’d rather not.’ He coughed. ‘Well I’ll see you Monday.’ ‘Sure.’ ‘Unless you’d like my company tomorrow.’ ‘I have home work.’ ‘I could always help you.’ ‘Sure.’ ‘I’ll come round about two okay.’ ‘Sure.’   He pecked her on the cheek. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘Bye Autumn.’ ‘Bye.’ Connor walked away, Autumn stepped into the house closing the door.   ‘Isn’t your friend joining us for supper?’ ‘No. He’s gone home.’ ‘He’s always welcome.’ ‘He’s coming round tomorrow.  We’re doing home work.’ ‘Good it’s nice to see you have friends.’ 8th   September    Connor knocked on the door, the eldish lady with glasses opened the door to the baggy attired teenager. ‘Hello.’ ‘Hi is Autumn in?’ ‘Yes.  You must be Connor.’ ‘I am.’ ‘Nice to meet you.’ ‘You to.’ ‘Come in.’ ‘Thanks.’ He stepped in.  ‘Autumn speaks highly of you.’ ‘Really.’  He said impressed. ‘Yes she does. She’s in her room, second on the left.  Hope you can find her.’ He smiled.  ‘Thanks.’ He took heavy strides up the staircase knocking on her door.  ‘Yeh.’ ‘It’s me Con.’ ‘Come in.’   He pushed the door open looking over the mass of mess he thought he was untidy.  ‘Guess your mom was right.’ ‘Sorry I meant to sort it.’ ‘Guess you never got round to it.’ ‘I see your in your bag a*s jeans again.’ ‘See Morticia’s back!’ He cracked. ‘Close the door and sit down your making the place look untidy.’   He laughed closing the door sitting down on the bed. ‘So.. your mom seems cool.’ ‘She is.’ ‘So am I the first guy that’s been in your room.’ ‘I guess.  Your he first one she’s allowed in.’ ‘Cool.... shall we start.’ ‘Guess we should.’   Connor pulled out his books and they began there home work.   Autumns’ mom knocked the door peering in. ‘Would you like to stay for supper Connor there’s plenty.’ ‘I have to be getting back.’ ‘Your welcome.’   He looked at Autumn who smiled briefly.  Then at her mom. ‘Thanks I will.’ She smiled closing the door. ‘You didn’t have to.’ ‘I wanted to.’ ‘So are we done?’ ‘We are.’   They closed their books.  He leaned over.  ‘I enjoyed today we should do all our homework together.’  His lips touched hers kissing her. He moved away.  ‘Come on I bet your mom’s waiting.’   ‘Yeah.’   They pulled themselves up going down stairs to a table full of  sandwiches, trifle, crisps and sausage rolls.  ‘You didn’t have to mom.’ ‘Have to hospitable.’ Connor smiled, they all sat down talking about Autumn’s new high school. ‘Thanks for the grub Mrs. Cleveland.’ ‘My pleasure.’ ‘I best be going.’ ‘Sure.’ He pulled himself up. ‘Well thanks again.’ ‘Come around anytime you’re always welcome.’ ‘Thanks I will.’   Autumn opened the door showing Connor out.  ‘I think she likes you.’ ‘She’s pretty cool too.’ He looked at Autumn. ‘I’ll meet you on the bridge tomorrow at eight thirty okay.’ ‘Okay.’ He pecked her on the cheek.  ‘Night Autumn.’ ‘Night Con.’   She closed the door as he walked up the drive.  She went into the lounge sitting down. ‘Nice boy very polite.  You’ve found a good friend Autumn.’ ‘I know.’
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