Chapter 2

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Mathew's POV I was sitting at my desk looking over the map we used to keep track of where we had looked. Rage was building inside of me. Why haven't we found her yet? It's been 12 years. I let out a growl and wiped all the items off my desk in one fluid, anger-filled motion. “You haven't been looking hard enough!" my wolf Lucas yelled at me. “Of course, I have! Getting her back to this pack is the most important thing." I bellowed back at him. He's trying to push to the surface and take control. He thinks he could have had her back here by now. “It's that damn witch, she's keeping them well hidden. We need to find her and kill her!" My eyes began to glow as he pushed even harder to take control. “Of course we do," I retorted. "But first we need to let our dark witch work her own magic. This is the first one that's been willing to help. She said she'd be able to find them in a matter of days," I reminded him. I mind linked my Beta Brad to come to my office. It had been 2 days, so they had to have some news. A few moments later, there was a knock on my door. “Come in." “Alpha," he said, bowing his head to me in respect. This was something everyone had to do whenever I entered a room. They all had to show me respect and fear me. I did not tolerate disobedience. “What's going on? Why haven't you found her yet?" I yelled at him. “I think we might need to show him what happens when you keep us waiting," Lucas said, crouching low in a fighting stance. I ignore him. “Alpha, they're working hard. It shouldn't be much longer until we hear. We just need to give the witch more time." “We're running out of time! Her birthday is tomorrow! The elders are pressuring me to take a chosen mate, and what happens if she finds her fated mate and they complete their bond?" The elders were just old wolves everyone thought were wise. They had no idea what was coming once I had her here as my Luna. “Maybe you should. I'm sure there are many powerful she-wolves out there that would make a find and powerful Luna." I went around my desk in two long strides. My eyes are glowing as Lucas now had control. He grabbed Brad around the neck and slammed him into the wall. “I will only have her! She will be my Luna! Don't you ever disrespect us like that again!" “Ye...yes...Alpha," he manages to sputter out. I released him and he fell to the ground with a thump. Brad might have been my best friend since childhood, but he still needed to learn who was in charge. He quickly stood up and rubbed his neck. “Don't come back until you have news, and it had better be soon. And get an omega to come in here and clean this up! " I growled out, gesturing to the mess on the floor. “Yes Alpha," Brad says as he exits my office. "Incompetent i***t," I muttered to myself as I began to pace my office. How had they managed to stay hidden for so long? Their witch friend wasn't that powerful, at least she wasn't when she was here. "We should go with him and bring her back ourselves," Lucas was annoyed. He wanted to be the first to find her and stake his claim. "No, we need to be here and get things ready. We need to at least make it look like we care, and that her new home will be pleasant." I decide to go find another omega to f**k to get my mind off Sierra. At least they were good for one thing; they liked being with a powerful alpha like me, it made them feel important, like they were worth something. A few hours later “Yes Alpha.... harder... faster" The small brown-haired omega girl quivered underneath me. “Shut up, I told you to stay silent." I slapped her a** hard, and she moaned out in pain and pleasure. I pumped her harder and faster until I finally exploded my load inside her tight walls. I slumped forward slightly, putting my weight on her back, causing her hands and knees to buckle. She fell onto her stomach panting. I pulled out and went to my adjoining bathroom to clean myself up. When I came back in, she was still on the bed. "Get out! I'll come find you if I want more." “Yes Alpha," she said, bowing her head to me. She quickly picked up her clothes and exited my room. I started getting my clothes back on when I got a mind link from Brad. “We have news. Meet us in your office." He cut the link. I threw the rest of my clothes on and headed towards my office. “They better have found her," Lucas shouted. He was right, it was taking too long, and I didn't want to entertain the idea of taking a different chosen mate. I had rejected my fated mate for her. I was a powerful alpha, so it was easy to endure the pain of the rejection. The she-wolf, however, begged me to reconsider. She said she wanted to be my Luna and that she loved me, but I knew what I wanted. I don't know what happened to her, for all I know she died from the rejection. It didn't matter to me. I burst into my office to find Brad standing there with our top warrior, Anthony. “Alpha, we found the witch. She lives outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. They must be close to her for her to work her magic," Anthony told me, bowing his head. “Finally!" Lucas growled in my head. He wanted his mate back as much as I did. He wanted to mate with her wolf and share in her powers. “It's about time!" I said, sitting down behind my desk and pulling out a map of the area. The omega had cleaned up my office from my earlier outburst. “The small town is right here," Brad said, pointing at the map. "We can be there by tomorrow morning if we take the jet and leave immediately." “Excellent. Take Anthony and three of our top warriors. Kill her and her magic will be broken, and we should easily find where they are hidden. Don't leave any witnesses. We can't risk anyone warning them that we're coming." “Alpha, don't you think you should go with us? Who knows what her powers are like after 12 years?" Brad said. “You dare challenge your Alpha!" I screamed. My eyes were now glowing as Lucas was on the surface. “No Alpha," he stammered out, bowing his head to me. “I have faith you will be able to handle them all. I'm sure her parents have continued to try and hide her abilities from her as they did with us. Once you have found her, capture them all. DO NOT kill any of them! We're going to need to use her parents as leverage to keep her here. She won't want to come if we hurt them. Tell her if she does what she's told and comes here willingly, we will let them live. NOW GO!" “Yes Alpha," they chant in unison, bowing out of the office. “This is perfect. She will be here right on her birthday. We will mate and mark her before the day is over and she will be ours forever. Ours to control." Lucas smiles an evil wolf smile in my mind. “There is nothing stopping us now from being the most powerful pack in North America with her by my side. She will give us an heir and obey my every order!" This is what I had been waiting 12 years for. It was so close I could almost taste it. I smiled at the thought of having her squirming underneath me calling out my name. I imagined what she would look like now at 18. When she disappeared, she had been a child, but her red hair and hazel eyes were imprinted on my mind. I decided I should try and make her feel welcome here. This was going to be her home, and it should look presentable. I mind linked the omega in charge of housekeeping, "I need you in my office at once." "Yes, Alpha." Came her reply. I didn't know her name, but it didn't matter. Knowing all the names of the people in my pack was pointless. All they needed to know was I was their Alpha. After a few minutes, I heard a soft knock at the door. "Enter." "Hello Alpha," she said, bowing her head low. "How can I be of service?" "I want my quarters of the packhouse cleaned. I want new sheets put on the bed and make it look presentable. Your new Luna will be here soon, and I want her to enjoy her stay." "Yes Alpha. I will get the girls on it immediately." "Add any touches you see fit. I will come in a few hours to inspect your work and I expect it to be perfect." "Of course, Alpha." She bowed her head again and left my office. "Is all this really necessary?" Lucas complained. "She isn't here to live like a princess." "She'll never do what we want and give us an heir if we treat her like a prisoner. She will be punished for disobedience, but she should also be rewarded for cooperation." He huffed in my mind and rolled his eyes. I would make, at least, her first week here pleasant.
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