Chapter 1

898 Words
“Jennie, don't forget this scarf with you.” Jennie’s mom handed her a scarf with stripes on it. “Oh, and this sweater too. I immediately bought it because I thought this might come in handy and—” “Mom, I’ll be okay.” Jennie cut her mom off as she chuckled and took the scarf from her mom. “I’ll take this instead so you won’t have to worry, okay?” She put the scarf in the luggage then closed it. Her mom sighed and sadly smiled as she patted her daughter’s shoulder. “Don’t forget to call every now and then, okay?” “Come here.” Jennie brought her mom into a tight hug. “Are you sure you’re not gonna take the sweater too?” Her mom asked as she pulled away. “I’ve got tons of them in my luggage.” Jennie smiled and her mom sighed. “Me and your dad are really gonna miss you around.” “I’ll call whenever possible and update you about everything. That’s a promise.” She reassured her. “Mom, just relax and hope for the best for me.” Her mom nodded. “Where’s dad by the way?” “He went out to buy something, he’ll be back soon.” Her mom answered. As if on cue, they heard the door opened and they went out of Jennie’s room to see him and make farewell. “Where have you been?” Jennie asked her dad. “I bought you this.” His dad gave her a slambook and Jennie raised her eyebrow and then laughed. “Dad, I’m not a kid anymore. Why give me this?” “For you to get to know everyone in your school!” Her dad beamed which made her embarrassingly shook her head. “I can communicate in case you've forgotten but I’ll still take this with me.” She said and she looked at her mom. “It might come in handy.” Jennie joked and her mom jokingly slapped her arm. “Okay, I need to hug you guys first before I go.” Her mom and dad went in for a group hug and as they pull away, her mom was already tearing up. “Take care okay?” Her mom sobbed. “I will.” Jennie enthusiastically smiled and picked her luggage up. “Bye mom and dad.” She bowed her head to them before heading out of the house. “Make us proud, okay?” Her dad shouted. “I will!” Jennie was an only child in her family and she wanted to take her chances with her somewhere far from home by studying at a university. At first, her family didn’t approve it but ended up sending her away, hoping it would help her make her future better. She’s a smart girl so her family trust her that she can manage on her own. After waiting at a bus stop, she stepped in on the bus and took a seat. It was a two-hour drive from her home to her new school. When she arrived at her destination, she wore a big smile on her face and started walking inside the school. She first got her schedule before finding the room number given to her in the dormitory. She felt excited about meeting her roommate and making friends with them. She had second thoughts on whether she’s gonna make them sign on her slambook for fun or just casually talk. Now she’s standing at the front door. She took a deep breath before she decided to knock. But no one responded. She got confused. Maybe she’d be alone in that room and she doesn’t really have a roommate? She tried to twist the doorknob open and to her surprise, it wasn’t even locked at all. She peeked her head in and she saw a messy room in front of her which made her forehead knit. Her eyes wandered more across the room and she saw a redheaded girl laying on her bed with her head hanging on the edge of it. Jennie chuckled at the sight of it. She seemed to be dreaming, she thought. She tried to knock again, but louder this time. The redhead twitched and she slowly got up, her hair was messy and she didn’t even fix it when she looked at Jennie. “I didn’t know someone’s coming today.” The readhead groggily said and sit on the edge of her bed. Jennie just looked at her and the redhead just realized that her new roommate just arrived. Her eyes widened and jolted up as she quickly fixed her hair and her clothes. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. I didn’t notice you.” She bowed her head embarrassingly. “No, it’s okay.” Jennie chuckled. “I’m Jennie. Jennie Kim.” She introduced herself and offered her hand for a handshake. “I’m Lisa.” She took Jennie's hand and shook it.
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