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Hi, my name is Olivia Carter and I am pretty much your basic representation of an ordinary teen.  It messed many things in my life up from the start. I thought if you vent out to others, maybe you would feel better but I learned through the hard way. Let’s start from when it all began. I was born in Miami on May 11, 2001; I was made with a curse. Bad luck managed to surround me wherever I went. I realized that a long time ago in first grade; I was overweight and looked like a demon’s depiction of Cookie Monster. My family was wealthy from the start so it was common that my dad was away on business trips a lot. My mom was youthful and never had time for me. This was my perfect childhood with no friends. Let’s be honest, who would want to be friends with an obese child who’s parents never turned up to for any concerts. Middle school wasn’t that hard. I made many friends, and I lost all of my extra weight but I didn’t feel complete. Maybe it was because of the snide remarks from others or memories from my past.  But as soon as I first stepped in high school many things changed. First, I had anxiety attacks every day and my self esteem was low. I was bullied every other day for being unattractive and eating too much. School wasn’t going any better, and I felt as if I would break down every other minute. It was not surprising when I realized I had depression and anxiety. Today is the first year of senior year. I’m excited to start school as I’m starting a new high school which means I can make a better impression. I never thought in a million years I would stand in front of my wardrobe picking a cute outfit but times change. After trying a billion outfits, I choose one. I grab my backpack and head downstairs. My family’s usually isn’t there so I’m most home alone but I’ve grown used to it. After eating some cereal, I head out the front door, lock the house and then go into my garage to take out my car. I love expensive sports cars and today, since it’s the first day of school, I want to make a nice impression. I pick out the all blacked out McLaren Senna and jump inside the car. After sometime I reach the end of the bridge and take a left to enter my stupid new school. Northside High School comes into my view as I notice the parking lot filled with cars. Has my beautiful batch finally turned up early and surprise me?Or maybe I’m late. f**k, I quickly glance at my watch and the most awful thing happens. It’s 8:27, my life loves giving me stupid surprises.Honestly, I love turning up to school late. It just makes you seem how badass you are but for me, it makes me feel how much I procrastinate. I quickly park my car in an empty spot near the reception and briskly lock my car. I run up the stairs to my school and strut into the hallways. Like I expected, they are empty and the occasional shouting of teachers reach my ears. I am screwed, I slowly whisper to myself as I look for the Principal’s Office. After roaming many corridors, I reach the familiar white door and knock twice before a gruff voice from inside says to enter.  I nervously open the door and step inside before closing it. I turn to see the principal sitting in his chair, writing with a lot of force. “Mr. Everett, sorry to disturb you but I’m Olivia Carter.” I say meekly and the principal turns up from his work to look at me with a smile. “Oh! You’re the new student? I was just waiting for you. I think you forgot when the school started though.” Mr.Everett laughs loudly as I stare uncomfortably at my feet. “I am sorry, I just didn’t realize.” I say while looking to face him. He nods his head and turns around to grab a piece of paper. “Here you go. This is your schedule and I hope you arrive on time tomorrow!” He says cheerfully and I quickly leave his room. I walk around the school and finally find my Chemistry class. It’s okay Olivia, only 20 students and one teacher. The period only started 20 minutes ago. Normal for a new student to be late, I remind myself as I suck in a deep breath and open the door. Instantly, I feel many students looking at me. I directly stare at the teacher and he offers me a frown. “Can I ask you who you are Miss?” He asks me in a strict manner and I awkward. “Olivia Carter, I’m new here.” The teacher nods and looks toward the class. “That’s weird, people hardly join this school.” He speaks in a low tone but I’m still able to hear him. My first day is already turning bad. What did he mean by people hardly join this school? “You can take a place with Jacob.” The teacher points Jacob out and turns out he’s sleeping. So I guess no more hot guys in the first period for me. The Chem teacher continues to drone on throughout the period and apparently Jacob still doesn’t give a f**k and continues to sleep. Many of the students keep looking my way and the girls even point at me. I just want school to an end and go home to head out for shopping.  I still haven’t fully seen this town yet. The bell rings and everyone heads out. I walk towards my next class which is Physics. Many guys seem to stare at me. Have I finally turned good looking? Not that I care. I seem to actually appear in the class on time and the teacher was just putting her books while the students were filling in the class. I grab a seat near the door to escape this prison rapidly when the bell rings. The teacher who is a woman in her mid-forties with glasses and a black trench coat with a white shirt and pants starts her lecture. In the middle of the class, the door bangs open and someone enters. I continue to copy down the notes without looking when I feel a heave glare at my face. I look up to see the most handsome guy ever. I catch his stare as he smirks. I feel sparks run down my body as I try to calm my heart which is beating at a violent speed. This will be one interesting day. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. Email me on (serendipitydreame@g*******m) for any inquiries.
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