Chapter Two

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VIDA’S POV Nope, I can’t die here; I need to get home. Fire, yes, I remember reading that fire keeps wild animals away, so I need to get this fireplace lit. I look around and find everything I need to light the fire without having to leave the cabin again. It takes me a few minutes, but finally, it lights, and before too long, it is roaring, providing me with warmth, light and, hopefully, protection. The howling continues off and on for a while, and then all goes quiet. A little too quiet. Oh man, I don’t want to die here in this strange place; I want to go home to my safe if not boring and mundane existence. I wonder how I can get home; I mean, I fell through a tear between realms; how does one get back out of a realm? Do I need to find the tear I fell through and climb back out? I’ll have to ask that fairy woman if she ever comes back. I sat huddled in front of the fire for a while. Before long, I started to hear a strange noise. It sounded like something was being dragged along the ground. I don’t want to die; I don’t want to die, I chanted quietly to myself. The noise got closer and closer. I grabbed one of the sticks from the fireplace and held it in front of me. I was not going down without a fight. The dragging noise continued, and then I heard rustling and banging on the front veranda. Sĥît, whatever it was, was right out the front now. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I thought for sure It was going to burst out of my ribcage at any time now. My whole body was flooded with adrenaline; I was in fight or flight mode but had nowhere to flee. I stood unsteadily on my feet; my breath was coming out in short, sharp pants, and I felt like I might pass out at any minute from hyperventilation. I jumped from my skin when I heard a knock on the door. I stood there rooted to the spot. Sĥït, what do I do? There was another knock, and still, I stood there holding my burning branch out in front of me, filling the house with smoke while staring at the door. “Excuse me, Ms Vida, would you mind opening the door, please?” I heard a little voice say from the other side. My body was shaking as I took a small step towards the door. “Elida?” I asked, my voice shaking. “Yes, it’s me. I have some things for you if you could please open the door. Sorry it took so long, but it was hard to drag it all here,” the fairy said, and I could hear she was puffing a little. Ohhh, so that was the dragging sound I heard. I threw the branch back into the fireplace and tentatively approached the door. I mustered up all the courage I had and opened it up. Elida was standing there; well, actually, she was floating, not standing. Anyway, in her tiny hands was the handle of a canvas bag she had dragged. I reached past her and grabbed the bag from her. She sighed. “Thank you, Ms Vida, that was incredibly heavy,” she said, fluttering into the house ahead of me. I carried the bag inside and securely shut the door behind me again. I sat the bag down on the dusty dining table. Elida came over and landed next to the bag. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get much, but there is some food, water and a cloak I got from an elf that should help to disguise you a little, though many will be able to tell from your scent that you are in fact human,” Elida said, plonking down on the table and sneezing due to the dust that she stirred up as she did. I opened the bag and hungrily sought out the food and drink. I found a loaf of blue bread and a few purple fruits that looked like apples. Man, the colours were definitely off in this realm. I also pulled out a flask, which I assumed held something to drink. “Thank you so much, Elida. Would you like some, or do you have somewhere you need to be?” I asked, unsure whether or not she would leave me alone in this scary place. “Actually, I ate whilst I was out, but thank you for the offer. I have also told my people I am needed elsewhere tonight as I didn’t feel right leaving you alone here as a stranger to these lands,” she replied, and I breathed a sigh of relief before biting into the blue bread. To my surprise, it was sweet. “Thank you,” I mumbled around the mouthful of bread. “You’re welcome, Vida. Tomorrow, I think it would be best if we headed to the capital of Mythica. Someone there should know how you got here and perhaps how to get you back home,” Elida said. The capital... I wonder if that’s like the ACT or the Australian Capital Territory, which is the capital of Australia, where all the politicians hang out. “Thank you, Elida, for everything,” I said, glad to have some help in this strange place. “I’m just happy I was the first to find you; there are many species that live in Mythica, and not all of them are friendly to outsiders; in fact, some are not even friendly to other species,” she replied. I sat quietly while eating and drinking; while doing so, I took a few minutes to study my new companion. She was about five centimetres tall and had long golden-blonde hair, which was pulled back in a half-up hairstyle. She had bright blue eyes, a cute little round face, and pointed ears. She was dressed in a short purple dress and leggings. Her wings were bright pink and looked just like a butterfly. She was so cute. Once I had eaten my fill of the bread and fruit, I decided to see what I could find in the way of bedding. A quick search of the building found a small bedroom with a small dusty bed and an equally small bathroom. Unfortunately, the water was too discoloured from rusted pipes to shower. My little fairy friend was able to use some basic magic, which I had never seen before, to get rid of the dust from the bed so I could sleep in it. I was a little taken aback when she did her magic thing; that is definitely not something you see where I came from. Even in the short time I have been here, I realise it will be weird to return to everyday life when I get back, that is, if I can get back home. Elida said she would sleep on the couch. I was really very tired, so I said goodnight to Elida, stripped off my outer clothes and hopped into bed. It was surprisingly comfortable, and I dozed off fairly quickly. I awoke in a strange, empty room with candles lining the walls. “You have finally arrived. We have been waiting for a very long time for you,” a deep masculine voice said. I turned and found five people standing before me. There were three men and two women. “Who will you choose?” A beautiful woman with long, flowing, wavy red hair and piercing green eyes asked. I pointed at myself after turning and finding no one behind me. “Wait, what?” I asked, and the five of them laughed. “We are all here for you. You need to decide which one of us you will choose, or you may choose several if they are willing to share,” another male said. This guy had short hair on the side, longer slicked-back hair on top, and jet-black with blue streaks. He had turquoise-coloured eyes and sharp features; he was clean-shaven and was a massive tank of a man. I took a moment to study the other three people standing before me. They were all beyond beautiful, like supermodels or celebrities. The second woman had dead straight white-blonde hair, pointed ears and purple eyes. The two other guys were both brunettes. One had shoulder-length hair and grey eyes; he also sported a short, scruffy beard and was tall and solid. The last guy was very pale with long, straight hair and red eyes. He was clean-shaven, too. I still had no idea what they were talking about; however, before I had the chance to ask them, the room went black, and when I opened my eyes, the morning light was filtering in through the bedroom’s faded curtains. It had been a dream. That was the craziest dream I have ever had. This place must be affecting my brain. I wondered if those were real people I had seen and if my subconscious had pulled them all together. You would think I would remember seeing people that gorgeous, but I have no recollection of having ever seen any of them before.
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