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A disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a gay fiction, so negative and mean comments won't be tolerated. This work has mature contents and tagged mature, so I'm not responsible for your pure and innocent eyes. “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” Screams and wails echoed in the woods. Chaos fell upon us, and all I could do is watch. I hugged my twins while they cried in sheer terror. I trembled while trying to stay strong, embracing my boys and hoping for the best. My mate is out there fighting them; hunters lead by a ruthless man, aiming to end our existence. I felt my pack’s pain, listening to their groans and screams of agony. I felt helpless, worthless of the title they’ve given me. I brought this upon them. I caused this, and only I can end it. I knew he was a vengeful soul, proud and resilient. I knew that I hurt his pride when I left him, but I thought I explained my reasons to him. I thought he understood, or at least, I convinced myself he did. I knew that look he gave me when I exited his car to chase after my mate held a promise of an inevitable doom. It is my fault he’s here now, fighting my people and killing us. He came here for me. He chased me and was able to track me. And now, everyone will die because of me. He’s a hunter, someone who promised to kill supernatural beings, but his heart mended when he met me. I loved him, not going to lie, but my love for my mate trumps the feelings I have for him. He knew I’m a wolf and that one day I might meet my fated pair. I thought he understood, and I believed his promise when he said he’d give up on me if I find my mate. We both knew that we lived a lie, both hopeful that destiny would bring us together. I did lose hope of finding my mate, got used to my life with him. I thought I was happy and that our relationship stood a chance. I blame myself fully for raising his hopes up, only to crush him when my mate showed up. The expression he had on the day I left said it all. I knew he’d give in to his dark side, that he’d resent our existence, but I didn’t care. I was so taken by my new-found feelings for my mate, afraid of losing him. He was poisoned by the fake love we felt for each other, now he is here to end us all. And it’s all my fault. The door to our cottage opened and my mate walked in. He panted, with wide eyes, searching for us. “You need to leave.” He said once our frantic eyes met. “Take the boys and leave.” I shook my head, not bearing the thought of leaving him alone to fight. I can’t leave the love of my life behind to fight for his life, for something I did “No, I can’t.” “Nat, be reasonable.” He muttered sternly, his eyes softening at the sight of my tears. He kissed the top of my head, his lips lingering as if he was afraid to let go. “Please leave and protect our sons.” “I won’t leave unless you’re with me.” I pleaded, and he caressed Ken’s cheek, kissing both boys fondly. “Alpha!” The elder, Raphael, walked in looking as distressed. “He’s here! We can’t hold back any longer!” “Natasha.” “I’m not leaving.” I sobbed. “I’m not leaving without you.” “There isn’t much time.” He handed me a backpack, his eyes pleading me to comply. I shook my head and stepped back, holding my babies tightly. “This will get you nowhere. You guys need to leave.” Raphael urged. A blasting sound came from outside, and I could hear our last line of defense’s alarming howls. “How about this?” The elder went on hastily. “You leave one of the kids behind, and Alpha will have no choice but to follow you.” I stared at my mate, who hesitantly nodded, considering it. “Leave Ken with me. I’ll get some stuff from the pack cabin and follow you.” “You promise?” He reached over and held Ken, handing me the backpack. I reluctantly took it, staring into his eyes as he nodded. “I promise.” He kissed me with so much passion as if it’s our last one. I shuddered, realizing that it could be the very last. I wanted to stay, but looking at the boy in my arms, the future of our kind, I reluctantly pulled away, kissing Kenneth. I have faith that they’ll make it. I left the place I called home, holding my baby boy closely, running through the thick forest towards the neighboring pack. Our tribe chose to reside faraway from civilization, holding on our traditions, preserving our heritage, enjoying the simple life. We chose seclusion, and other packs respected our choice, aware of the burden we’re bearing; protecting the tomb. Halfway through, a stabbing pain burned inside my chest, and I knew something bad has happened. I halted in place, tearful as I stared at the baby in my arms and behind me where I left my other son and mate. I felt torn of what to do, afraid of returning and endangering this child, too. But I needed to go back. I needed to be there and help them. I looked at my son who grabbed my finger with his small hand and yawned. His blue eyes glinting with the powers he held. I knew that Luna had plans for him and the spirits will always protect him. I’ve made my decision. I wrapped my baby in his blanket, kissing his puffed cheeks. “Shift.” I ordered him as I placed him behind some shrubs under a tree. I felt my heart tear into pieces when I heard his whines as I left. ‘Mum will be back, darling.’ I linked him. ‘I’ll be back, I promise.’ I hurried the way I came from, my heart down my throat, pacing at an insane speed in fear of what I’d find waiting for me in our tribe. I shifted and pawed through the trees, crying over my stupidity, hating myself for leaving my loved ones behind. I knew what I did there. I knew that I chose my mate and our child over my other son; his son. I froze in my place, shifting back to my human form when I saw my bleeding mate in the middle of the courtyard, holding Ken, whose cries shuddered through the eerie silence. “Nat?!” He shook his head disapprovingly, eyes widening. “Behind you!” I turned back to be hit in the face hard that my vision darkened. In my daze, I heard his voice. “Welcome back, honey.”
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