Part 2

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There was a weird feeling inside my gut. Was I going to find something I didn't like? My heart thudded against my chest. I shook my head. No, I had to be positive. Taking a sharp breath, I settled back and flipped the page. My eyes widened at the title of the page. Lukas. It read it all bold words. The thought of my mate made my head flutter, my eyes clenching as I missed his presence around. *** Lukas woke up in a cold sweat, out of breath and panting hard as he bolted upright in his bed. He felt scared, terrified, absolutely hysterical over what he just dreamed. He didn't remember much, but what he does remember was fire. The colours of orange and yellow burning away and destroying something pure. He doesn't remember what it was, but it was beautiful. The Sun of God remembered a person too, with eyes the colour of blue crystal. As blue as the ocean, as blue as the sky above. The eyes were full of hope and determination, and the only thing that he could remember before he woke up. A chill shoot through his body as he shivered in his bed. It's only the first week of Spring, maybe he shouldn't be sleeping with his shirt off just yet, but the anticipation for summer was simply killing him. Eating him from the side. The son of Helios loved summer. Obviously. He was used to the heat and warmth. A smile curled his lips as he was aware that the summer was going to be a good one—he can feel it maybe because most of his mischievous and loud half-siblings were gone back home to their mother's place. With a sigh, Lukas tried to go back to bed after such a weird dream, but it proved difficult until he started thinking of those beautiful blue eyes. This time, though, he tried imagining what they would look like if they were focused on him. That image put him back to sleep right away, and he peacefully stayed under until the sun is high in the sky. He woke up each morning, wishing he had someone to share his bed with. He went about his duties, overseeing judgments and affairs on Tartarus. Every day felt the same. Sometimes he envied his siblings for being so reckless and carefree. Few minutes passed by when Lukas was awoken by a sudden weight across his chest, wetness on his face, and plenty of fur—although that last one made him feel like his blanket. Then again, why it's so wet? As he came to consciousness, he heard the whines of the creature currently squirming atop him, and he couldn't help but laugh. "Fur you silly pup get off of me," Lukas cackled, and pushed the black and white dog bundle of fur off his chest. The dog jumped onto the wooden floorboards of his huge bedroom, but his excitable state doesn't diminish. The son of Helios yawned and stretched his arms above his head, relishing the c***k of his back. As he's rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he reviewed his tasks for the day. There's a sensation that he had something important to do that day, but in his still-sleepy state, he's struggling to recall what it is. When it hit him, he froze mid-rub of his eyes, and his hand slowly fell to the fur strewn across the bed. His fingers tangled into their soft texture, and he bit his lip. Right. It's that day. The day he's meant to go to Olympus. Fur barked again, drawing him out of his reverie. The dog wagged his tail, tongue jutted out, and it managed to put a weak smile on his face. "Alright, silly boy. How's about we take a walk in our garden?" Fur barked again, and he took it as agreement, so he dragged himself out of bed, his reluctance this time stemming from the laziness. With a sigh, he slipped out of his loose nightclothes and began to put on the many layers he'll need to keep warm outside. After all, he loved being warm. Lukas moved to the gardens with Fur trying to keep up with him. He covered atleast half of the gardens when he heard footsteps behind him. "Thought you might be here." The son of Helios jolted and turned to face his friend, Cruis. "Yeah" Cruis laughed. "I've been looking for you sometime now, and then I thought you must be sleeping." Lukas shrugged. "Was up before dawn." His friend frowned and asked, "Couldn't sleep?" The son of Helios shook his head. He wanted to tell his friend about his dream but instead thought against it. "Fur woke me up and he wanted to come out." "Oh," Cruis said, nodding his head before he pulled out the invitation to the party. "Here. This is the card for the evening. Just come. They haven't seen you in years." Lukas stared at his friend. Cruis travelled all over Olympus, Earth, and the Underworld, delivering messages, helping the Sun God with the problems. Also, he had a reputation for being a good gossip. Because of his friend's stories, Lukas didn't feel like he missed out on much from Olympus and could instead learn all he needed to know from his friend. But his friend insisted on making him make an exception for the Party for Spring. Each year, Olympus hosted a party for the gods to celebrate the coming Spring. The Goddess of Fertility and Harvest oversaw the whole thing with her daughter, Persephone the Goddess of Spring. Together, they created a bright and festive affair; the most talked about party every single year. However, Hera was interested in hosting it in her Palace, so they combined the event. Lukas hadn't been out of the Tartarus in ages. Even though his friend said it would be a party not to miss, said it would be good for him to get out and talk with people who were still alive for once. He agreed in the end. *** Lukas was dressed in his white chiton and chlamys, an obsidian belt around his waist, and his crown on his head. Around the hall, he could see the gods he hadn't seen in years and walked the grounds of Zeus palace. The party made him wonder why he hadn't visited Olympus in so long. His stepbrothers, friends with the Greek gods, were overjoyed and heartily laughing about something. The room was filled with people in a flurry of activity; some were dancing in the centre of the room, some were outside in the grand courtyard, and others like him lingered on the sides of the room. The band, a ten-piece group of strings— courtesy of Apollo— were playing in the corner, providing the music for the guests to dance. The Goddess gowns were a mix of pastels and lace, which was a sharp contrast to the dark suits the men were dressed in. Everyone was wearing a mask from full to half masks. His friend dragged the son of Helios in Olympus. Apollo. They only bonded because Apollo was the last person to involve in the war and think they were above Titans. That's why Lukas tolerated the God of music. "Now that you're here! I won't let you go." Lukas rolled his eyes. "Don't make me regret accepting your invitation." Apollo looked over his shoulder; his lips pressed together. "You won't! Come on, let's get some drinks." The son of Helios walked along with him towards the room full of drinks. It wasn't a surprise that the Greek Gods loved drinking. No doubt about that. He was handed a fruity drink which he grudgingly accepted. He was impressed with the beauty of the event. Every instrument imaginable was playing as if the change in the season caused even music to wake up and smile. Huge flower arrangements towered over the guests, brightly coloured and intricately detailed. Red and purple lotus blossoms were littered about the tables, and rose petals covered the floor, creating soft carpets to walk along. He had never seen so much colour before. A trickling fountain created entirely of ice sat in the middle of the room, bringing fresh water from Earth and looking like a miniature Mount Olympus. Each item of food seemed to be created from or shaped like some flower or grass, and everything looked and tasted delicious. His eyes shifted to the goddess Hera. She was dressed in a deep green gown with gold accents mimicking the look of wheat along the edges. The gown swayed as she moved through the room. At the head of the room, sit two large thrones for Zeus and Hera. Both of their faces adorned with fake smiles. For Hera to be the goddess of marriage, hers never seemed to be going well at all. Lukas shook his head at that. He stood next to the fountain, a soft blue drink in his hand when his eyes fell on her. ***
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