Chapter 1

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~ARTHUR BLACKNER~ "You'll need to find someone else to have your baby." I stare at my father, unable to come to terms with his words. When he'd called me to his study I was not expecting to be hit with such preposterous news. He has always done things in the past to surprise me but this time he's outdone himself. "I already have a mate . . . You know this father." Emily Rider is not exactly my 'mate', at least not by a werewolf's standard. By definition, a mate is someone that is chosen by the moon Goddess. Your mate is supposed to be your partner for life. Someone that is bonded to you until the day either one of you dies. Werewolves kill for their mate, they love, protect and worship the ground that their mate walk on. That is where my kind draws the line from the average werewolf. We do not believe in mates, they make you weak and vulnerable. Ask anyone in the supernatural universe about us and they would call us insane. We deny nature itself and create our own worlds; one where mates do not exist, at least a world where we pretend that they're nonexistent. They call us . . . the inhumane Blackners. A name that my kind is proud of. None of us have ever bonded before and we plan on keeping it that way until the day that we die. Emily Rider is the woman I've chosen to spend the rest of my life with, a woman that I've chosen and not a woman chosen by the moon goddess. The decision to make her my woman was one that made me extremely happy. However, all of that had changed the day that we found out that she cannot have children. No one was angrier than my father of course. The news had brought with it great distress in my family. My father has always wanted grandchildren to carry on our family's legacy and make us stronger. That was his one aim in life. I thought that things were okay however; I thought that he would accept the grandchildren of my brothers’ instead. But I was clearly wrong for now he's telling me to let another woman have my child. This is something that I cannot let happen. It would destroy Emily to find out what my father has planned. "She is not your true mate, it shouldn't be that hard. You need an heir to carry on your name. As such, you need to find a suitable woman to give you a child." He snaps. "You do not have to love her and you can get rid of her as soon as the baby is born." I know by my father's tone that he will not hear anything else that I have to say. His mind is made up and the only other option is to leave. I saw something similar happen already, my step-brother made the decision to disobey father and he was banished for his choice. "What do you have to say?" He asks, threatening me to defy him. My knuckles tighten at my sides and I feel a tick in my jaw as I face him. "If this is what you want, I will find someone to have my child but like you said, I will not love her, I will not cherish her, I will not provide for her, she will only be here to have my child and that is all." He nods, pleased with my answer. "You do not need to find someone however. I already know the woman that would prove to be the perfect mother for your children." His words leave me in shock. He already has someone? How long ago did he plan this? Now I understood just how much he'd been doing without my knowledge. He was just waiting for the right time to break the news to me. It was never my decision; it had already been made for me. "You've been very busy father." I say with narrowed eyes as I try to compose myself. "Who is she?" I ask as I scrutinize him with my gaze. He is now rolling a pen between his fingers and I can tell that he isn't happy with my tone. Still, he doesn't say anything. He understands what he's asking from me. I've never disrespected my father in the past and I didn't want to do that now even though I was pissed by his actions. "You do not need all of that information right now." I'm fuming now, how can he say that? He expects me to let this woman have my children but yet he isn't willing to tell me anything about her? "I have to disagree father. I want to know more about her." He shrugs his shoulders and returns to the papers in front of him. "Send your men to fetch her tonight. I'll give you all the information needed to find her. I want her here by tomorrow. We don't have any time to waste. I want you to have an heir as soon as possible." I try not to let his words fuel my anger but it is difficult. I am worried about Emily. I knew her well and she would not take this news easily, she would throw a fit and I would be the one left to deal with it. I was foolish to ever think that my father would happily let me be with Emily after learning about her not being able to have children. I should have better prepared myself for something like this.  My father isn't like the average dad, he never was. I shouldn't have let my guard down around him. Now I'm left with this mess and I have no idea how to fix it. "Did you hear me son?" I lift my gaze towards my father and nod despite my unhappiness. "I will get everything done tonight. Just give me her coordinates and they will bring her back here." I was doing this only for my father but when this woman arrived, she would know her place. She will never mean anything to me. She would not even be allowed the privilege to be the mother of my children. That privilege will be given to Emily. It might be the only way that she would ever forgive me for this. As soon as I have my child that woman shall leave here for good and I would be able to go back to my normal life; I would live my life peacefully with Emily . . . just like I've always wanted it to be. . . . . . . .  ~Gabriella~ I smile at the little girl as I place the food in front of her. "Thank you." She whispered with tears in her eyes. I feel a tug in my heart at the look on her face. This is why I do what I do. I'm not rich and I don't know how to provide for so many wolves without packs. So I steal. I take from the rich and give to the poor. I'm not proud of it but it's worth it when I see the smile on the children's faces like right now. I play with her hair before waving goodbye. "You know where to find me if you ever need anything." She nods and waves back. I don’t take long to reach my cottage; the only place that I’m safe and away from people trying to find me. I drop myself onto the bed and sigh. Another hard day today but it was definitely worth it seeing Emma's smile and grateful eyes. She was such a precious little girl and I enjoyed taking care of her as much as I could. I twist and turn against the sheets. There my body went sending me all insane again. I kept getting this weird feeling and every now and then I felt like my mate was close to me. I laugh. What mate? My body was just playing tricks on me; even my own body disliked me. I wouldn't be lucky enough to have a mate. Men showed no interest in me and the one man that ever did turned out to be a complete ass. He'd left me for another woman who was happy to rub it in my face. I remembered his words even up to this day. 'No one will ever want you Gabriella. You're a thief and you're hideous to look at. Not even your own family wanted you, they threw you away and everyone can see why. I'm going to be with Linda now, she's beautiful and smart and she knows how to please a man . . . Something you were never good at.' He was angry that I never wanted to give myself fully to him. I knew that I was crazy but I always wanted to save that part of myself for my mate even though I knew that I wasn't lucky enough to have one like everyone else. I sigh. I was foolish to even like someone like Derick, I should have seen all of the signs before he'd done what he'd done. Now that I think about it, I'd gotten together with Derick only because I was lonely and finally wanted someone to lean on, I thought that he would be that guy for me but I was so wrong. I soon realized after meeting him that I was the only one that I could count on. I turn over on my side and stare at the amulet on the wall. It was the only thing my parents had left with me. If they didn't care about me, I had no idea why they would even leave that amulet with me. I walk over to it and pull at it angrily.  I'm angry, angry that I've never thrown the damn thing away just like my parents had done to me. I guess a small part of me always hoped that someone would see it and point me in the direction of my parents. Obviously none of that ever happened. I pause. I suddenly become aware of a sound outside the cottage. It almost sounded like the sound of feet crushing leaves. That was impossible though. No one ever came here before. I quickly push the amulet into my jeans and grab a dagger from under the bed. Whoever it was, I'll have them running from here in no time.
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