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My life was always easy and so much fun in the beginning, even though we are werewolves. I went to school, and I was very popular and smart. I got amazing grades. Everyone in the Blue Moon pack wanted to be my friend. If I am honest, I was alright with it, but it was annoying at times. My parents were incredibly close to me. I loved them dearly. But, when I turned nine, I started puberty. My period came on, so I was kept home for the day. My parents didn't want me feeling weird at school, but they still wanted me to train. That afternoon in the basement of our house, they were training me to fight, when I suddenly shifted. I panicked. I didn't know what happened. On top of starting my periods, I freaked out badly. No one shifts that young. Everyone shifts when they are thirteen, not nine. My parents were surprised but completely mesmerised by me. I remember looking at my reflection in the mirror. I had shifted into a beautiful, extremely rare white wolf. My fur was a glistening white. My eyes were a glowing blue. My clothes were in tatters on the floor. My Wolf's voice came through my mind as clear as day, calming me down. Her name is Snow. My parents calmed me down too, and I was able to shift back. But, after that, my parents went into full protective mode. They decided to home school me, after that. They banned me from shifting in front of anyone but them. Dad continued to train me and, once I was older, he taught me to drive. My wolf and I became very close. She was fearless and quite violent. We made frequent visits to the Lycan Pack, because Mum's sister, Auntie Zara, was mated to a Lycan, named Finn. I made friends there. Amelia was my closest friend from there. I would even say my best friend, when I wasn't there we would always text and call. I even had the chance to meet the royal family a few times. Prince Robert and his friend Quinn used to hang around with me and Amelia. When I was there, we would climb trees and go swimming, kid stuff. I actually had a secret crush on Prince Robert. Something drew me to him, especially after I first shifted. Even when we were kids, he was godlike. He was so handsome, even back then. People in our pack became more suspicious each and every day, of me and my family. It was getting hard. That is when my parents came up with a fall-out plan. They named it cat-walk. Quite ironic, considering I always wanted to be a fashion designer. If I ever heard those words, I had to pack up and flee to Zara and Finn, who knew I was a White Wolf. Dad was a big spy movie nut. James Bond, Jason Bourne, you name he has watched it. He packed a handbag for me, with fake IDs and credit cards, as well as cash and a completely unused smart phone. He even brought me a black car, with blacked out windows. I kept the keys in my room just in case. The car, though, was incredible. It was an Aston Martin Vanquish. He even made sure that the garage door was made of easily breakable wood, because I would have to make a quick getaway. He knew full well, I wouldn't leave to the last possible second. I had to think carefully about the things I would pack, if they ever used those words. I made sure to keep all my fashion designing stuff packed up in two boxes. If I use something, I make sure to put it back. I kept my suitcase unzipped, so I could pack quickly. I kept my keepsake box and valuables inside the suitcase too. I even added to the bag my dad packed, putting a couple bottles of water, snacks, and a mp3 player with all my music on it. Every day of my life, became a routine. I would wake up, train with Dad in human and wolf form, but only in our sealed-off basement. Mum was a teacher, so she taught me everything. Then, we would research everything we could about White Wolves. We actually found out everything. I even had visions or dreams. I am not sure what you would call it, but I saw the past lives of the White Wolves. It helped us understand more about them, about me. I began developing powers. The visions were just the beginning. My mindlinking abilities became stronger, I was even able to mindlink Zara and Finn when I visited them. No one can mindlink members from other packs, but I could. I was faster and stronger than even Alpha wolves. I also developed healing powers. I somehow healed my father's broken leg instantly with just a simple touch. I had a feeling that these were just the beginning of my powers. I just need to learn how to control them. Dad and Mum were always so worried. They kept me at home more and more. Rumours began to spread about why my parents locked me away so much. I overheard the rumours when I was out shopping one day. I would tell my parents everything I heard. They kept arguing about whether or not we should leave now or later. I could tell they were frightened about what could happen. One day after I was seventeen, I had this headache. As the pain eased off, I was able to access the mind-linking of other people. At first, I overheard the dirty conversation my parents were having in their mind-link with one another. It was so embarrassing to hear that. Eventually, I was able to over hear a mindlinking conversation between Alpha James and his Beta, in which they discussed me and what they wanted to do. It was almost like I could access their minds while they were mindlinking others. I was able to see the plan Alpha James had for me, and it was not what I nor Snow wanted. We knew the day was coming when I would have to leave and go to Zara and Finn in the Lycan pack. Things kept getting worse and worse...
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