Chapter 2

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(Song: “Fire and Fire” by Sam Smith) Jaxon's POV "Ahhh Jaxon," Kaylee screams as I bury myself inside of her. She digs her nails into my back, whimpering as I pound into her mercilessly. Melanie, I moan in my head. I imagine her perfect body wrapped around mine. Her beautiful, violet eyes gazing at me as I please her. Her soft, plump lips part as she moans my name. I can't help but think about my encounter with Melanie at the diner. No matter how annoyed she was, she wanted me. I could smell how wet pinning her against that wall made her. As I feel my d**k start to twitch, I pull out and stroke it above Kaylee's tanned stomach until the hot liquid shoots out. She looks up at me with lustful eyes. "Wow Jaxon, that was amazing," she breaths. "Yeah," I mumble, getting up and tossing her clothes on the bed. Then, I quickly put on a gray t-shirt and navy-blue jeans. "Jaxon, you don't want to cuddle?" she pouts. "No. I have to go to the Academy today." She sits up, clapping her hands together excitedly. "Oh yeah, tonight Alpha Damon is announcing that you're going to be Alpha, right?" I nod. Today was our last day of class. We wouldn't be doing much but training and saying our goodbyes to one another, but tonight everyone will know about Alpha Damon picking me over his own daughter as Alpha. I am kind of nervous about how Melanie will react when he announces it in front of the entire pack. Ever since we were kids, I have had a crush on her, but her dad f****d that up by pitting us against each other. He knew that she wanted the title, and honestly, she deserved it. The Alpha blood in her made her a little firecracker. She was fast, strong, and a good leader. It is extremely sexy watching her take down a full-grown man. She has even done it to me a few times when I go easy on her. Then, she gets upset and forces me to do it again until I make her tap out. I drop Kaylee off at her house before heading to the Academy. I can't help but smirk when I see Melanie's red 2018 Honda Accord already sitting in the front of the parking lot. She is always at least thirty minutes early to warm up before everyone else; I admire that about her. I park my car next to hers and walk in to catch her hard at work slaying a dummy. She's wearing a black sports bra and shorts that make her ass look so good. I try not to stare at it as I walk past. She crouches down to attack the dummy again, but I notice that her form is slightly off. If she was fighting a real opponent, she could get hurt or worse...killed. I could just keep walking and mind my own business, but as future Alpha, I should be helping my warriors strive to be the best, right? I walk up behind her, getting a whiff of rose and vanilla. Her smell makes my wolf, Shadow, purr. "You need to work on your stance," I comment softly, placing my hands at her hips. I don't know if it's just from my touch or she can also feel the weird tingles that are now shooting up my arms, but she jumps away. "Don't touch me Jaxon!" she hisses, pushing her long, ash-brown hair back. I love when she wears her hair down; it compliments her face so well. "I'm just trying to help," I mumble, putting up my hands defensively as I back further away from her. She scoffs. "Well don't." She rolls those beautiful, violet eyes and it only makes me want to bend her over and punish her. She really does need someone to f**k this bad attitude out of her. "You know what, since it's our last day, let's spar," I suggested eagerly, "winner gets to ask one question and loser must answer honestly." I'm not sure what my question is yet, but I will figure it out once I make her submit. She narrows her eyes at me. Without a word, she crouches down into a fighting stance. We circle around each other as if we were dancing. "C'mon Jaxon, what are you afraid of?" she smirks, bouncing back and forth on her heels. She motions for me to come here with her index finger. I lunge towards her, but she dodges me with lightning speed. "Gotta be faster than that." I growl. She's a bit too cocky for my liking. I lunge at her again and she dodges the same way as before. Since I anticipated this, I quickly grab her by the waist and knock her down on the mat. She scrambles to get up, but I use my weight to trap her. I can feel her squirming beneath me as I grab her hands and pin them above her head. "Tap out," I mumble huskily in her ear. She moves her legs, trying to wrap them around mine so she can flip us over. "Negative," she retorts, her eyes darkening to an eggplant purple. I smirk as she continues her escape attempt, little grunts escaping from her mouth. I was about to let her go when the smell of her arousal hit my nose. Shadow starts going crazy; he wants nothing more than for me to bury myself inside of her. I position myself so that she can't feel my erection. We gaze intensely into each other's eyes, but before I can gather the courage to speak, a powerful aura enters the room; Alpha Damon. I quickly get off of her and pull her onto her feet. I join the others who are baring their necks to him in respect. I notice everyone is doing it besides Melanie. Her eyes become pitch black at the sight of her dad. As he approaches us, Mel starts to walk in the opposite direction, but he growls, "Mel, I didn't dismiss you." His voice is cold and harsh. She stands beside me, her face as hard as a rock. "As you already know, since today is your last day in the Academy, I will announce Jaxon as the new Alpha to the pack tonight." He shoots a glare at his daughter. "I hope everything goes smoothly." She folds her arms. "What is that supposed to mean?" "I mean I don't want you ruining Jaxon's big moment just because you act infantile when you don't get your way." He steps forward until his huge form is towering over her. Any other wolf would be cowering in fear, but she doesn’t back down. "Don't worry Dad, I would never want to embarrass your golden child," she scoffs. I didn't want to be in the middle of this s**t, but I realized I WAS the middle of it, thanks to Alpha Damon. The wrinkles in his forehead deepen. "Stop acting like a f*****g brat, Melanie! I told you why I didn't choose you," he hissed. "Yeah, because you were never going to. I don't even know why I thought I could change your mind." "You're so stubborn, ungrateful, and downright disrespectful. The Alpha male who becomes your mate will surely reject you on the spot." Their faces are only inches apart as they glare at each other, fury rolling off both of them in waves. "Take that back now," she hisses through clenched teeth. "You are my biggest disappointment, Mel. I'm just glad I found someone like Jaxon...someone who is worthy of being Alpha." I can't even wrap my head around how he can talk to his own daughter like that. It also makes me uncomfortable that they keep mentioning my name like I'm not standing right here. "f**k you, dad," she growled. Then she turned around and walked out of the building holding up her right middle finger. I don't know why, but her standing up to her dad, even though he's the strongest werewolf in the room, has my d**k getting hard again. What the f**k is wrong with me?
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