Chapter 1 - Honey pie.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Please note that if you haven't read book one " WHEN DID IT STARTED ". then you should kindly check it out before reading book two " LOVE CIRCLE ". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. " I am fast because I am doing it for the person I like ". The word kept on repeating in Anna's ear as he just kept on smiling. He wasn't expecting that from her because he was already expecting more, like her telling him that she did the cooking on time because she ' Love's him '. ' At least I still need to be happy because I am finally among the group of people that she likes '. Alex said to himself as an outstanding smile creeps on his handsome face. " What is going on on your head, because that type of smile isn't a good one, and I just hope you are thinking about something good and not something stupid ". Anna said as she left what she was doing to stare at him while raising her eyebrows. " I can't say that what's going on up there is something nice. I can call it nice but I don't know if you are also going to call that nice ". Alex said while pointing at his head. " So what's it that you are thinking of ?". Anna asked. " I am just happy that I am finally among the people who you like, I know I sound greedy or ungrateful but I would like it if you..... if you can please go an extra mile for liking me. You can ' Like like me ', which I am going to be happy for if it can just happen very soon ". Alex said while startling. " Gush!!! can you just stop it already ". Anna said blushing. She couldn't stop blushing because of what Alex had say. ' Woah... he's even thinking about an extra type of like a '. Anna said to herself while smiling awkwardly. Alex stood up from the bed and walk close to Anna before hugging her from behind. Anna hasn't complained about it so his mind, soul, and body were very happy. " Anna do you want to go to the movies, I haven't carried you to the movies once, so I would love it if you don't give me any excuses homey pie ". Alex said with a seductive low voice to Anna's ear, causing an electric flow to her body. " Hey!!! I don't mind following you to the movies, I haven't been to the movies for a long time, so yeah I don't mind at all, and I know that it's going to be fun ". Anna said with a smile on her face. " Thanks my honey pie," Alex said. The way he always says the word ' honey pie is something else. I keep on making Anna blush because Alex always seductively says her pet name. " Should I get dressed, or do you want me to follow you like this ". Anna pulled away from Alex while demonstrating how short and how to expose the tops are on her body. " I won't allow you to go out like that, it's going to cause attention which I hate, and I might as well end up fighting with someone, so I prefer if you wear something else, or you can just dress like Anna and not Lisa ". " This is how Anna does dress ". Anna said pooping her cheeks out while fluttering her eyelashes, and making cute puppy dogs' eyes. " Ahh... that can't be true, because Anna that I Know doesn't like wearing clothes like that, except it's from her boyfriend Alex, so this is not how Anna do dresses. If you want you can still wear that to the movies, it's nice so there's nothing bad about the dressing, but expect me to cause a fight if I caught anyone staring ". Alex said while using his eyes to admire her gown. " You must be joking right ? because of can't even wear this outside this mansion, it feels as if I am naked with only underwear to cover my body ". She at first taught Alex would insist for her to change her dressing, but when she found out that he no longer disapprove of her dressing, but promise to cause a fight if he sees anyone staring at her made her smile at how protective her boyfriend is. " I will be right back, I need to change my clothes..... ' Damn it !!!, I didn't carry any of my clothes here ". Anna said with a frustrated voice while stepping her feet on the floor. " We can just stop at a boutique to buy something nice ". Alex said while dragging her close to him as he uses his hand to wrap her waist. " It will cost a lot of money, and I don't want to add to your expenses, besides you are going to pay for the entering fee, so....... I don't know, it hurt that I am just worthless, not helping you in any way ". Anna said with a frustrated voice. " Shhhh.... you aren't adding to my expenses okay!!!! and you aren't worthless and you never will be, just have it in your mind that you mean a lot to me. I know you must be thinking that you haven't help me once, but Anna you are always helping me ". Alex said while burring his head at Anna's neck. " You know that you shouldn't tell lies just to make me feel better ". Anna said pulling away from Alex. " Telling lies would have been good, but I am serious. I'm not telling lies to you. You are helping me a lot but you seem not to know what you have done by helping me ". " Boss Alex!!! what type of help have I ever render to you that you can still consider as help ?" she asked raising her brows while staring at Alex intensely. " You helped me to become the Alex that I am, I used to be a cold type of person but now I am friendly and I think I always smile since when I found you. When I succeed in this business promotion, I never knew that someone could be that happy just because I achieve something. My mom is the only one who becomes extremely happy when I succeed but seeing you jumping and everything just made me feel like crying. I know that for you, that doesn't count as help, but for me, it counts as helping because it will always give me the spirit to do more ". Alex said while pulling Anna who is standing far away from him, close to his body. Anna couldn't mutter any words because it just felt like a romance movie playing in front of her very own eyes, where the male lead had to confess his love to his girlfriend. The only difference is that Alex wasn't confessing his love for her, but trying to explain how happy he is to have someone like her, who will always get happy because of his success. " Alex since when you came back from your business trip, you have been pulling me to your embrace, do you miss me that much, even to the extent that you want me to suffocate ". " Did I pull you too close ?". Alex asked. " I just love inhaling your scent ". Alex confesses. " But you smell like a lavender flower, which is added to resist, so it's kind of suffocating me ". Anna replied. " I never knew that I smell like a lavender flower ". " Hahaha!!!! you should have known that for a very long time. So how do I smell like ?". she asked. " You smell like strawberry ". Alex replied while taking some strands of Anna's hair, he inhales the smell of her hair deeply while smiling. " Your hair also smells like strawberry, so I know for sure that you will also taste like strawberry ". " Jess!!! stop it, Alex, you are becoming more cheesy each day that passes by ". Anna said blushing as her cheeks suddenly turned tomato red. " Honeypie, can we please start going now? we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow ". Alex said as he leads the way while extending his hand for Anna to hold. They both climb down the staircase in total silence, as they kept on playing the event of things that happy on their head. " Where are you both heading to ?". Mrs. Joy asked Alex and Anna who were still smiling but came back to reality as they heard her question. " WE WILL BE GOING OUT ". The both of them chorus out. Then didn't plan on answering at the same time and saying the same words, but unfortunately, they both end up saying things that surprises both of them. " You both must be up to something that you don't want anyone to know, but since you are both adults all I can say is have fun, but don't have too much fun Okay !!! ". Mrs. Joy said. " Thanks, Mom, we will be back at night time ". Alex said causing Anna to glance at him because she was surprised. A full movie isn't up to two hours, but Alex is already telling his Mom that they will be back at night time when the time is just some minutes past one o'clock. ' What is Alex planning on doing '. Anna asked. herself. " Anna please when you are coming back, please can you buy me something, like ice cream or anything as long as it's something ". Emma pleaded from the dining room where she was sitting with her leg closed like someone who's meditating, but her phone was at the middle of her lap. Emma was pressing her phone which rested on her lap, while Lisa was nowhere to be found. ' Maybe she went to take an afternoon nap ' Anna guess. " Okay sis, I will try to get something for you while coming back, that is if I remember because if I don't remember, I won't be able to buy anything for you ". Anna said while walking away. " Don't worry, I'm going to make sure that you surely remember to get something for me while coming back ". Emma said. Emma always has her ways of making someone remember, so Anna wasn't a bit surprised because of her outburst. " Mom see you later ". Anna said smiling, as she waves to Mrs. Joy before closing the door. " Alex where are we planning to go that you have to tell Mom to expect us at night time ?". Anna asked. " I don't know, but we're not coming back to this house at afternoon time, I don't want to carry you out and just spend only an hour or two with you. We are going to go out tomorrow and maybe next tomorrow also because I know that once I start work, I won't have all day to spend with you ". Alex said smiling while showing off his dimples. " I like your caring part also, I wonder what you would have looked like if you were those caring to everyone ". Anna said as she sat down at Alex Toyota Corolla's car while buckling her seat belt. " I would have been this caring if only I was preordained to meet someone like you earlier ". Alex said while starting the car engine. Anna didn't say anything but just stare outside the car window as the car drove off. " So which boutique would you love to visit ". Alex asked Anna. " I'm not familiar with expensive boutiques, and I don't know the names of many boutiques except a few, but I don't mind going to any very nice boutique, I know you will choose the best for me ". Anna said.
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