Chapter 1

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"Rayn! Rayn get downstairs! Now!" She yelled while pacing in that small dining area with her hands on her hip. Seriously this has become a routine now! The rays hitting through the glass door irritated her but instead she focused her stare on the stairway with hope of seeing her son coming out of his room. She sighed as the oven beeped. She was sure that she was going to be late. Again. Shaking her head she walked inside the kitchen and switched off the oven. Hearing no footsteps she did not even bother taking out their breakfast out of oven instead decided to take the matters in her own hand. Her loose stands of hair were irking so she tucked them behind her ear while walking towards the stairs. As she was climbing the stairs the huge clock caught her attention and she huffed. Her boy was surely in a lot of trouble. Pushing open the door she walked inside spotting her son still in bed. She observed his features. He looked so peaceful and angelic while he was in a deep slumber but once he wakes up he is exact opposite of that. As much as she would prefer him a little less hyper and excited, calm like this she couldn't help but scoot closer to the bed. "Rayn! Honey it's time to wake up" She whispered as she slumped her behind beside his sleeping form. She patted his arm while whispering the same but there was no response from him. She grinned as she knew the only trick left to wake him. She mentally patted herself for the idea. Carefully she pulled his duvet away which he was holding on pretty tightly. It was a task that he did not wake by the pull but he did scrunch his nose and his eyebrows twitched at the moment. As soon as the duvet was lying away from his she clutched his leg and slowly raised it and her fingers lightly grazed his feet. She was sure she felt him squirm at the action but he did not blink his eyes. That little minx! Two can play this game she thought. Without hesitation she started moving her fingers on his feet, creating the tickle. She laughed as he squealed while kicking his little feet. In an instant the room was filled with laughter. "Mum stop! Stop it! Please I'll pee" He let out a loud squeak while giggling softly. She smiled looking at him. Huffing he got a few inches away from her ticklish fingers and she almost let out a laugh at his attempt. His face always made her think about his father. He looked so much like his father that it was difficult for her to look at him at times. With his soft dark brown feathery locks and plum like cheeks along with those hazel browns he sure was going to be a heartbreaker. He was so notorious and sly, all the time creating trouble that she couldn't help but associate him with her ex husband. "Good morning mum" He whispered, his rasp soft voice interrupting her thoughts. She focused back on him. He slid closer to her on his knees as he preferred not to be tickled on his feet again. "Good morning Rayn." Laughing she pressed a kiss on his hair while rested his head on her shoulder. "Did you sleep well baby?" She asked, picking him up and placing him on his lap. At age five, he was smaller compared to others. The doctor said it was just his growth spurt and also he got that from her. She was small for her age as well. As long as he was getting proper nutrition he was healthy. "Yes." he replied while yawning. His hair were mess and he had drool at the corner of his lips. "Good. Now hun how about you get up and get ready? We need to get to school." He groaned while shaking his head and let his head fall back on her chest. She found it amusing. "Now come on sweetheart." She gave him one last kiss and stood up. He clung on her like a koala bear. She knew he was being difficult so instead she walked with him, still in her arms till the bathroom and deposited him on the counter of wash basin. "In Fifteen minutes I want you downstairs. Okay?" She asked as he was distracted by the sticker of spongebob on the wall. "Hmm." He nodded still focused on the wall. *** It took him 25 minutes but yeah no one needs to know that. After that they had breakfast with such speed that it was surprise no one of them choked. "I will pick you at 4. Okay?" She informed while cleaning the dining table. "Okay mummy" He nodded while he was playing with his identity card. She exhaled. He was five years old kid so he did not need to carry heavy bags or anything to his school. His kindergarten school provided everything except for the lunch. Well sometimes lunch was given, only on special occasions. He loved spending six long hours and on top of that he had really good friends. Well Zach was mean at times but nothing he can't deal with. Locking their apartment, she grabbed the keys and rushed towards the elevator with Rayn following her. Though she loved living in her grand apartment in Park Avenue away from the busy bustling city of New York, she was not a fan of its elevator service. For one, the elevator had speed equivalent to tortoise and second, they lived on 18th floor so it was torture. It was a long day already, she thought as the elevator was still on second floor. *** After dropping off Rayn to his school she turned her car towards the McKay Automobiles. The place she had been working on from years. She loved being the secretary of CEO Mr Adam McKay. The amount of times he cut her slack and granted her permission for unofficial leaves was insane. He was a good man. Kind and right amount of strict needed to run a successful business as this. "Hey yo! San! Good morning." Elle, her good friend who was sound engineer in the office greeted her while standing near the elevator. Her voice was loud enough to catch anyone's attention. Elle was called the blonde one, though it was a bit stereotyping in the office. She was what can be described as beauty with brain. She had a sound engineering degree from King's and she has been very hardworking and efficient employee. With her tanned body and perfect curves it was hard to believe that she was the mother of two children. They were about Rayn's age and often had a play date together. Sanyana and Elle became close friends as soon as Sanyana joined. Elle took her under her wig and introduced her to all the things needed to survive office life. "Good morning El. You look mighty happy today." She smiled while greeting her friend. Together they got inside the elevator. "I'm more than happy. Stuart just booked a cabin for weekend just for us both. It's going to be so good." "Wow that's no nice. Huh?!" Sanyana teased nudging with her elbow. "Stop it" Elle blushed while ducking her head down to which Sanyana laughed. "Okay but what about the kids? Do you want me to babysit them for you?!" "Nah my parents are taking them for the weekend. But thanks for offering." The elevator dinged indicating they reached their desired floor. "Okay hun see you later." Elle mock saluted and walked towards her cabin. Sanyana glanced at her wristwatch and then looked towards her boss cabin which was still empty. She sighed. Looks like she's late today as her boss takes a round at this time. *** "What?!" Ron barked annoyed at his secretary who was busy pinching the bridge of his nose while shifting his legs constantly. "Umm...sir we got a mail back from McKay Industries. They showed interest in our proposal sir." He said while adjusting his glasses and closed his eyes expecting a rude answer in return. Ron sighed knowing very well they must have a ton of conditions. But he would not back down. Not this time. He wanted a International tie up and he wanted it with their Industries anyhow. "Okay. I'm sensing a but here" He asked to his secretary. "Sir they are willing to have a partnership but we have to be there in New York for six months. They want us to observe their working style, meet their employees and work at least one project with them. So that we can get a slight idea of how they work. If it all goes well then they are willing to sign the contract." The hell. More like they want to test his abilities. And six months, that is long time. He knows how they work. He interned in New York office after graduating from his college. "Six months? Its too much but I can't let that deal slip. Who all are invited?" Ron asked with a sigh and then glanced at his watch. "Sir they said invited you along with your assistant." Ron tapped his chin,thinking about the offer. He cannot lose this deal. Almost five years back he had lost the deal with US based company and now losing this deal would be a loss. He had to go to New York and stay there. But what about his family? He should tell them first. "Okay. Mark book tickets for two and hold on to two more. I'll ask Aisha and I'll tell you about it tomorrow morning." He ordered and shut his laptop and stood up from his seat. Collecting all his things, he straightened his coat and set his hair. "And cancel the rest of the meetings and reschedule. Also ask the company secretary to call all the board members tomorrow" "Okay sir. Anything else?" "No. That's it." "Goodbye sir. Have a nice evening..." Ron nodded and stormed off the cabin before hearing the rest of the sentence and walked towards the elevator. As soon as he turned on the AC of his car something akin to flashback crossed his mind. " I'm freezing here and you want to turn on the AC. What kind of husband are you?"She glared at him while pulling her shrug closer and inhaling through her mouth. "The kind that loves you." "Yeah I love you too." She rolled her eyes while trying to hide her smile. "Now let's warm you baby" She giggled as he leaned towards her and placed his lips on hers. He smiled at the memory. His past memories were filled with so much love that just thinking about it makes his heart clench. With a long sigh he turned on his car and started to drive. "Aisha?" He called as soon as he stepped inside the house while shutting the door. The entire living room was dark except for the dim light at the corner. Walking towards the switch board he turned on the lights "Hi. You're back early..." Aisha drawled. He curtly nodded at her and turned to walk towards the couch. "What's the matter Ron? You look kinda tired." She asked with concerned tone as he sat exhausted on the sofa and ran a hand through his messy locks. "I just got a offer from New York company..." "Wow congratulations!..." She exclaimed. "Hear me out." He interrupted. "They want me to work with them for six months. So I have to go. Do you want to come along as well? I'd understand if you don't but I'm scared to leave you both alone here." He huffed while loosening his tie. "Yeah. Of course. I mean you know Drisha. And I can't handle her alone for six months. We are definitely coming along." "Cool. We'll be leaving in three days so sort out everything. I'll inform Mark tomorrow." Ron smiled "Okay now go freshen up. I'll heat your dinner." She smiled and walked towards the kitchen. Exhaling loudly he threw his tie on the couch and searched for his mobile in pocket. As soon as he found the mobile he unlocked it and a smile lit his lips glancing at the photo on screen. It was a photo that he had taken while they were in the Greece beach house. It was the photo where she had dressed in bikini and he was wearing his trunks and they posed. As she was kissing his cheek he quickly snapped their photo. Seeing the photo everyday reminded him of his pain. Of her. A tear drop escaped from his eyes. It had become a kind of routine from all these years apologising her. "I'm so sorry Sanyana." He murmured looking at her photo while moving his thumb across the screen. Maybe one day he will get to apologise to her in person. Yeah one day. ***
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