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“People who deny the existence of DRAGONS are often eaten by dragon's from within.” A hundred years ago, all was right with our world. Prosperity and peace-filled our days. The various Empires: Dragons, Sorcerers, Werewolves, Vampires and Humans lived amongst each other in harmony. Great respect was afforded to all those who could bend their natural element. When the world was young and full of these fascinating creatures, the most ancient and powerful clan ruled the world with an iron fist, dragons. You might be thinking about the reason behind it? Dragons conquered the world because they had the unlimited power of 'Mortal Crystal' at their side, which they found while exploring the earth, visiting the unknown reals, seeking wisdom and treasure. But, good times were always laced with the bad times ahead to maintain the balance of nature in the world. The time when they eventually lost the 'Mortal Crystal', the gem was stolen, they believe, by a filthy, cunning thief, a sorcerer, who won their trust with lies and plots, and stole it, claiming it as his own. Leading to the Great War in the history of the world, the war between 'Dragons' and every other living creature. Blood was shed, millions of hearts were broken, countless lives were lost. The rage of the Mighty Dragon tore down the mountains and caved new seas, but that didn't stop the Sorcerers and their army. There were too many, and the Magic was at their side. At last, dragons lost the war, their people were killed. Sorcerers took the reins. The 'Mortal Crystal' never belonged to Sorcerer Empire, yet they had it. They had magic in their veins, magic in their reign. But, destiny does not always bend to our interests, we had to play the game according to it. The cunning thief, who stole the gem crowned himself the ultimate King of the world, King Michael Dimitri Petrova and married the beautiful lady, Queen Olympia Adara Petrova. The King thought he could rule the power of the universe, the power that gave rise to their lives. But, little did he know, fate had different plans for him in the future. Meanwhile, somewhere in the canopy of the dark, hidden forest. A young dragon boy, whose everything was torn apart, took a pledge in front of his people, saying: "We are born of a time before every creature when the world was raw. The wisdom of rocks and fire and earth and blood is in our veins. For now, we live in a world of mists beyond the reach of mortals and immortals, but the time shall come when we shall rise again.” The others kneeled, bowing to their Young King. Promising their lives to Him as their King's only goal was to find the 'Mortal Crystal', to restore the glory of the 'Draganov Empire', and to reclaim his lost kingdom, and they would support their King until the last drop of their blood. It was not the end of an era, but the beginning of one. The time came, as the sun rose, the moon went down, stars were always stationary. The new morning came with a new surprise as Queen Olympia gave birth to the princess of 'Petrova Empire' : Katerina Rosette Petrova.
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